Meet Miss CathieTwenty-something Vancouver native. Currently trekking between Vancouver and Ottawa.

Travels to Montreal and everywhere else whenever opportunity arises, and time permits.  Means to see the Niagara Falls, and all of Europe.

Passionate about life, books, art, photography, fashion, travel, politics (peace and diplomatic relations) and fine dining.

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About this blog

”Miss Cathie” is a Canadian life and style blog, written and edited by Cathie Maud.  Miss Cathie is a romantic, adventurous individual who welcomes new experiences, likes an interesting challenge, and appreciates intelligent conversation.  Her goal is to be the Lois Lane of the blogging world; thus she is always seeking new adventures to write about, be it on fashion, books, travels or world events.

About Cathie Maud

Cathie Maud is a bubbly Canadian currently working towards a degree in English/French. She is quite sure she wants to be a diplomat, and a well-dressed one at that. Read her blog to take a peek at little snippets of her life, travels (she adores hotels and tea salons) and views on a wide variety of subjects, as well as how her wardrobe evolves to suit her goals and personality.


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    1. Thank you, that’s very kind. 🙂

      I’m an Asian hybrid with a pinch of Spanish, and a dash of zippity-pow. 😉

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