Tale of a Trench

Tale of a TrenchCoat:  Burberry Brit ‘Balmoral’

Dress:  ‘Summer Belle’ by MEXX

Shoes:  ‘Vivianna’ pumps by Elie Tahari

Please excuse the slight ‘perpetual’ twitch I seem to have in this ‘cinemagraph’. I was trying my hand at this new technique, and I have yet to get all the technical details ‘down to an art form’, quite literally!

It’s almost the end of June, and while it has mostly been a very warm day, the rain came tumbling down in a noisy shower for about a quarter of an hour.  By the time I was properly dressed –that is to say, I wanted to see just how well an all-cotton trench would withstand the raindrops– it was all over.  And I was left standing in the joyful sunshine, with a twitch.  😉

3 thoughts on “Tale of a Trench

  1. Very interesting…

    if you just do a reverse at the end of the second half…… that’s one way of stopping the twitch…

    Oh Cathie.. there you are! There you are!

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