A Very Girl-y (My) Perfume Collection + Reviews…

It’s said that perfume is a unique expression of personality, and of all the potions and elixirs in the beauty world, the realm of scent is my choice.  It is so much fun exploring the many different ways that notes can come together –I can, and have spent hours at the beauty counter, testing, dabbing and sniffing until my head reeled, and my nose stubbornly refused to cooperate any longer.

I decided that a post on my perfume collection (though small) was decidedly in order, and I hereby dedicate this to all other perfume mavens, as well as to the ladies at my local beauty counters for both their help and patience while I took my time choosing, as well as coming to the rescue with the coffee beans when I desperately needed it.

[My first perfume, and thus I have a soft spot for it. 2008]

Nina had me at the bottle –I can’t resist its apple-shaped cuteness! I came across an ad for the perfume in 2006, while in the dentist’s waiting room, and it caught my fancy. Two years later, I had saved up enough to own a bottle, and immediately dubbed it my ‘signature’ scent.
With its fairytale mixture of floral-fruity notes, it’s bubbly and spontaneous. Starting off with a refreshing lemon and lime mixture at the top, it blooms into a blend of peony petals, moonflower, and vanilla-infused red toffee apple. It then finishes off with applewood and white cedar.
This is the only perfume where I can smell each and every note that is said to be in it, which makes me feel very much like a connoisseur of fragrances. (I wish!)

Because of the citrus notes, I think one can get away with wearing this perfume all year long (although in lighter doses during the summer!)… This perfume gives off a feeling of carefreeness and adventure. I think it would go well with a crisp little white dress, pretty ballet flats and wind-kissed hair.

[Eau de toilette bought with my own pennies, March 2012]

Nina Fantasy is a springtime invitation to a sweet and delicate dream where fantasy meets reality. The top notes are bergamot, pear and mandarin essence. The heart notes are Bulgarian Rose, cherry blossom (love!!♥) and heliotrope. At the end, there is a delightful mixture of mate and brown sugar.
The perfume is as playful as the bottle. I think this is a very sparkly concoction, and while I would describe it as a candy-floral, it isn’t sickly sweet. (For reference, my skin and my nose seem to find Vera Wang ‘Princess’ sickly sweet.) Use this in the spring, when the days are still a little chilly. The brown sugar lends it warmth, which though delicate enough for the spring, is a bit too strong for the summer. This lovely scent reminds me of a walk in the woods when the wakening world is full of promise and joy.
I think silks and soft cashmere would pair well when wearing this.

[March 2012.  Yes, I bought two perfumes in one month, shame on me!]

A fresh and floral fragrance that celebrates the beauty of the cherry blossoms during the first days of spring.

If I were to pick one flower to describe me, it would be the cherry blossom –all pink and cheery.  In my latest visit to L’Occitane, I immediately gravitated towards this bottle, and hoped that the scent would live up to my expectations!  (I find it absolutely horrid when a cherry blossom scent smells awful!)  It did not disappoint, and of all my fragrances, this is the lightest but it lasts the longest.  I am convinced there is some sort of fairy magic in this glass bottle of Parisian chic.  It is clean, and fresh, delicate and feminine, and I could never tire of wearing it.  In fact, I exercised ‘a lady’s right to change her mind’, and have made this my signature scent.  (Sorry, Nina!)  The label says the cherry blossom is ‘so rare and precious’, and it is exactly how I feel about this perfume.

This could be worn all year ’round, though I wonder if it might be too light during the winter months… I hope not!  I will post an update later this year.

Soft pink pastels and lacy, intricate clothes come to mind for this scent.  Keep it fresh with minimal fuss, and very delicate accessories –such as Swarovski crystals.


Although I am incredibly picky, I am always looking for new additions to my perfume collection… currently I have my eye on a few by Kenzo.  I can’t afford to splurge right now, but if I ever take the plunge… my dear readers shall be the first to know!  🙂

What’s your perfume collection like? Share yours with me in the comments section!


— Miss Cathie

P.S.  I hope you liked the photos in this post!  I challenged myself to use my iPhone to take the best pictures it and I possibly could.  With the help of a few special effects thanks to the MagicHour app (which I highly recommend!!) and Picasa, I managed to convey the prettiness of all the bottles involved.


  1. Blukrystal
    June 6, 2012 / 9:31 pm

    The first thing I noticed was the pretty pictures. I thought wow her Canon can take pictures like these. How come mine can’t! And then I saw the last paragraph. Hehe. Great job! I truly love them. Your perfume collection is so princess-like!

    • Cathie
      June 9, 2012 / 12:14 am

      Aww, thanks Florrie. 🙂 I’m so glad you liked them! You don’t often comment on my posts, so when you do… I crack a huge smile! xx

      P.S. Hehe, almost fooled you, didn’t I? ^_^

  2. June 7, 2012 / 7:26 am

    I bought a bottle of your cherry blossom fragrance two years ago in DC during the cherry blossom festival and it was my favorite scent that summer. I felt good wearing it in winter if I wore a snuggly knit or a sweater in winter white, camel or soft blue.
    I have drastically cut my fragrance wardrobe. Now I have two – White Citrus from Bath and Body Works for sundresses, Lilly Pulitzer dresses and white pants. Chanel No. 5 for more structured outfits, especially with pearls.
    Now, is there a scent that you cannot wear anymore because it reminds you of a relationship you had to let go? That’s why the cherry blossom isn’t in my scent wardrobe anymore.
    Love this blog!

    • Cathie
      June 9, 2012 / 12:14 am

      It still impresses me just how much a scent can be tied to a memory. I can only imagine how bittersweet it would be to still wear it.

      I hope one day to look kindly on Chanel No. 5 (perhaps I would like it if you were to waltz past me!) but unfortunately an old lady over-dosed on it (she told me what she had on!), and I sat beside her during a 6 hour flight. So now that memory is tied in with the perfume, and I can’t think of the scent being anything but very strong.

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