Liebster Award…

Rissa from Finely Ground nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Thank you, my dear.  :)  As I wrote in my comment on her blog, I feel like peaches and cream, and floating on cloud nine!

Liebster Award

The rules are:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you, and then create an eleven-question set for the next group of nominees.
3. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post.
4. Let your nominees know they’ve been tagged- and no tag-backs!
5. Nominate blogs under 200 followers (the goal is to promote small blogs )


Eleven Facts About Self:

1.  I am a frozen fruit fanatic.  My favourite treat in the summertime is frozen grapes.  Pop them in the freezer, and when you eat them, that perfect, firm slush texture is like eating a popsicle.  Except better.  Then there are frozen yogourt blueberries.  Dip them in yogourt, put them in the freezer, and voila!  Note: Packaged frozen berries are just not the same.  Moving on…

2.  I like to leave all the windows in the house open, even in the wintertime.  This is the bane of my husband’s life, but I will wither without my fresh air.  Around Hallowe’en time, I can be mistaken for a witch… the sun has set, the windows are all open, the cold wind is tossing the curtains every which way, and all the lights are off except for some candles that I leave burning in little corners.

3.  I smell all my books before I start reading them.  Sometimes when I’m digesting a paragraph that I’ve just read, I’ll start sniffing absent-mindedly.  I used to sniff borrowed books too, until one day my nose had a close encounter with a bit of… dried snot.  It is not an elegant or pleasant thing to talk about certainly, but it did happen.  My dad joked that I should “look before I smell”, but I haven’t tried to with library books ever since.

4.  I have burned all of my journals and diaries, with the exception of the unfinished one that I started last year.  My friend em knows my predilection for such incendiary activities, and when she gave me a beautiful, handmade book as a parting gift (she is a bookbinding enthusiast!), it came with a warning that it was not to be burnt!  As if I ever could to her present!  I shall have to be sure to write only the loveliest, noblest thoughts and feelings and doings in it…

5.  My favourite colour is a very particular shade of cranberry red, shot through with a shade that morphs from a darker red to almost black depending on the light.  Or quite simply, red.  On a related note, it drives me crazy when someone says that that is my favourite colour because I’m Asian.  I’m mixed.  And even though my Asiatic roots have the upper-hand, it is NOT my raison d’être, nor is it a factor in my choice of colour.  /End Rant.

6.  I jump on every bed in every hotel I’ve ever stayed at.  You have to test the structural integrity of your sleeping spot somehow!

7.  I’ve always wanted a pet lamb.

8.  I wanted to buy a star and have it named after me, then thought better of it.  There probably already is a star that is mine, and you can’t buy something like that with mere mortal money…

9.  I like the kinds of weather that most people find depressing or annoying.  Rain, hail, sleet, snow, thunder and lightning… someone has to like them, poor misunderstood things!

10.  It takes me 5 minutes to browse an entire store and decide whether there is anything that I would like to buy or not.  Most people think I take hours because of my style blog, and it surprises them that I favour the in-and-out method.  ^_^

11.  I am a Disney girl.  Funnily enough, my sister was the one who was crazy about Disney when we were kids, and I was blasé about it all.  Or perhaps it’s simply that I didn’t realise my love for Disney until I was older.


Rissa’s Questions…

1. Is your blog more professional or personal? If personal, how do you keep motivated?  If professional, what are your favorite tools, resources, and tips?

My blog is a mix of both.  I would enjoy it if blogging became a career, but on the other hand, I don’t want to fall into the common trap of blindly writing posts for “c/o” items, etc.  I’m hoping to grow it organically (and without Facebook’s help!) so we shall see if I get anywhere with the roadblocks that I have put in my own path.  ;)  For great tools, I recommend GIMP for image editing.  For resources, Google is great.  Honestly.  It answers almost any question I have on how to measure stats, etc. and it is free!  For tips, I feel I’m quite a nobody to be giving them, but I think the most important that anyone can share no matter how big or small they are, is to be true to yourself and do things passionately.  People can always tell when you’re only doing it for less joyful reasons.  ;)

2. Describe a particularly vivid place or scene that means/meant a great deal to you.

In 2010, I went to San Francisco with my now husband and his family.  I had a beautiful, idyllic time.  We didn’t do much of the tourist-y attractions (except perhaps Alcatraz) or stay in a brand-name hotel.  Instead, we wandered around little markets and shops and stayed at a converted 1800s? barracks turned inn.  I distinctly remember eating a fresh margherita pizza on a picnic bench by the water, and staring at the moon and its reflection.  I also remember taking a break from our exploring and stopping to buy a Greek salad and baklava from a tiny Greek deli/bakery in the middle of the day.  It was full of living simply and refined, in the moment, and appreciating things intensely.

3. What tunes have you been jamming to lately?

Umm.  I’m a hardcore classical music kind of girl. I’ve been listening to the following lately to help me in this ‘novel’ I’m writing:  Amilcare Ponchielli – Tanz der Stunden – Dance of the Hours, and:  Johann Strauss II – Op.9 – Amazonen Polka (Amazons Polka), Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre (Opus 40)

I’m especially crazy about Danse Macabre –it’s a cheeky mix of lighthearted notes with a mortal, dark strain ever present throughout; perfect for a Gibson Girl’s Hallowe’en.  Then there’s Kreisler’s ‘Liebesleid’, which I imagine is one of the many airs that Sherlock Holmes plays on his violin for me when I visit.  And for something less lofty and a bit silly, I’m listening to a song from a Disney Junior show, “Sofia the First”:  Anything.

It’s pretty catchy, and one of those upbeat tunes that makes me feel like it’s a fresh start every day, and I can do anything.  ^_^

4. Where is one specific place you would like to travel to and why? (Not a country or town, but a specific site or attraction.)

Does The Hundred Acre Wood count?  If not, I really, really want to go to Disneyland.  Yes, I know Disney World is bigger, but I want to see the place that started it all!!  I am still kicking myself mentally for not asking husband to go with me while we were in San Francisco!

5. Name a book near the top of your to-read pile.

I have a LOT.  But Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz is something I would like to read soon.  It’s a gothic Victorian thriller involving a missing girl and a sinister street performer, and it won a Newbery Medal.  I think more people should be less snooty about books written for children –intelligent children, I feel I ought to add.  The really good ones fire the imagination so, and the descriptions are so delicious that you don’t feel the language is too simple for a proper grown-up.  :)

6. What is one thing that you’re really proud of yourself for?

I woke up one day and decided that I would make my dream of fencing come true.  I went for a few lessons, and enjoyed every minute of them –aching arms and all!  My friend was mentioning her interest in the hierarchy of angels, and she noted that we could perhaps apply to be Archangels, being as one of their concerns was military matters, and we had some experience!  **Now that I’ve moved, I’m looking for a new fencing school!

7. If dreams came true, what would your life look like ten years from now?

I’ve done the Grand Tour of Europe, I have a castle in Ireland, and I’ve worked with UNICEF and the Red Cross.  I will have retired and settled in London, helping out at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (Peter Pan!) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Mondays I do watercolours, Wednesdays I go for long walks in the park, and Fridays I read a book before breakfast.  My weekends will be spent with my husband and or friends — having fun, dining out, and discussing the world.

8. What are your favorite beauty products?

I don’t really use any… but I suppose my eyelash curler could qualify!  I have long but stick-straight lashes, and curling them really give my eyes more expression.

9. What is a personality trait you admire and wish you had more of?

I’m a bit of a feisty-pants with a short temper.  Although I’ve improved considerably in that area, I still have far to go.  Also, it would be nice if I could be a bit less judgmental.  I try to think the best of everyone now… it makes for a happier me.  :)

10. What are five things you excel at?

I would say writing, painting with watercolours, singing awfully, trying new things, and putting outfits together.  I’m not sure exactly that I excel in the last, but I certainly have a propensity for it.  I would love it if one of my friends (or anyone, really!) would hire me as their stylist for a day so I could see.  It would be SO fun!

 11. If you could be anywhere doing anything today, where/what would that be?

Boating!!  I want to skim and glide over silver waters, and have wind-ruffled sea hair.


My Nominations:
Liebster Blog Award
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Doing Different – Eve (Jessica)

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Brunette Musings - Natalie

By Becca Kae – Becca Kae

Blukrystal – Florrie

Sending lots of Liebling love… :)



Summer Love Picnic…

Last week, my Mister and I went on a picnic –our first together!  ^_^  I absolutely love dining al fresco and it’s extra-special when shared with him.  I also finally got to crack open my Winnie the Pooh’s PICNIC COOKBOOK and put it to good use:

Click the picture to get your own copy! (It’s my Amazon affiliate link, but you don’t pay more –and I get to buy more books. Pretty please? ^_^

We tried the ‘Expotition Picnic‘, and the menu includes fruit punch mixed with ginger ale, some roast beef sandwiches (which I ended up using salami for, because… I forgot to buy roast beef. :D), carrots with cucumber and sour cream dip, chocolate-chip peanut butter cookies, and sugared nuts.  Yummy! :)

We went to a nearby park and had such a relaxing, peaceful time.  It was the best place to be in the world –under a willow tree on a blanket laid over the grass, with my man’s arms around me and a fine view of the lake.  ♥

Love Picnic - Lakeview
I suppose we were too eager to eat, because I never managed to take any pictures of the food, but I think that’s almost better than if I’d been able to.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to be so excited for the moment and the experience, and who cares if you end up with memories rather than snapshots?  :)

Love Picnic - 2014
We even had a visitor, whom we fed some crumbs to… and he just wouldn’t leave after that!

Love Picnic - Visitor
I hope you manage(d) to have a lovely picnic too, before the summer ends.



Indolent Mornings (or Looking Presentable When You’re Half Asleep)…

I like the word “indolence.” It makes my laziness seem classy.  ~Bern Williams

If you haven’t noticed, I do like lazy mornings… especially ones where an equally half-awake breeze just barely ruffles the curtains and my hair.  And Fridays.  Fridays are definitely the time to have those sorts of mornings.

I’ve written on the art of lounging before, and shared a ‘nothing’ morning outfit.  Today, I’ll be sharing another, as it’s my favourite thing to do.  What I mean to say is, dressing up is all lovely and glamourous but it’s the outfit that you wear when you’ve nowhere to go that intrigues me more.  There’s something really fun about taking pieces that don’t look like they’re going to rush out the door with a triple shot macchiato to catch the first bus, and putting them together so that you can confidently answer the knock at the door without looking down and wishing you didn’t look like you’ve yet to brush your teeth.

Cathie Maud - Snow White Lounge

Top:  Disney Store Snow White long sleeve thermal tee (2014)
Skirt:  Juicy Couture velour ruffle mini skirt in Regal (2012)
Shoes:  Bloch canvas ballet slippers (2012)
I’ve been wearing this Juicy Couture skirt for weeks now.  It’s too short to be worn outside (although I sometimes use it as an extra cover-up after swimming) so I keep it strictly indoors.  The super soft velour is comfy, and I’ve always adored deep, dark blues that are almost black.

Being on a Disney kick lately, I just had to wear my new Snow White thermal tee, and the colours complement nicely with my skirt.  Watercolour is also my chosen paint medium, and I love that it is incorporated into this top; it makes it really dreamy and unique.  (Click here to get one –they’re on sale!)

Lastly, these ballet slippers are the comfiest.  I have never liked the standard fare of slippers, and heeled ones are really too much for everyday use… so my ballet slippers have served me very well indeed!

So what makes a lounging outfit pretty and presentable?  I’ve this theory that it should not be too serious, but neither should it be hideously cheesy.  It’s OK to wear a piece featuring your favourite character or graphic statement, but be sure that the colours and design aren’t garish, and if you go with words… I suggest keeping it classy.  Having ‘JUICY’ written across the seat of your pants is not the way to look stylish and put together!   Comfort is important, but more fitted pieces keep the overall ensemble from looking frumpy.  A good rule of thumb is to wear something that you wouldn’t mind bumping into the cute neighbour in while picking up the mail or taking the garbage out.

Have a lovely start to the weekend!!


– Cathie


My New Summer Kicks {Melissa Shoes x Disney}…

It’s been a crummy day for me but I have decided that a healthy dose of positivity and shoe admiration is the right antidote to better one’s condition and put an end to feeling sorry for oneself.

When Due West had a summer sale last month, I decided to spend my pennies on a pair of Melissa shoes.  I don’t know what it is about Brazilians and shoes/sandals, but they do make the comfiest and stylish footwear.  I find the concept of ‘rubbery soft’ plastic shoes to be… novel, so was unsure of what to expect although I liked the fact that they are very eco-conscious and driven to give all their employees a great environment to work and thrive in.

The shoes came yesterday, and oh my word.  The prettiness.

Melissa Ultragirl + Minnie II - Box

One expects nothing less than a colourful box from Brazil!

And being a Disney girl forever, I couldn’t resist the stylish Minnie gracing the soles. Plus, polka dots!!
Melissa Ultragirl + Minnie II - ShoesThe shoes are definitely very comfortable.  Like stepping on soft, quiet little clouds.  They aren’t heavy, but they’re a tad weightier than… say, my Bloch leather flats.  It isn’t a bother though.  What is to be expected is that the shoes are slightly less breathable than what natural materials are able to offer.  This should come as no surprise of course, and depending on how aware you are of these things… you may or may not notice at all.  They do get warm quite quickly on very warm days, and perhaps that might make some people feel uncomfortable.  It wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t particularly bother me.  These shoes will also be very easy to clean –definitely can prance in them to garden parties!  I am not sure how the plastic will wear after some use, and I’m trying to get past the mental block that it’s too pretty to wear.  Must wear pretty things, and not have them sit uselessly in closet!!

I’m pretty excited to have these.  I originally bought them to use for gardening, because hey, they’re easy to clean and are way more stylish than those infamous Crocs.  But now, I can definitely see them being party shoes, a glamourous everyday pair, or even a go-to in casual situations where a touch of pretty is always sweet.
Melissa Ultragirl + Minnie II - Modelling

I’ll try not to baby these and dance in them… pinky promise.  :)



Panty by Post {A Review}…

I’ve mentioned Panty by Post before and shared a picture, but thought it was high time I did a proper review!  :)

I heard of Panty by Post last year when I read the book My Little Paris.  The idea of having lingerie mailed to one’s doorstep seemed like a fun guilty pleasure, and I share founder Natalie Grunberg’s appreciation of the French passion for detail, quality and beauty in all things… even lingerie. I’ll be frank and say that at that point in time, that particular drawer of mine was quite sad, and I was eager to try new things –especially ones that come in pretty packets!  The excitement of getting something in the post as well as the promise to make the postman blush sealed the deal!  After my first mailing came, I truly fell in love and have been a faithful PBP customer since…

The details:  One panty is mailed monthly, and you can either buy singles, three packs, or subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Panty by Post - Cathie Maud

The new envelope –isn’t it like a love letter? ♥

What brands do they send along?  I’ve gotten Blush, Maaji, estivo, and Change.  They also carry Hanky Panky, (though I’ve not gotten one yet; I hope I do –it’s one of my favourite lingerie brands!) and JM for men.

Now for the July 2014 unveiling!

I think each customer gets a different panty, but I am not absolutely certain.  So here’s my personal selection: Panty by Post - July 2014 - Cathie MaudI love that their little gift(s) are always quality items, too.  Emi Jay is a particular favourite of mine and I have quite the collection of their hair ties.  This one makes the perfect spring/summer selection!  I do wish they would give out bonbons like they did a few months back.  Apparently, sweets are another guilty pleasure of mine!  ;)

The panty is by Estivo, and is a nude, beribboned creation with lace detail –perfect for all those white and light-coloured summer dresses that we ladies love to sport in warmer weather!

In closing, I adore and recommend Panty by Post!  Not only will they make your postman blush, but they will most certainly add beauty and a certain je ne sais quois to your lingerie drawer.  I know I feel more French and fabulous when I open mine now!




Lace & Pink (With a Happy Accident)…

Dear readers,

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Summer.

Of course you have!  How could anyone fail to notice?  My sister reports that it is “Super hot!” in Vancouver, and we’ve just come out, slightly tanned and toasted, from a week of humid heat waves that are ever the hallmark of the season in Ottawa.

Now that temperatures have returned to below boiling state, a soft, light jacket is always nice to have on hand for breezy days or summer nights when the temperature dips to something just a touch warmer than chilly.

I happen to have worn this particular lacy one from LOFT Lou & Grey quite a lot.  But you know what makes me really happy?  I shrunk it in the dryer (on purpose) and it fits me even better now.  The size I purchased was a petite small because the XS sold out while I was deliberating said purchase, and I wasn’t sure what the fit would be anyway.  I figured that if I ordered up from my usual size, I could always rely on the dryer to do some magic since it was 100% cotton.  Yes, I know this method is very tricky.  :P

When I got it in the mail, I almost sent it back.  It was so huge and loose and shapeless on me.  You can see it here in this picture of my hubby and me in Banff, standing right beside Lake Louise!
Alex and Cathie in BanffI suppose it’s hard to see in this ‘after’ photo since I don’t have it zipped up, but it has more definition now and doesn’t hang so loosely anymore.  I am one happy girl as I never know when the dryer plan will backfire on me!

Lace & Pink

The sleeves are still the right length; I only scrunched them up because I like wearing the jacket that way!

Jacket:  LOFT Lou & Grey ‘Hint of Lace’ moto jacket (2014)

Jewellery:  Tiffany Heart Key Charm pendant (2013)

Top:  Moon sleeveless patch blouse (2013)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ‘Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

Shoes: TOMS ‘Splatter’ wedges (2013)

I like wearing pale neutrals and pastel colours in the summer heat… I’m sure pretty much everyone feels the same, although I have spied a few ladies walking down the street clad in the darkest colours.  I don’t know how they do it!  You are also probably sick of seeing this pink skort on me, but I can’t help it.  It’s comfy, cute, and too easy to throw on –I suppose you could call me lazy.  And it’s not like I do jumping jacks or cartwheels in the street, but I certainly appreciate the added peace of mind of not having to move in ladylike ways (or remember to) all the time.

Happy Summer!


– Cathie

Summer Blues {An Essie Nail Polish Review}…

Quite a handful of weeks ago, Obsessed Look (thank you T!) asked me if I would be interested in reviewing two of the Essie nail polish colours from the Resort Fling 2014 collection.  Who would say no to seeing some pretty nail action, even if I’m truly terrible at applying a manicure to myself!  I enlisted the help of my big sister, who has prettier fingers than I’ve got and who also happens to wield the polish applicator like a wizard.  Without further ado, here are our thoughts on the matter.  :)

First off, I picked the two blue shades, Find Me an Oasis and Under the Twilight.  The two are complementary shades of blue, and perfect to go with floating summer dresses or perhaps that dream seaside resort vacation?

Then we shook the bottles, and opened them.  We noticed it was a bit runnier than other polishes, and so we used the applicator to stir it up; not much change to report!  Sister had heard that this was usual for Essie (she tried their Ballet Slippers once) so we proceeded.  Essie’s formula is very thin so several coats are needed if you want a more opaque colour.  It also dries at a slower pace, and it was almost 10 minutes before my sister could type without using dainty movements.  :P
Essie Nail PolishAlso, because the polish was runnier, when we decided to spice things up with some chevron tips and buttons down the centre, it was very hard!  I think some scotch tape to keep the lines straight and catch the overflow would have worked well –if the base polish had already dried completely!  So please be kind with our attempts at nail art… we did the best we could.  :)
Essie Polish - Summer BluesOur final thoughts?  Essie always has amazing, beautiful colours.  We do like the runny consistency because it means you can control the translucency/opaqueness of the colours.  However if you’re the type of girl who is on the go but still wants to have colourful nails with details, this may not be the bottle for you!  We think this would be perfect for a sleepover with girlfriends though, when you actually have time to sit, chat and let your nails dry thoroughly.

**Tips:  Perhaps you could try helping the drying process along with the aid of a fan, or ‘cheat’.  Use Essie for the base colour, and use a brand with a thicker consistency for the details. has other Essie collections (I like the 2013 Wedding Collection) and I am obssessed with the single bottles Peach Daiquiri and Leading Lady!  All Essie Polishes from ship free within Canada, so if you are smitten with a few shades, I definitely recommend getting them!

We had so much fun trying them –you can’t beat some quality sister time!– and are still enjoying our pretty nails!

Love, Poetry…

Dear readers,

Wanted to pop in and share an app that I have been enjoying lately as it has been exposing me to some very interesting works and authors, as well as the fact that it is on a subject that no one can fail to be interested in.  Unless you happen to be Sherlock.  Still, there is his professional curiosity…

Back to the subject du jour

It is called ‘The Love Book App‘ and while there is an actual book, sometimes audio recordings are even better.  Especially when they are read by the likes of Tom Hiddleston and… ok, yes.  Just Tom Hiddleston.

*(Full cast of narrators includes Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Watson, Tom Hiddleston, Gina Bellman, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory, and Allie Esiri).

Selections include classic compositions from authors that we are familiar with, such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jane Austen and Shakespeare.  Then there are some wonderful (and sometimes weird) ones from people whose works I was less familiar with, such as Max Ehrmann’s ‘Desiderata‘ which I am glad to have discovered and love.  You can read along as they narrate, record your own narrations, or just close your eyes and listen…

If you find it to your taste and honestly can’t get enough, I recommend signing up for the weekly email.  It is never intrusive, and it is fun to read love letters from long ago… a few weeks back, it was one that Mozart had written to his wife, and Napoleon to his.  Very passionate fellows they were, I can tell you!  :)

The design of the app is quite funky and fun, so if you are looking for some soothing classical layout and shades, be warned!  However, do not let this deter you as this is a gem and a great way to discover new literary favourites.  The only improvement that I can think of and personally recommend is that Benedict Cumberbatch be invited to join the list of narrators.
Lips for Kissing
Ready to learn about love?  Click here!

Jane Austen Pretties {A Sharing of, and Review}…


It has been half an eon again since I last visited with tidings or something pretty to share, but here I am today to do just that.  :)

I have been very busy with moving to Ottawa, settling in, and finding ways to make our new place a home.  I’ve learned how to install curtain rods and floating wood floors.  I’ve helped move a washing machine and dryer, picked curtains, furniture, a mattress… and last but not least, I’ll be helping to build a shed in the backyard.  All this accomplished in a pretty dress, of course.  ;)

Anyway!  Whenever I have an hour to myself before bed, I can be found stoking and fanning the flames of my obsession with Jane Austen.  It all started when I was 15 and my mum told me that she was reading a book that was probably still too ‘mature’ for me.  Never one to back down from a challenge, (even if it isn’t one…) I snuck downstairs and read Pride and Prejudice in one sitting, falling in love in the process.  I’ve read all her books, even Mansfield Park, and am now brushing up on the movies.  There are a lot of versions, I tell you!  I’m trying to find the best of each to recommend to you!  ^_^

That being said, I also do a bit of fanciful trip planning to Bath and the Jane Austen Centre.  They do have an online gift shop, and it’s hard for me to resist as you can see here or if you search for Jane Austen on my blog… hehe.  I succumbed again recently, and indulged in a set of cookie cutters (Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen, which you can pretend is Elizabeth Bennett, to make a happy edible couple!), and a locket.
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - Cookie CuttersAren’t they splendid for making little afternoon tea sandwiches or cookies?!  I’m dying to use them once we’re all settled…  The metal is neither sturdy nor too flimsy, so be careful you don’t use a lot of force and bend them out of shape!
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - LocketThe locket is a beautiful little one and is made of sterling silver according to the description on the site.  It’s about the size of my little pinkie finger’s tip so be aware of that if you are in the market for something slightly larger.  I love how they personalise it with your name engraved and finish it off with a scroll detail.  (There are 3 details to choose from!)  I must mention that the locket was severely tarnished after two days’ wear –and no, I didn’t wear it while in the shower!  I’ve had other silver pieces, and none of them have tarnished after two days…  There is also what I fear to be a scratch caused by rubbing against the chain as I didn’t bump into anything at all.  This makes me wonder as to the quality of the silver, and the sturdiness of the locket.  The hinges have behaved exceptionally however, so that’s one good thing!  I’ll see if I can remove the tarnish with either toothpaste or baking soda and report back on the condition afterwards. I leave you with a picture of me wearing the locket for scaling purposes :)
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - Cathie Wearing Locket

Top:  LOFT linen shirred tee in Sailor Blue (2014)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ‘Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

My overall impressions are that the cookie cutters are a must-have in the kitchen of any Austenite, and that the locket is a lovely piece, though a bit delicate and questionable in the quality of the silver.  Of course I would shop the Jane Austen Gift Shop again!  I have my eye on the ‘Litographs’ that they have brought in of Jane’s novels.  I only wish they had one of Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey!
Pride & Prejudice - Litograph


Gentle reader, are you by any happy chance, a Jane Austen lover, too?



Blush Box {Panty Delivery} Review…

Last month, I decided to try a onetime box of ‘The Panty Delivery, which is Blush Box’s newest offering.  Blush Box is ‘dedicated to helping you embrace your sexy side in a classy, fun and stylish way’, and while their main line is all about grown-up ‘fun’, I thought that I would like their new lingerie subscription line.

This box is the May edition, and comes in a plain white box.  It’s discreet on the outside, and quite sumptuous on the inside:
Blush Box May 2014
I opened it excitedly, and squealed with excitement over the first item I pulled out — a black, lacy thong from Hanky Panky… my favourite casual lingerie brand.  :)

The next two, to be quite frank, were letdowns.  One was a stretchy boyshort in shocking neon from Dreamgirl, which I’d never heard of before, but the thing looked like a cheap, dinky piece of nylon lace club-wear.  On researching, Google’s description read thus:  “Manufactures lingerie, costumes, and exotic apparel.”, and upon landing on their site, it seemed like they sold cheap thrills for adult wear and entertainment.  I don’t like cheap lingerie, and I definitely don’t like cheap nylon.  It is also my opinion that poor-quality materials make neon colours look awful.  I think I might be donating this one, as I just can’t bring myself to wear it.
Blush Box May 2014 - The Panties!
Now the third one is by ‘L♥vely Lingerie’, and the only company I could find is one based in Woodbridge, Ontario.  However, the logo is different, so I’m going to have to assume the companies are not the same, especially since the Lovely Lingerie in Woodbridge seems to showcase very lovely items, and are carried in some international online stores.  This one is a horrid leopard print –which is thankfully in muted shades,  but still!!– also nylon, and the stitching on this one shows very shoddy workmanship indeed.

My thoughts?  I have a feeling that they give you one good panty (in this case, Hanky Panky, which usually retails $27-50) and the other two are just inexpensive fillers.  Still a good deal, as the box cost $20.  But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could love everything in the box?  I don’t like making justifications for certain items that I’ve still bought, really!  While the packaging is beautiful, and I love having the one good addition to my wardrobe, I feel that I won’t be resubscribing, unless Blush Box finds a way to exclusively send high-quality, luxe/mainstream/indie brands (and the latter two need not always be expensive…).

I do recommend them for their customer service, and prompt delivery time.  Perhaps it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that this is a relatively new addition to their services, and it may get better as they learn from past boxes and customers’ feedback.

I feel it is a great shame, but for now, I will stick to my beloved Panty by Post!!



– Mrs. Cathie