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Dear readers,

I am in a rhyming mood today.  I am especially showing a sudden knack for coming up with witty couplets… (please note title above, which I favoured against that of ‘Mackage Collage’)  I beg you not to demand that I explain myself.  Such are the meanderings of a mind just recovering from a bout of the cold.

P.S.  I leave you with this quote to excuse myself in the above paragraph. 😛

“Have I gone mad?” – “Completely bonkers… but all the best people are.” — Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton

Now on to the real reason I am putting up a new post…

Mackage collage

Jacket:  Mackage ‘Leane’ leather jacket

Top: American Eagle Outfitters

Jeans:  Rich & Skinny ‘Legacy’ crop in black

Shoes: Bloch patent leather ballet flats

I usually never ever wear tops with words or graphics on them.  I think it looks teenybopper-ish, and a little unsophisticated.  I prefer solid colours, or cute prints… and the only exceptions I make regarding text on tops or tees, is when it’s a word, or words, in French, like ‘J’aime’ or ‘coeur’.

However, I suppose it is a case of never say never, because sometimes accidents happen.  Like spilt coffee on a shirt, when you haven’t got a coat on, which is truly something dreadful… because just imagine going around knowing that you look like you’re a messy drinker.  When you’re not, really; you’re just a bit of a klutz.  *ahem*  ::blush blush::  Thank goodness for the close proximity of Winners, and Winners itself… because I got this top for $11.99.  Not my usual cup of tea, but there’s something about it… a je ne sais quois that’s keeping it from the donation bag, at any rate.  In order to tame this unruly new member of my wardrobe, I paired it with some pretty classic pieces that I own.  I think even Audrey Hepburn herself might not have objected to wearing it, and really… it is important to remember to never let go of your dreams. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Graphic Classic…

    1. Plamena, I have bought quite a few pairs of uncomfortable shoes myself! I’ve learned (or hope I’ve learned!) my lesson.. lol Find out what other people say before buying! Unfortunately, this is not always a fool-proof method.. :

      I adore Alice too! She is just about the best girl heroine who wasn’t a princess yet should’ve been!

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