Fairmont Chateau Laurier – Tea at Zoe’s Lounge…

A few weeks ago, during the Winterlude festival here in Ottawa, Alex and I decided to break the monotony of winter in our own little way — afternoon tea.  We were joined by his brother –whose first time it was– at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, and had a wonderfully soothing and refined few hours.
Afternoon Tea at Zoe's Lounge, Chateau Laurier - Group
Chateau Laurier - Afternoon Tea - MenuThere are very few places (as of yet) to have afternoon tea here in Ottawa, and Zoe’s Lounge is certainly one of the most elegant places to have it in.

The experience started with a glassful of seasonal fresh fruit; delicious, and refreshing!  It definitely whet the appetite, especially as I have a habit of not eating anything at all before tea, otherwise I find I get too full, too quickly to do all the tiers justice!
Afternoon Tea at Zoe's Lounge, Chateau Laurier - Tea TrayI chose the jasmine tea –which was lovely and light in the beginning, but as time wore on, started to grow incredibly bitter.  I hope that Fairmont will consider implementing a little dish or tray to put your tea strainers in so that it doesn’t get over-steeped.  Apart from that, and the fact that the bread for the butter chicken salad seemed a bit dry and stale, everything was lovely.  I tried not to indulge too much in the Devonshire cream and strawberry jam (too scrumptious to be sparing), and savoured every bit of my scones.
Afternoon Tea at Zoe's Lounge, Chateau Laurier - Alex, Cathie, GuillaumeThe staff were very friendly and attentive, and helped to elevate the experience.  Many thanks to the lovely lady (I did not get a chance to peek at her name-tag!) for patiently letting us sniff our way through almost their entire tea repertoire!

The ambiance was restful –soft music (both classical and more modern piano pieces) played in the background, although I did notice that the television on the wall was on as well; it usually isn’t, which I prefer, as it can be distracting to one’s focus on and pleasure in the moment.

All in all, such an incredibly enjoyable way to brighten one’s day and shake off the winter blues.

Afternoon Tea:
Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.

*Reservations are required for Afternoon Tea. Please call the hotel directly at (613) 241-1414 to reserve.


Afternoon Tea at Zoe's Lounge, Chateau Laurier - Cathie Maud

Fascinator:  Monsoon ‘Vivian’ velvet pillbox fascinator (2015)

Coat:  DKNY cascading ruffle wool ¾ length coat (2013) [buy here]

Top:  Kate Spade ‘abree’ cashmere sweater in black (2014)

Skirt:  J. Crew flounce skirt in bonded wool in cerise (2014)​

Shoes:  ALDO ‘Loralee’ ballet flats in red (2015)

For my outfit, I went a bit farther in my choices than I normally would, even for afternoon tea.  I remember feeling that day that I wanted to wear something ‘outrageous’ (for me, at any rate!) and pull it off because I liked it, whether or not anyone else giggled, smirked, or thought me odd in the belfry.  Wearing a substantial headpiece definitely was a little bit out of my comfort zone, but either people in Ottawa are incredibly kind, or being confident and forgetting that I am wearing lots of fabric on my head makes other people feel that this is normal fare.  I’m not sure which, but I truly felt that I had grown up just a little bit more.  It’s nice to try something with aplomb!

I wore my ‘Duchess of Cambridge-esque’ ruffle coat from DKNY — love the ruffle detail on the bodice, and all that is missing is for me to add a belt to the ensemble, and then the ‘copy-Kate-ing’ will be complete.  😉

For shoes, I really wanted to wear a pair of pumps, but knowing that I would be walking through wet, slushy streets, I decided for the still not-quite-sensible, yet slightly more practical ballet flats.  I was all about the pops of red as well; my skirt was the same bright hue, and it is a shame it didn’t get documented, because it has the most beautiful flouncy, ruffly hem!

Do you have any favourite afternoon tea spots?

Speak soon!

— C.x

October Fun…

Goodness, October is always such a busy month!

There’s Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en, my birthday (and two of my family members’ birthdays!), as well as being in the swing of French classes.

There is so much fun and exciting energy that, coupled with the absolute beauty of autumn, there is no surprise that October is my favourite month.

Let’s start with my favourite picture –the pie I made for Thanksgiving!  It is Jane Austen themed, with Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett cut out of the crust.  I am quite proud of my ‘skills’ in making this!
Canadian Thanksgiving Pie

If you would like these Austen themed cookie cutters, I got mine from the Jane Austen Centre’s gift shop here and here.  I could browse the lovelies there all day!


I always love dressing up for my birthday weekend even if nothing grand is planned, and when it is to work, a less frilly outfit must be worn of course!  I still have fun through the details –combining my love for a sleek fit-and-flare silhouette with sheer tights, polka-dots and bows.  I hereby present to you my ‘practical’ birthday outfit: Cathie 27 Birthday

Jacket:  Danier ‘Bree’ lamb leather jacket in Port (2014)

Top:  Kate Spade ‘abree’ cashmere sweater in black (2014)

Skirt:  Club Monaco ‘Minkie’ skirt (2013)

Tights:  Gap polka-dot tights (2015)

Shoes:  Vaneli ‘Lenita’ pump in black Soffio patent (2013)

Jewellery:  Pandora charm bracelet –birthday gift from husband (2014); wedding + engagement ring from my husband.  White gold swirl ring with diamonds. (2014)

Cathie 27 Birthday Outfit


We went for sushi for my birthday lunch at 168 Sushi Buffet.  It isn’t our top favourite place to go for sushi in Ottawa, but it is a convenient location, and when the staff is not too busy, the food is fresh and very tasty.  If you catch them on a busy afternoon though, prepare to have missing items from your order and/or the food to not be up to its usual standards.  Following-up usually leads to them bringing the order in, so if you are not in a hurry, it isn’t ideal but not truly awful either –especially if you pay the all-you-can-eat price.  We sometimes simply re-order what was missing.

Sushi Couple
We two.
Autumn Heels
An autumn perspective.

Birthday 2015 Sushi
The sushi.

October was a beautiful month; I hope you enjoyed yours!  I will write in soon with my November happenings…

— Cathie

Bridal Shower Tea Party [Maison Birks Café Montréal]…

I had the pleasure and honour of attending my sister-in-law’s bridal shower this past Saturday!

It’s always more fun of course, when it is in the theme of an afternoon tea party, and the dress code practically insists that you dress up and have fun doing so!  The invitation called for a hat and summer dress, and I was more than happy to oblige.  You see, not many know that in a deep, dark corner of my wardrobe, I harbour several frothy creations –hats and fascinators.  Once in a while, on a rare occasion, I will take them out and wear them for the world to see.  More often though, I am to be found covertly trying them on in front of the full-length mirror in our bedroom when no one is around.  I suppose it’s my secret, guilty pleasure.  But it is certainly nice not having to act about my collection as if it were illicit.  My mum-in-law even joined in on the fun when I brought my fascinators over and wore a particularly stunning one to the party!
Cathie - Pink Penny Flower FascinatorI am notoriously picky when it comes to clothes, and I currently have only one summer dress in my possession which sadly didn’t feel quite right for the occasion.  So I bent the dress code rules a bit, and went for a ruffly silk georgette blouse and a flirty skirt in pinkish hues.  In the below picture, I’m posing with the two shoes I was trying to decide between.  I finally went with the pink ones (which were also my wedding shoes) as they seemed more fun, but I promise I didn’t go to the shower in Pippi Longstocking mode, although that probably would have been hilarious, too!
Cathie Maud - Tea Party Outfit 2015

Top:  Aritzia ‘Ainsley’ blouse in Mauve Chalk (2015)

Skirt:  Club Monaco ‘Talley’ lace skirt in Eclipse/Lotus (2014)

Shoes:  Salvatore Ferragamo platform pump in metallic calfskin, Dusty Gold (2013)

Jewellery:  Tiffany heart key charm with enamel finish (2014)

Fascinator:  Fashion Addict ‘Penny’ pink flower fascinator (2015)


The affair was held at Birks Café in Montréal, inside the jewellery store.  It was like feasting among glittering chandeliers, sparkling treasures, and beautiful presentation boxes.

At $26.50 per person, the menu included:

Selection of teas from Mariage Frères

Milk and lemon

Mini sandwich with cucumber and shrimps

Finger appetizer with Duck foie gras and chutney

Finger appetizer with smoked salmon and Abitibi Temiscamingue caviar

Mini club sandwich with crispy prosciutto

2 scones

Devonshire cream

Homemade jam

A dessert in a verrine

A macaroon

A chocolate from our selection

A bag of sweets to take homeBirks Afternoon Tea PartyI chose the menthe tea, which was one of their herbal choices.  I recall ‘healing’ being used in the description, and since I had a headache, thought it perfect for me.  It was light, and refreshingly cooling.  While the food was exquisitely delicious, they were incredibly petite, even by afternoon tea standards.  For about $6 extra, you get a more substantial serving at the Fairmont Laurier and Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.  However, I suppose the upside is that you go away feeling not overly full, and as a once in a while treat, say if you were shopping for a beautiful ring at Birks and wanted some refreshments, the Café is a sophisticated and convenient choice.

A photo posted by Cathie Maud (@cathiemaud) on


— Cathie

Wandering in Ottawa…

A few months ago, my best-est friend came down for a glorious 11 days, and we explored the nation’s capital like tourists fresh from another part of the world.

Our gastronomical adventures (not all in one day!) included nibbling on cupcakes, sampling divine Stubbe chocolates, feasting on the most amazing pizza at The Grand, and paying a visit to Smoke’s Poutinerie for some of Ottawa’s finest cheese curds and gravy on fries.

Ottawa - Smoke's Poutinerie
Smoke’s Poutinerie Poutine. Delicious!

Smoke’s, by the way, is a very tiny establishment and is almost always full.  It was a beautiful day outside though, and em and I were more than happy to take our poutines to the street and people-watch while we indulged.

We also wandered around the ByWard Market –which extends extensively around the main building itself.  I’m not sure that I’m describing it as accurately as I would like, but it is a sprawling conglomeration of boutiques, salons, restaurants, bakeries, produce, meat, and cheese stands, etc.  that spans across several streets.  This is my impression based on the numerous ByWard Market signs that we encountered far from where we thought the market would have already ended!  You cannot compare this to the Granville Island Market.  There are similarities and differences, and each has its own distinctive flavour, but neither is ‘better’ than the other as I have heard some people hotly contest.  They are both interesting experiences to be appreciated in their own right.
Ottawa - Byward MarketWe had supper at The Aulde Dubliner, which was opened in 1992 by two Irish immigrants with a big dream.  I forget what em had, but I had the most comforting French onion soup imaginable.
Ottawa - Supper at The Aulde DublinerIt was a cloudy, slightly damp day with a brisk breeze.  I insisted on sitting outside on the balcony for the view but we finally went indoors.  In a sterling case of poetic justice, em who wanted to sit indoors in the warmth, remained hail and hearty.  I took sick after a few days.  In my defense, there was that one evening where the skies absolutely poured and we were caught in it for hours –I with nary an umbrella.

Ottawa - The Aulde Dubliner French Onion Soup
The comforting French Onion soup…

We also stopped by Thimblecakes, and I tried one of their Ugly Ducklings, which is to say, less than perfect cupcakes that they would not sell at full price, but are still too delicious to toss.  The one I had was incredibly dry and lacking in taste… and I’m not certain whether it was because it had been an Ugly Duckling for quite a while, but I was not very impressed.  The decor of the place was elegantly decorated however, and I could be easily persuaded to give them another chance and try a perfect cupcake if I were to pass that way again.
Ottawa - ThimblecakesOttawa -Thimblecakes InteriorNow before you begin to wonder at our endless appetites, we did have other sights and interests that we pursued in our fair nation’s capital! There were paper shops… Ottawa - Papery Store…which begged you to reconsider the notion that paper could ever be ‘plain’ or ‘boring’.  In fact, I’m quite positive they made me feel as if one could gather together a tasteful collection of paper, wrap it in yet more, and present it as a very suitable and exclusive gift. And there were statues!  There was one of Galahad, erected in front of Parliament to commemorate the heroic but unsuccessful attempt at saving a Miss Bessie Blount.  Then there was this scandalous sculpture of young love, sitting on a bench and engaging in a subtle –yet public!–display of affection!  I own I did not know where to avert mine eyes to…Ottawa -Shocking Young Love StatueWe stumbled upon exquisite beauty in Nature… Ottawa - Appreciating Nature…and revelled in it. Ottawa - By the Bridge and O'er the River We took a tour of the Supreme Court, and sat in on discussions in the House of Commons and the Senate, which I arbitrarily insisted on calling the House of Lords, simply to rile em‘s anti-monarchist sensibilities.  I suspect I only managed to irk her merely due to my inaccuracy.  I am, without a doubt, the best friend a girl could have. 😛 Ottawa - Supreme Court of CanadaAfterwards, we went to Parliament, which is a beautiful, stunning building.  If this edifice is capable of inspiring awe in me, I can only imagine what the ancient castles and buildings in Europe will do. Ottawa LibraryMy favourite part of Parliament was the library, of course!  It was built in the Victorian era, and survived a heavy fire in 1916.  This disaster was caused by a cigarette that hadn’t been put out properly, and the library was only saved due to the quick thinking and actions of the librarians, who closed the heavy iron door leading to it.  This is why you will notice a difference in architectural styles between the library and the part of the building outside of it.  I can’t remember anymore whether the entirety of Parliament burned down, so I’m not sure whether the rest of Parliament is also part of the newer rebuilding completed in 1920. It is a very warm, bright atmosphere, and reminds one immediately of the library in Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  I could have stayed in there for a very long time, except we were unceremoniously shooed out of the place after not even five minutes!  This of course, went into a comment card with the polite suggestion that if the library only had one actual patron in it, surely a group of very quiet and well-behaved tourists could tiptoe ’round for a little while longer! 🙂 We then visited the Memorial Chamber, which is at the heart of the Peace Tower…Ottawa Memorial Chamber ExteriorIt was originally built to honour the fallen from the Great War (WWI), but has since evolved into a memorial for all Canadians who have died serving their country in war and peace, since Confederation. Ottawa Memorial ChamberThere are several Books of Remembrance, with the list of all known Canadians who have died in service.  The pages are turned every morning at 11:00, and there is a special calendar that ensures that each page of every book is displayed at least once during the year. The Peace Tower itself is a bell and clock tower, and you reach it via a golden elevator.  I believe our guide mentioned that the golden ‘leaves’ on the ceiling was the number of Canadians who had died in service.  I can’t seem to find this information on the internet to verify, so please take this ‘fact’ with a grain of salt. 🙂Ottawa Peace TowerThere is a picturesque view of the Ottawa River and the surrounding area from the Tower; it is not to be missed!

We also saw the procession for an opening session of Parliament… mace, tricorn hats, and all!
Ottawa - Opening Session of ParliamentOne must retire for refreshments, and we went to the incredibly elegant Moscow Tea Room.  They serve “award winning teas, small plates, pastries, charcuterie & cheeses, vodka, craft cocktails, champagne & caviar all within a sumptuous décor filled with art.  Whether you are looking for a tea, coffee, a business lunch, martinis with the girls, make a great impression during a date or just have a great evening in a lounge, Moscow Tea Room has it all.”
Ottawa - Moscow Tea RoomWe tried the Vladimir Poutine, which is a dish comprised of potato and three cheese perogies, pan seared with caramelized onions and topped with beets, goat cheese crumble and spicy vodka sauce.  The combination of textures and flavours was comforting, yet new and delightful.  For anyone who doesn’t like perogies, do not let your experience with those frozen ones you buy at the store deter you!
Ottawa - Moscow Tea Room - Vladimir Poutine

Of course, no expedition of ours is ever complete if it is not rounded off by a handful of gem-coloured macarons.  We paid a visit to Macarons Et Madeleines, and while I wasn’t particularly taken with most of their odd/avant-garde flavour combinations, one of them –an herbal and spice combination– was particularly soothing for my sore throat.  Despite the name, it seems that macarons make up only a very small part of their offerings, sadly.
Macarons & MadeleinesIt was a pleasant time, and I cherished my friend’s visit very much.  If I haven’t scared her away with my predilection for scenic routes, spontaneous capers, and bus stop mishaps, I hope we shall meet for more expeditions very soon!

Weekend in Victoria {Tea at the Fairmont Empress}…

When my beau took me to Victoria two weekends ago, the last on our to-do list was to go and have afternoon tea at The Empress hotel.

After checking out of our room, we had an hour to while away before the clock struck noon so off we went for some sightseeing and window-shopping.  It was St. Patrick’s day, but oddly enough not many people were out celebrating!  I wonder why?  We still enjoyed the Celtic music that played on the sidewalks and poured out of pubs.
Victoria in the Spring

Victoria may never boast the abundance of cherry blossom trees that Vancouver can, but the city has her fair share, and against the backdrop of Victorian/Edwardian architecture, the trees seemed twice as ethereal; an idyllic scene to be sure.  The one thing that ‘marred’ the beauty of the city was the fact that there were literally several dinky little ‘tourist’ shops that sold almost nothing but junk, to be quite frank.  In my opinion, when you start catering to tourists too much, you lose the beauty of the city and what attracts visitors in the first place.  I would really like to see most of those shops shut down and some quaint little boutiques to take over and attract discerning travellers!

Spring in Victoria --2013
This tree was the only one of its kind on the block. The intense reddish-brown colour of the bark is very different!

Finally, it was noon!  We were particularly ravenous as we had had no breakfast, and so we made all haste towards our tea…

The Empress Hotel

Since it opened on January 20, 1908, The Empress has carried on the beloved English ritual of afternoon tea.  On summer months, the Empress serves Afternoon Tea to more guests than most hotels in London, England –can you imagine!  This was quite surprising to hear, and I’m very curious to know –if there are any English tourists out there who have had tea here,… what was your impression of the standards in authenticity and service?
The Empress Tea RoomI managed to take a short (and rather shaky — my apologies!) video to share the ambience of the tea room.  You can hear me whispering, “Hang on!” to my man who was offering to take my picture.  Oops… I suppose the more ladylike reply would have been, “Just one moment!”  😛  My excitement turns me into a two year old, I swear!
The hotel has seen some very important people, including Rita Hayworth, Douglas Fairbanks, Harrison Ford, Shirley Temple, and Her Majesty the Queen, herself!  The place certainly has an exclusive though welcoming atmosphere!

Queen Mary's Portrait Presiding Over Afternoon Tea at The Empress
Everyone in the tea room enjoys their scones and jam under the benign gaze of a young Queen Mary.

Our tea started with a dish of seasonal fruit –being strawberries and cream, which is quite delicioius and my personal favourite.  The thought that I was now ready for kissing (you know how they write that ‘her breath smelled of strawberries’, or something along those lines…) flitted through my mind.  🙂
Strawberries & Cream -- EmpressThen came the tea itself, and we chose the ‘Empress Blend’.  (Exclusive to The Fairmont Empress, this delightful blend boasts a bright coppery colour and takes milk exceedingly well. The Assam component lends a rich malty character, while the Kenyan black tea provides subtle floral hints. Kenyan green tea infuses this blend and lively aroma, complemented by fruity, sprightly and airy piquant flavors of Dimbula from Sri Lanka. Small amount of Keemun draws the elements together with burgundy depth and light oaky notes.)

Empress Hotel-- Afternoon Tea Treats

The Menu

Smoked salmon celeriac pinwheel*
Mango & curried chicken sandwich
Ham & roasted apple mustard*
Free range egg salad croissant*
Duck rillette with brandied apricot*
Freshly baked raisin scone with strawberry jam & Empress cream*
Rose petal chocolate filled swans
Opera cake
Checker board shortbread*
Chocolate caramel mandarin tart*
Sacher torte

(* denotes personal favourites.)

It was so much fun eating things in little quantities, and I was actually glad that we didn’t have breakfast as we were quite full afterwards, and had some untouched goodies which we took home with us along with two complimentary boxes of the tea we had!  It came out to about $80 for the two of us (I had a Friends of the Empress discount, otherwise it is $100) and I feel that you are paying slightly more for the environment, the history, and the Fairmont name.  Whether it is worth it or not is up to you and what you are looking for!  Personally, I enjoy history, fine dining, and am a bit of a ‘Closet Brit’ so for me, it was worth every penny.  Even though we Canadians no longer have pennies!

Us at The Empress Having Tea!

Earrings: Swarovski heart clear crystal clip earrings (2011)

Necklace:  Chamilia charm necklace (2011 –gift from A)

Ring:  Ice.com ladies bevelled tungsten wedding band (2011) –and no, I’m not married!

Top:  Mara Gottler two-panelled top (2011)

Skirt:  JACOB tweed A-line mini skirt (2012)

Shoes:  Lucky Brand ‘Emmie’ ballet flats in metallic powder (2012)

Coat: Mackage ‘Edie’ trench coat in storm (2012)

Bag:  Flaska Laverne ‘Bookia’ in chocolate (2012)

Obligatory 'Spy' Elevator Shot... at The Empress Hotel
Obligatory ‘spy in the elevator’ shot? 😛

Happy mid-week!


— Miss Cathie

Moment in ‘Paris’ — A Trip to Soirette…

If you remember my previous posts and tweets about macaron jewelry, paintings, and cookbooks, you will know that I am crazy about these little French pastries.  The funny thing is that I’ve never had a macaron, and I’m not in New York or Paris, the privileged homes of Ladurée, and arguably the final word on the macaron.  Curiosity, determination, and a hearty appetite and tooth for sweets meant that I was going to search my town and backyard for a patisserie who specialised or had a spot for the coveted treats.

I had no luck in Comox.  The Cakebread Artisan Bakery only offered one flavour –a chocolate macaron for $2.00.  Little Man didn’t think it was worth it.  I had to agree.

In Vancouver, the grass was much greener.  I found Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café, Bel Café, Thomas Haas, and Murchie’s Tea & Coffee, among others.  However, one shop stood out in particular —Soirette Macarons & Tea.  Having the word ‘macarons’ in it’s name, I figured they knew the little cookies inside and out, and I planned to visit them the next time I was in town.

So I did!  Yesterday, a dear friend and I went on a girly date (acting like ladies who brunch-‘n-lunch… hee hee) and I suggested Soirette as the perfect spot to do just that.  I ate my first macaron, folks!  (Three, really, but I wasn’t counting, just chewing…)

SoiretteAcross the street, it beckoned to us…

We oohed over the gorgeous outdoor seating, and I fanatically snapped photo after photo.  In total, I came away with about 40 snapshots of the place.  What I am sharing with you is a finely edited and curated collection… 😛

Soirette Outdoor CafeWe then went inside, to be greeted by this:
Macaron Madness!How could anyone resist such a sight?  The girls behind the counter were all so friendly and knowledgeable, one can tell that they care.  I’m also grateful to them for allowing me to take so many photos. 🙂
Soirette -- The Grand UnveilingWe deliberated over our macarons carefully.  Both M and I are afflicted with the disease of indecisiveness when confronted by such a dazzling multitude of choices, but in the end we narrowed it down to three each.

M chose:

♥ Savoury White… Jasmine?  (I forget the name.)  ((It’s Savoury White Truffle! M has set the matter straight. :)))

♥ Earl Grey (This was her favourite, I believe.)

♥ Cappucino

I picked:

♥ Caramel Fleur de Sel (Some parts tasted like… chocolate? And other parts like caramel.)

♥ Raspberry (Yum!)

♥ Pistachio (Intriguingly delicious.)

We went outside, sat down, and then opened the box with great ceremony.  I tentatively took my first bite, because by this point, I was a bit worked up (over a cookie, I know, I know…) and was worried that I would be disappointed.  I wasn’t, though… and every bite and flavour was divine.  They were, in my friend’s words, ‘just the right size’.  And just the right elegance, too –including the charming little place.  I felt so Audrey Hepburn-ish, sitting outside on a beautiful day, dreaming and enjoying a good bite… and Tiffany’s was only a block or so away.  It was, quite simply, Romantic.

After we had finished the contents of the box, we went back inside to finish it off properly with some tea.  This also gave me the chance to snap away with the camera again.
Soirette -- The DetailsIt is a haven of refinement inside, and the charm extends even into the washroom.  I could come here to share warm moments with friends, or even alone and be just as perfectly happy to sit in a nook and indulge in a good read and a sweet.  The ambiance is conducive to both sharing and quiet reflection.

Soirette -- InsideOur tea came after a few minutes, looking very polished with tiny flower petals scattered on top…
Our Afternoon TeaIt was definitely a day of firsts, as I tried out ‘London Fog’ for the first time.  What a cozy drink!  I think it has officially taken the Pumpkin Spice Latte down to second place as my favourite autumn sip.

Soirette -- No More Pictures!

Cardigan:  Simons retro bow jacket

Top:  Simons velvet bow tee

I’m so thrilled that I have finally tasted a macaron, and to have found such a taking little place.  I am absolutely smitten with it, and I look forward to visiting it whenever I need a bit of feminine indulgence and quality time.

What are you waiting for?  If you haven’t been to Soirette yet, drop in and say hello to the ladies at 1433 W Pender Street, Vancouver!


— Miss Cathie