Battle of the Atlantic…

Yesterday, I went to a little memorial ceremony that commemorated the Battle of the Atlantic. (There are two, actually… WWI & WWII.. but I believe it was the 2nd we were commemorating.) My beau was attending it, and I wanted to come along. It’s always nice to take an interest in what your significant other participates in, learn more about Canadian history, and do little things to remember those that lost their lives so we could have happy ones.

The national anthem was played by the cadets’ band, as well as the Royal anthem, and other seafaring songs. Prayers were said, and poems recited… and close to the end, there was what I can only describe as a ‘roll-call’ for those ‘lost’/destroyed ships….

“HMCS Trentonian,” a man called out.

A ship bell was rung…

“They do not answer the call!” was the reply.

This went on for all the ships that were lost. A light drizzle pecked at the small crowd, and being by the marina, it was easy to look out to sea and think of how very saddening it was that so many fine men died because of greed, ambition, and our lack of being able to get along.

I am very sorry that I didn’t get more than one or two pictures of the event. It only lasted a little more than half an hour, and I was so caught up in the spirit of it all.. that the camera sat forgotten in my purse.

Such a pretty picture, and I’m so pleased with the results!!

Happy MAY, everyone!!

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