An Early Christmas with Flaska Laverne…

I’m so excited.  And thankful.  And in a state of utter suspense!

You see, my wonderful man decided to get me a Flaska Laverne bag as an early Christmas present!  It’s the biggest present he’s ever gifted me by far, and I really do cherish everything he gives me.  ♥  This will be even more special because I adore Flaska Laverne (as you well know from this post!)

‘My’ ‘Bookia’ is on the far left in this picture…

I got to choose which bag I wanted, and was that ever hard!  I considered the AladinoStyla, Laura, and Pompón, but finally decided that if I wanted a bag from Flaska Laverne, only the most unique and eye-catching would do.  So I settled on my first ‘love’, the ‘Bookia’.  Now it was only a matter of picking the colour, which presented its own difficulties, but I’m quite content with my Chocolate ‘Bookia’.  It will go wonderfully with creamy white winter ensembles, punctuated with deep red accessories…

I can’t wait to receive it and share!! 🙂

I’m also pleased to add that Flaska Laverne is offering 50% off all purchases until December 15 –this Saturday!  If you are still looking for that special something for your wife, sweetheart, mother, daughter or sister… definitely think about one of these gorgeous bags for her.  Unless you’re in Spain, you can be quite certain that no one else will have anything like it! 😉  And even if you are in Spain, spread more Flaska Laverne love!  There are plenty of pretties to choose from.

UPDATE:  Coupon code usvipclient2012 has been extended to work ’til December 21st!  If you missed out the first time around, now is your chance!


— Miss Cathie

11 thoughts on “An Early Christmas with Flaska Laverne…

    1. Hello Ashley, I hope you got both my emails! 🙂 Flaska Laverne has extended the expiry date of the code, so you will be able to try again ’til December 21st!

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