4 Fantastic Treats For Fall Your Family Will Adore

Fall is pretty much here, and that means that it’s time to consider exploring some new treats for your family to enjoy. Say goodbye to refreshing, ice cold snacks and instead, welcome some wonderful snacks that are perfect for a cosy night curled up on the sofa as nights get earlier and mornings are darker. Here are some ideas that will have you heading to the kitchen stat! 

The fall season means that it’s time to start thinking about pumpkin spices. Love them or hate them, they are everywhere at this time of year. You’ll find that they’re favored in coffee shops across the country including at your local Starbucks. However, you could also think about adding them to your cooking at home. Simply add pumpkins spices into a typical muffin recipe (or try this one!) to ensure that you create some zesty snacks for the kids to enjoy after school. 

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Apple Pies 

A great treat for fall is apple pies, you can make your own pastry or buy it from the store. Grab some chunky cooking apples while you’re there and away you go. You can find some fantastic recipes online or you may already have a family one that you can follow. Apple pies go really well with some squirty cream or even ice cream. Watch the ice cream melt over the warm apple pies and enjoy every mouthful. If you are wanting to make something with apples but are tired of apple pies then how about a super easy apple turnover? They are very similar, however, the main difference is that you can put the squirty cream inside the apple turnover alongside the apple. 

Ginger Cookies 

Who doesn’t love cookies in the fall? Ginger is a wonderful spice to use especially during the cooler months in the run up to halloween. Cookies are one of the easiest things to make, one thing you do need to be aware of though is not to overcook them. Follow the recipe and do everything it says including setting the right temperature on your oven. Get the kids involved with this one, they will love taking the finished result into school the next day. Cookies are also great for events and gatherings, you can even put them into party bags and surprise your guests. 

Pumpkin Cake 

Finally, nothing says celebrating fall quite like pumpkin cake. Pumpkin isn’t for everyone but there’s plenty of ways to dress up the flavor and ensure that it tastes like the perfect sweet treat. For instance, you might want to use orange icing. As well as being a delicious dessert option, it will also be a wonderful choice if you are thinking about planning a Halloween party for your kids in the next couple of months. The best part is that pumpkin cake isn’t that difficult to make. You’ll find lots of guides online that will be helpful here. 

We hope this helps you choose some fantastic treats that your family are guaranteed to love this season!

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