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Dear readers,

As you know, there has been much talk lately of the ‘Kate effect’, and how to ‘copy-Kate’.  I am excited to announce that if you are one of the many girls smitten by the Duchess of Cambridge’s style sense, you now have a chance to own a bit of her wardrobe.  Now what girl doesn’t like shoes?  I thought not!  The amazing What Kate Wore blog is having a giveaway!  If you would like to win a pair of London Sole ballet flats, head right on over through this link!  If you’re a Duchess fan, like I am… I doubt you will leave that site anytime soon!  I know the first time I found her blog, I read through all the entries in one sitting! 😛

Kate in French Sole

[Photo via: The Daily Mail]

For my dear readers, here is a little note — something I am always keen to explain, whenever it pops up.  A few months ago, some of the Kate watchers were told that there was a French Sole sale at a private sale site.  However, when I went over to the page, the soles of the shoes were clearly marked ‘french sole ny’.  Please be aware, that French Sole is the brand’s identity in the UK, but it is known as London Sole in the US exactly because there is already a French Sole Shoes company, stateside.   So if you see that the ballet flats are sporting ‘french sole ny’, know that it is not by Jane Winkleworth.  (French Sole shoes by Jane Winkleworth will simply say ‘french sole’.)  I realise that both companies use similar fonts for their logos, but I have contacted both to verify that neither have any affiliation with the other.  I hope this will help those of you who want to get your own pair, but are confused by all the different names! 🙂

Now go enter that giveaway, and enjoy! ♥ xoxo

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