Blush Box {Panty Delivery} Review…

Last month, I decided to try a onetime box of ‘The Panty Delivery, which is Blush Box’s newest offering.  Blush Box is ‘dedicated to helping you embrace your sexy side in a classy, fun and stylish way’, and while their main line is all about grown-up ‘fun’, I thought that I would like their new lingerie subscription line.

This box is the May edition, and comes in a plain white box.  It’s discreet on the outside, and quite sumptuous on the inside:
Blush Box May 2014
I opened it excitedly, and squealed with excitement over the first item I pulled out — a black, lacy thong from Hanky Panky… my favourite casual lingerie brand.  🙂

The next two, to be quite frank, were letdowns.  One was a stretchy boyshort in shocking neon from Dreamgirl, which I’d never heard of before, but the thing looked like a cheap, dinky piece of nylon lace club-wear.  On researching, Google’s description read thus:  “Manufactures lingerie, costumes, and exotic apparel.”, and upon landing on their site, it seemed like they sold cheap thrills for adult wear and entertainment.  I don’t like cheap lingerie, and I definitely don’t like cheap nylon.  It is also my opinion that poor-quality materials make neon colours look awful.  I think I might be donating this one, as I just can’t bring myself to wear it.
Blush Box May 2014 - The Panties!
Now the third one is by ‘L♥vely Lingerie’, and the only company I could find is one based in Woodbridge, Ontario.  However, the logo is different, so I’m going to have to assume the companies are not the same, especially since the Lovely Lingerie in Woodbridge seems to showcase very lovely items, and are carried in some international online stores.  This one is a horrid leopard print –which is thankfully in muted shades,  but still!!– also nylon, and the stitching on this one shows very shoddy workmanship indeed.

My thoughts?  I have a feeling that they give you one good panty (in this case, Hanky Panky, which usually retails $27-50) and the other two are just inexpensive fillers.  Still a good deal, as the box cost $20.  But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could love everything in the box?  I don’t like making justifications for certain items that I’ve still bought, really!  While the packaging is beautiful, and I love having the one good addition to my wardrobe, I feel that I won’t be resubscribing, unless Blush Box finds a way to exclusively send high-quality, luxe/mainstream/indie brands (and the latter two need not always be expensive…).

I do recommend them for their customer service, and prompt delivery time.  Perhaps it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that this is a relatively new addition to their services, and it may get better as they learn from past boxes and customers’ feedback.

I feel it is a great shame, but for now, I will stick to my beloved Panty by Post!!



— Mrs. Cathie

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