Making a Stink… About Poo-Pourri…

Dear readers,

Your MIA blogger is back in action, and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to talk about the basic human function of doing a No. 2?

Normally, this is a topic usually left out of civilised conversation, but I’m going to share with you a way to pretend that you never poo.  Or at least, if you do, fairy dust and unicorn wings are involved.

By now, if you watch Youtube videos, you most likely have come across this sassy advertisement:

Curiosity piqued?  Mine was!  The lovely Tiffany from Nail Polish Canada sent along a bottle of Poo-Pourri‘s ‘Poo La La  for me to test and review.

Miss Cathie Reviews - Poo-Pourri - Poo La La

Poo-Pouri claims to stop odours before they even start, and it works like so:  the essential oils create a protective barrier when sprayed onto the surface of the toilet water, and keeps everything trapped underneath the oily film of scented goodness.  However, the best part about Poo-Pouri is that it is completely natural.  I balked at first at the idea of spritzing potentially harmful ingredients and causing damage to our water system every time one has to go.  Thank goodness then, that Suzy (the founder) is just as crazy about being environmentally friendly as I am.  Rest assured, she guarantees that all Poo-pouri products are alcohol, aerosol, parabens, phthalates, formadlehyde, and synthetic fragrance free.  Yes, please, and thank you!

Let us first start off with the notes, which are a combination of my favourite flowers and plant/fruits:  peony + rose + citrus.  As promised, the fragrance of the blended essential oils is quite pleasing, but the strongest note is the citrus, which isn’t unpleasant –I do like a good citrus.  I just hoped that it would be more meadow than breakfast fruit, but that is most likely because I love the scent of peonies.  The scent did not give me a headache or seem artifical, as most commercial/synthetic fragrances do.

I have used this magical concoction quite a few times since I got it, and have even brought it to work; I love how it doesn’t mask, but contains the smell.  If your No. 2 doesn’t leave a strong scent to begin with, I’ve found that even one spritz can be more than enough if you use (and you should always use) the courtesy flush –i.e., flush as you go, don’t let it collect in the bowl!

As others have noted on Amazon, it’s hard to spray when you tip the bottle sideways completely.  My secret is to spray at a 45° angle; it works quite well!

In short, Poo-Pourri absolutely delivers.  It is practical, discreet, and cheeky –qualities a good ‘toilet accessory’ should possess.

To get your own Poo-Pourri, go and take a peek at Nail Polish Canada’s selection here!

I now leave you with this little limerick for Poo La La.

there once was a dame called Colette,
whose odor she’d rather forget.
she bid odor adieu,
by spritzing the loo,
au revoir to “eww” de toilette.

— Cathie

Disclaimer:  Although the product was gifted, this post features my honest opinions and I went out and bought deja poo with my own money.  Every opinion expressed herein is true and not influenced in any manner.

Ode to Autumn…

I know I’m 18 days early, but who doesn’t like to dream ahead?  🙂  And we have so little a time to prepare for this glorious, burnished season that is just around the corner!
Is the Coast ClearWhat makes Autumn special to me:

♥ The cooler weather, the blustery breezes, the dancing leaves, the melancholy rain, the crisp tang in the air.  The world is a feast for the senses in autumn!

♥ The intermingled scents of spices in the kitchen, bakeries, and coffee/tea shops — cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom… they are the prelude to winter.

♥  Pretty scarves, sleek boots, and being able to wear coats and layer clothes!  I was never an expert at dressing for summer; my uniform in summer consists of skirts, light tops, dresses, sandals and ballet flats.  With fall, my wardrobe gets to explode and come out in a myriad of colourful, crazy ways!  And I always enjoyed trying to stay warm more than I did trying to keep cool.  😉

♥ Books!  I read books all year, but every autumn, I pull out my beloved Anne of Green Gables and walk through Lovers’ Lane and Balsam Hollow together while the leaves float down day by day.  I also complete my yearly reading challenge at around my birthday –for every year that I’ve been alive, I read so many books for the year.  This year’s count is 26!!

♥ My birthday!!  I am an October Girl.  ^_^  I haven’t stopped being excited for my birthdays yet…

♥ Thanksgiving.  There is always much to be thankful for… but in such a vibrant season as this, I find myself being conscious of gratitude more often!  How lovely that we have a special day to do so.

♥ Hallowe’en!  To me, it is the last autumn ‘holiday’, full of fun, frights, and fantasies.

I am just so inspired by this time of the year –my heart pitter-patters at the thought of it!
Love Fall

**Tomorrow I will be back with a post on my Fall purchases and wishlist!

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love Autumn?!


— Cathie

Liebster Award…

Rissa from Finely Ground nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Thank you, my dear.  🙂  As I wrote in my comment on her blog, I feel like peaches and cream, and floating on cloud nine!

Liebster Award

The rules are:

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you, and then create an eleven-question set for the next group of nominees.
3. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post.
4. Let your nominees know they’ve been tagged- and no tag-backs!
5. Nominate blogs under 200 followers (the goal is to promote small blogs )


Eleven Facts About Self:

1.  I am a frozen fruit fanatic.  My favourite treat in the summertime is frozen grapes.  Pop them in the freezer, and when you eat them, that perfect, firm slush texture is like eating a popsicle.  Except better.  Then there are frozen yogourt blueberries.  Dip them in yogourt, put them in the freezer, and voila!  Note: Packaged frozen berries are just not the same.  Moving on…

2.  I like to leave all the windows in the house open, even in the wintertime.  This is the bane of my husband’s life, but I will wither without my fresh air.  Around Hallowe’en time, I can be mistaken for a witch… the sun has set, the windows are all open, the cold wind is tossing the curtains every which way, and all the lights are off except for some candles that I leave burning in little corners.

3.  I smell all my books before I start reading them.  Sometimes when I’m digesting a paragraph that I’ve just read, I’ll start sniffing absent-mindedly.  I used to sniff borrowed books too, until one day my nose had a close encounter with a bit of… dried snot.  It is not an elegant or pleasant thing to talk about certainly, but it did happen.  My dad joked that I should “look before I smell”, but I haven’t tried to with library books ever since.

4.  I have burned all of my journals and diaries, with the exception of the unfinished one that I started last year.  My friend em knows my predilection for such incendiary activities, and when she gave me a beautiful, handmade book as a parting gift (she is a bookbinding enthusiast!), it came with a warning that it was not to be burnt!  As if I ever could to her present!  I shall have to be sure to write only the loveliest, noblest thoughts and feelings and doings in it…

5.  My favourite colour is a very particular shade of cranberry red, shot through with a shade that morphs from a darker red to almost black depending on the light.  Or quite simply, red.  On a related note, it drives me crazy when someone says that that is my favourite colour because I’m Asian.  I’m mixed.  And even though my Asiatic roots have the upper-hand, it is NOT my raison d’être, nor is it a factor in my choice of colour.  /End Rant.

6.  I jump on every bed in every hotel I’ve ever stayed at.  You have to test the structural integrity of your sleeping spot somehow!

7.  I’ve always wanted a pet lamb.

8.  I wanted to buy a star and have it named after me, then thought better of it.  There probably already is a star that is mine, and you can’t buy something like that with mere mortal money…

9.  I like the kinds of weather that most people find depressing or annoying.  Rain, hail, sleet, snow, thunder and lightning… someone has to like them, poor misunderstood things!

10.  It takes me 5 minutes to browse an entire store and decide whether there is anything that I would like to buy or not.  Most people think I take hours because of my style blog, and it surprises them that I favour the in-and-out method.  ^_^

11.  I am a Disney girl.  Funnily enough, my sister was the one who was crazy about Disney when we were kids, and I was blasé about it all.  Or perhaps it’s simply that I didn’t realise my love for Disney until I was older.


Rissa’s Questions…

1. Is your blog more professional or personal? If personal, how do you keep motivated?  If professional, what are your favorite tools, resources, and tips?

My blog is a mix of both.  I would enjoy it if blogging became a career, but on the other hand, I don’t want to fall into the common trap of blindly writing posts for “c/o” items, etc.  I’m hoping to grow it organically (and without Facebook’s help!) so we shall see if I get anywhere with the roadblocks that I have put in my own path.  😉  For great tools, I recommend GIMP for image editing.  For resources, Google is great.  Honestly.  It answers almost any question I have on how to measure stats, etc. and it is free!  For tips, I feel I’m quite a nobody to be giving them, but I think the most important that anyone can share no matter how big or small they are, is to be true to yourself and do things passionately.  People can always tell when you’re only doing it for less joyful reasons.  😉

2. Describe a particularly vivid place or scene that means/meant a great deal to you.

In 2010, I went to San Francisco with my now husband and his family.  I had a beautiful, idyllic time.  We didn’t do much of the tourist-y attractions (except perhaps Alcatraz) or stay in a brand-name hotel.  Instead, we wandered around little markets and shops and stayed at a converted 1800s? barracks turned inn.  I distinctly remember eating a fresh margherita pizza on a picnic bench by the water, and staring at the moon and its reflection.  I also remember taking a break from our exploring and stopping to buy a Greek salad and baklava from a tiny Greek deli/bakery in the middle of the day.  It was full of living simply and refined, in the moment, and appreciating things intensely.

3. What tunes have you been jamming to lately?

Umm.  I’m a hardcore classical music kind of girl. I’ve been listening to the following lately to help me in this ‘novel’ I’m writing:  Amilcare Ponchielli – Tanz der Stunden – Dance of the Hours, and:  Johann Strauss II – Op.9 – Amazonen Polka (Amazons Polka), Camille Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre (Opus 40)

I’m especially crazy about Danse Macabre –it’s a cheeky mix of lighthearted notes with a mortal, dark strain ever present throughout; perfect for a Gibson Girl’s Hallowe’en.  Then there’s Kreisler’s ‘Liebesleid’, which I imagine is one of the many airs that Sherlock Holmes plays on his violin for me when I visit.  And for something less lofty and a bit silly, I’m listening to a song from a Disney Junior show, “Sofia the First”:  Anything.

It’s pretty catchy, and one of those upbeat tunes that makes me feel like it’s a fresh start every day, and I can do anything.  ^_^

4. Where is one specific place you would like to travel to and why? (Not a country or town, but a specific site or attraction.)

Does The Hundred Acre Wood count?  If not, I really, really want to go to Disneyland.  Yes, I know Disney World is bigger, but I want to see the place that started it all!!  I am still kicking myself mentally for not asking husband to go with me while we were in San Francisco!

5. Name a book near the top of your to-read pile.

I have a LOT.  But Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz is something I would like to read soon.  It’s a gothic Victorian thriller involving a missing girl and a sinister street performer, and it won a Newbery Medal.  I think more people should be less snooty about books written for children –intelligent children, I feel I ought to add.  The really good ones fire the imagination so, and the descriptions are so delicious that you don’t feel the language is too simple for a proper grown-up.  🙂

6. What is one thing that you’re really proud of yourself for?

I woke up one day and decided that I would make my dream of fencing come true.  I went for a few lessons, and enjoyed every minute of them –aching arms and all!  My friend was mentioning her interest in the hierarchy of angels, and she noted that we could perhaps apply to be Archangels, being as one of their concerns was military matters, and we had some experience!  **Now that I’ve moved, I’m looking for a new fencing school!

7. If dreams came true, what would your life look like ten years from now?

I’ve done the Grand Tour of Europe, I have a castle in Ireland, and I’ve worked with UNICEF and the Red Cross.  I will have retired and settled in London, helping out at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (Peter Pan!) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  On Mondays I do watercolours, Wednesdays I go for long walks in the park, and Fridays I read a book before breakfast.  My weekends will be spent with my husband and or friends — having fun, dining out, and discussing the world.

8. What are your favorite beauty products?

I don’t really use any… but I suppose my eyelash curler could qualify!  I have long but stick-straight lashes, and curling them really give my eyes more expression.

9. What is a personality trait you admire and wish you had more of?

I’m a bit of a feisty-pants with a short temper.  Although I’ve improved considerably in that area, I still have far to go.  Also, it would be nice if I could be a bit less judgmental.  I try to think the best of everyone now… it makes for a happier me.  🙂

10. What are five things you excel at?

I would say writing, painting with watercolours, singing awfully, trying new things, and putting outfits together.  I’m not sure exactly that I excel in the last, but I certainly have a propensity for it.  I would love it if one of my friends (or anyone, really!) would hire me as their stylist for a day so I could see.  It would be SO fun!

 11. If you could be anywhere doing anything today, where/what would that be?

Boating!!  I want to skim and glide over silver waters, and have wind-ruffled sea hair.


My Nominations:
Liebster Blog Award
A Bobby-Soxer at Heart – Amy

Beautiful Song – Chantel

Vagabond Voyages – Livvy-Oliv

Life is Beautiful – Laura

Doing Different – Eve (Jessica)

Regency Tea Party – Rosabel (Issy)

The Abi Express – Abi

Creating Charm – Lisa

Brunette Musings – Natalie

By Becca Kae – Becca Kae

Blukrystal – Florrie

Sending lots of Liebling love… 🙂



Summer Love Picnic…

Last week, my Mister and I went on a picnic –our first together!  ^_^  I absolutely love dining al fresco and it’s extra-special when shared with him.  I also finally got to crack open my Winnie the Pooh’s PICNIC COOKBOOK and put it to good use!

We tried the ‘Expotition Picnic‘, and the menu includes fruit punch mixed with ginger ale, some roast beef sandwiches (which I ended up using salami for, because… I forgot to buy roast beef. :D), carrots with cucumber and sour cream dip, chocolate-chip peanut butter cookies, and sugared nuts.  Yummy! 🙂

We went to a nearby park and had such a relaxing, peaceful time.  It was the best place to be in the world –under a willow tree on a blanket laid over the grass, with my man’s arms around me and a fine view of the lake.  ♥

Love Picnic - Lakeview
I suppose we were too eager to eat, because I never managed to take any pictures of the food, but I think that’s almost better than if I’d been able to.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to be so excited for the moment and the experience, and who cares if you end up with memories rather than snapshots?  🙂

Love Picnic - 2014
We even had a visitor, whom we fed some crumbs to… and he just wouldn’t leave after that!

Love Picnic - Visitor
I hope you manage(d) to have a lovely picnic too, before the summer ends.



Summer Blues {An Essie Nail Polish Review}…

Quite a handful of weeks ago, Obsessed Look (thank you T!) asked me if I would be interested in reviewing two of the Essie nail polish colours from the Resort Fling 2014 collection.  Who would say no to seeing some pretty nail action, even if I’m truly terrible at applying a manicure to myself!  I enlisted the help of my big sister, who has prettier fingers than I’ve got and who also happens to wield the polish applicator like a wizard.  Without further ado, here are our thoughts on the matter.  🙂

First off, I picked the two blue shades, Find Me an Oasis and Under the Twilight.  The two are complementary shades of blue, and perfect to go with floating summer dresses or perhaps that dream seaside resort vacation?

Then we shook the bottles, and opened them.  We noticed it was a bit runnier than other polishes, and so we used the applicator to stir it up; not much change to report!  Sister had heard that this was usual for Essie (she tried their Ballet Slippers once) so we proceeded.  Essie’s formula is very thin so several coats are needed if you want a more opaque colour.  It also dries at a slower pace, and it was almost 10 minutes before my sister could type without using dainty movements.  😛
Essie Nail PolishAlso, because the polish was runnier, when we decided to spice things up with some chevron tips and buttons down the centre, it was very hard!  I think some scotch tape to keep the lines straight and catch the overflow would have worked well –if the base polish had already dried completely!  So please be kind with our attempts at nail art… we did the best we could.  🙂
Essie Polish - Summer BluesOur final thoughts?  Essie always has amazing, beautiful colours.  We do like the runny consistency because it means you can control the translucency/opaqueness of the colours.  However if you’re the type of girl who is on the go but still wants to have colourful nails with details, this may not be the bottle for you!  We think this would be perfect for a sleepover with girlfriends though, when you actually have time to sit, chat and let your nails dry thoroughly.

**Tips:  Perhaps you could try helping the drying process along with the aid of a fan, or ‘cheat’.  Use Essie for the base colour, and use a brand with a thicker consistency for the details. has other Essie collections (I like the 2013 Wedding Collection) and I am obssessed with the single bottles Peach Daiquiri and Leading Lady!  All Essie Polishes from ship free within Canada, so if you are smitten with a few shades, I definitely recommend getting them!

We had so much fun trying them –you can’t beat some quality sister time!– and are still enjoying our pretty nails!

Jane Austen Pretties {A Sharing of, and Review}…


It has been half an eon again since I last visited with tidings or something pretty to share, but here I am today to do just that.  🙂

I have been very busy with moving to Ottawa, settling in, and finding ways to make our new place a home.  I’ve learned how to install curtain rods and floating wood floors.  I’ve helped move a washing machine and dryer, picked curtains, furniture, a mattress… and last but not least, I’ll be helping to build a shed in the backyard.  All this accomplished in a pretty dress, of course.  😉

Anyway!  Whenever I have an hour to myself before bed, I can be found stoking and fanning the flames of my obsession with Jane Austen.  It all started when I was 15 and my mum told me that she was reading a book that was probably still too ‘mature’ for me.  Never one to back down from a challenge, (even if it isn’t one…) I snuck downstairs and read Pride and Prejudice in one sitting, falling in love in the process.  I’ve read all her books, even Mansfield Park, and am now brushing up on the movies.  There are a lot of versions, I tell you!  I’m trying to find the best of each to recommend to you!  ^_^

That being said, I also do a bit of fanciful trip planning to Bath and the Jane Austen Centre.  They do have an online gift shop, and it’s hard for me to resist as you can see here or if you search for Jane Austen on my blog… hehe.  I succumbed again recently, and indulged in a set of cookie cutters (Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen, which you can pretend is Elizabeth Bennett, to make a happy edible couple!), and a locket.
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - Cookie CuttersAren’t they splendid for making little afternoon tea sandwiches or cookies?!  I’m dying to use them once we’re all settled…  The metal is neither sturdy nor too flimsy, so be careful you don’t use a lot of force and bend them out of shape!
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - LocketThe locket is a beautiful little one and is made of sterling silver according to the description on the site.  It’s about the size of my little pinkie finger’s tip so be aware of that if you are in the market for something slightly larger.  I love how they personalise it with your name engraved and finish it off with a scroll detail.  (There are 3 details to choose from!)  I must mention that the locket was severely tarnished after two days’ wear –and no, I didn’t wear it while in the shower!  I’ve had other silver pieces, and none of them have tarnished after two days…  There is also what I fear to be a scratch caused by rubbing against the chain as I didn’t bump into anything at all.  This makes me wonder as to the quality of the silver, and the sturdiness of the locket.  The hinges have behaved exceptionally however, so that’s one good thing!  I’ll see if I can remove the tarnish with either toothpaste or baking soda and report back on the condition afterwards. I leave you with a picture of me wearing the locket for scaling purposes 🙂
Jane Austen Centre Souvenirs - Cathie Wearing Locket

Top:  LOFT linen shirred tee in Sailor Blue (2014)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ‘Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

My overall impressions are that the cookie cutters are a must-have in the kitchen of any Austenite, and that the locket is a lovely piece, though a bit delicate and questionable in the quality of the silver.  Of course I would shop the Jane Austen Gift Shop again!  I have my eye on the ‘Litographs’ that they have brought in of Jane’s novels.  I only wish they had one of Catherine Morland from Northanger Abbey!
Pride & Prejudice - Litograph


Gentle reader, are you by any happy chance, a Jane Austen lover, too?



Happy Easter 2014!!

“Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” — S.D. Gordon

Late last night, my family and I went to the Easter Vigil service at St. Paul’s Parish.  It was a beautiful service, because hope and light are very strong themes that are translated in a lovely way throughout the ceremony.  We waited until it was quite dark before the Paschal candle was lit at a little bonfire, and then everyone filed back into the church to have our own little candles lit.  When all the lights are off, and it’s just you and your candle, it feels solemn and pure and special.  I also got confirmed during the service, and am now officially a grownup.  🙂
Confirmation 2014 - Cathie Maud

Dress (can’t be seen):  Club Monaco ‘Darcia’ lace dress in eclipse lace with pink (2014)

Jewellery (can’t be seen):  Tiffany bow pendant (2013)

Coat:  DKNY cascading ruffle wool ¾ length coat (2013)

Shoes:  ZARA Swiss Dot court shoe (2014)

I’m planning to have a very quiet and relaxing Easter Day with my husband and family, but wanted to pop by and share my happenings, as well as wish everyone a very happy Easter!!!

And after all, a girl’s got to practise her foot-popping some time!

Just Living is Not Enough

Have a beautiful, blessed day –colour the sun!!


— Mrs. Cathie

How to Navigate the World of Subscription Boxes…

Besides books, there is nothing that I prescribe or subscribe to more wholeheartedly to lifting one’s mood (in a small, material way of course. :P) than the receiving of subscription boxes.  It’s a special treat to give to friends, and I get them for my loved ones whenever I see one that might tickle their fancy.

Who doesn’t like receiving surprises in the mail?  The lovely thing about subscription boxes is that you know something is coming, so you have the joy of looking forward to it… and yet, you don’t know exactly what is going to be in it, and thus have the pleasure of being surprised.  Isn’t that just a glorious recipe for giddiness?!


There are a few pitfalls that one must beware of, and so here are a few (admittedly common-sense… but who remembers these things in the excitement?) tips to keep in mind.

1.  Watch your numbers.  A few dollars here and there may not seem like much, but when you find that you are subscribed to over 12 different boxes, it adds up.  Also, the one who delivers your mail may resent having to juggle the dozens of parcels up to your doorstep.

2.  Curate your subscriptions.  There’s really no need to be subscribed to 3 or 4 different ‘beauty boxes’, so find one that consistently delivers items that you are crazy about, and ditch the rest.  If a box is not for you, don’t feel like you have to give it a ‘second  chance’.  Do not fall into the trap which is aptly titled “The Fear of Missing Out”.  There are thousands of things in this world that we will never be able to try; giving up a subscription box is not the end of the world!

3.  Choose wisely, and look before you leap.  I’m quite particular about finding a subscription service that offers the best in its field. Do research to find similar competitors for comparison, look up blog and Youtube reviews, and don’t ever settle just to be subscribed to something new.  If you have a nagging feeling that the products are probably sub-par, or that the customer service is lacking, skip it and don’t look back.  I’ve held off on subscribing only to find a year later that the company has gone under, and their subscribers are still waiting for boxes or refunds.

4.  Don’t stay up ’til quarter-to-two looking for new boxes to subscribe to.  Guilty as charged, and… we shall never speak of this again.

*** Now for the fun part –my favourite boxes, and those I’d like to try or find interesting!


Panty by Post:  Who doesn’t like getting pretty underwear in the mail?  And it’s always fun to make the postman blush! 😉  This is the first subscription service I ever signed up for, and I still enjoy getting the little packet in the mail.  Quality service and selection –I highly recommend this one and have been subscribed for quite a few months now.  [Full review coming up soon!]

Tea Sparrow:  For $20 a month, Tea Sparrow –which is such an enchanting name, you’ll agree!– will send a mix of four current favourite premium loose leaf teas –that’s a total of 35-40 cups of tea!  The best part is that every tea box includes a selection of both herbal and caffeinated blends to enjoy, plus they always share the contact information for the companies whose tea you especially fancy and would like to stock up on.

* An alternative I’ve looked into is Amoda Teafor $12, you get 3 different teas that can make 5-7 cups each.  If I ever subscribe, I shall share my thoughts!


Flicker Box:  The company is inspired by a love and appreciation for handmade candles, as well as a passion for sharing them. By delivering a package with various quality candles made by artisans in the United States, they help candle lovers discover, appreciate and support homegrown talent.  Currently they only ship to the United States, but I am hoping that this single, crazy Canadian girl who adores candles can convince them to expand their shipping policies a wee bit.  🙂

MustHave by PopSugar:  PopSugar is a fun and sometimes frivolous site… and until recently, I only knew them for their daily turnout of articles on celebrities, fitness, fashion and product recommendations, as well as various lifestyle tips.  Imagine my excitement when I learned that they also offer a subscription service that mirrors the subjects they cover.  The editors test the products and then send out what they love to their readers for them to discover.  Hopefully this means quality –they have a reputation to upholdl!  One day when I possess more pennies than I know what to do with, and they decide to ship to Canada, I will definitely try this one out.

Yuzen Box:  Yuzen is the name of an exquisite Japanese paper, and this service promises to deliver a dose of zen and tranquility in every elegantly packaged box.  Yuzen offers a box every 3 months, and selected products are eco-friendly, natural, and organic. If you need a moment to pause and delight in the present, Yuzen seems to do that very well.  I think this box would work well for both men and women, as the point is to recenter and pamper yourself while finding serenity.

Root Bizzle:  Once a month, you get a silk tie –choose from business, skinny, or whimsical– designed in Italy.  I would definitely get these for my brothers, as they are in jobs that require ties, ties, ties!!  Plus it’s good to have lots of extras for special occasions, right?  In all honesty, I don’t see this as something anyone can commit to for a very long time… perhaps cancel and start up again whenever a wardrobe refresher is needed!

Hammock Pack:  This subscription box takes armchair travelling to a whole new level (although you can probably open this box in bed, if you wanted to! ;)).  Each month, a surprise pack with a themed ‘getaway’ will have you going places without leaving your home.  These experiences-in-a-box include date nights, a trip to South Carolina, Colorado, and apple picking!

Wine Collective:  My husband and I love sharing a glass on the couch after supper… I would like to subscribe to this box one day to expand our tastebud repertoire and find some new après-dinner favourites.

Prudence and the Crow:  Based in London, Prudence and the Crow is a vintage book subscription box.  You cannot imagine the happy dance that I did!  I am just crazy about books, and adore nothing more than flipping through centuries’ old books and sniffing the pages.  My mum is sure that this practise leads to mental imbalance, and can rattle off dozens of ‘behavioural patterns’ to back this theory up, but who cares???  This is the best book subscription service I’ve come across as it lets you pick classics and children’s books (it has more, but those are my favourites)… that are vintage.  *insert hyperventilation*

Loot Crate and Nerd Block:  For the nerds, geeks, dorks, and gamers out there… both are subscription services to satisfy our odd little hearts.  Think game and movie franchise related items –such as Diablo III, Mario, TMNT, and Star Wars.  Anything that includes Star Wars is a win in my opinion.  Plus they include t-shirts!!  I need more geeky tees!!  OK, I am probably the only one excited about these… 😛

What do you think of subscription services –purse-killers, or the best sorts of packages you can get in the world?  Do you have any favourites?


– Mrs. Cathie

Yesu Asobola…

… Jesus is able.

That is the core philosophy and deep-seated belief of the fledgling school-orphanage that my friend Amy (remember that cool, sweet girl with the pretty scarves?)is now a director of.  Miss Amy leaves for Uganda again within a few days, and I thought it would be a wonderful time to share some details about Yesu Asobola Ministries; it’s my hope that perhaps this story will inspire you to follow the calling that tugs at your heartstrings…

Yesu Asobola

Yesu Asobola is a Community Based Organization (Soon a 501(c)3 non-profit in the USA) located 20 minutes outside of Soroti, Uganda in a village called Onyerai. This remote village has hundreds of children who are unable to attend school and many who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and displaced because of the war (LRA). There are elderly grandmothers caring for 12 orphans with no income, and young teen girls who care for multiple siblings. There are children who have been abused by their stepmothers so severely that they have had to run away – at a young age – or have become handicapped. Some of these children live in the bush. We met one little boy who wanders the street – his teeth are rotted and he tells people he goes to school but he doesn’t. These children are hopeless and in need.

YAM (Yesu Asobola Ministries) will be starting a Christian school, which will act as a home for the orphans and a day school for the needy children of the community. We will offer primary education through grade 7, Bible, dance, and music classes- as well as farming. For the older children who do not wish to go through primary education, but wish for a future in which they can provide for themselves, we will offer 6 month trade skill programs. We will also sponsor older children to attend high school if they wish to continue their education. Our hopes are to eventually be able to provide a medical clinic and church that will be open to the community, as well as parenting and health education for the parents. We hope to hire widows in the area to care for the children in the orphanage, as well as good teachers to teach them.

Yesu Asobola means Jesus is Able in Lugandan, one of the many language spoken in Uganda. We truly believe that!

If you would like more information, or perhaps help in any way, please visit the following links:

What’s in My Post Box — April 2013…

It’s been a while since I shared with you what I got in the mail (August 2012!!) but I hadn’t ordered anything online since last year until this month.  I don’t know what it is about Spring and spring cleaning, but it always makes me re-evaluate everything in my closet, and then finally bends my discipline a bit and I go and order some pretties.  At any rate, I like making ‘what I got in the mail’ posts, and I hope you do too.  If you don’t, suffer!!!  (I jest!…)

Cathie Maud -- Club Monaco Belt

1.  I finally have a belt!!  It’s by Club Monaco, and is called the ‘Laura’ Crackled Skinny Belt in crackled metallic.  This belt is perplexing because the tag that I ripped off of the belt proclaims the colour to be ‘light pink/rose clair’, so I’ve decided to dub it ‘Gunmetal Rose’.  Other than that, I can’t wait to finally play around with sprucing up dresses and skirts with a belt.  Sometimes, an outfit can be so boring without a belt, and I’ve really felt the absence of this item in my wardrobe for a while.  It’s still in the sale section online if you fancy one for yourself!
Darling Bow Skirted Shorts by Ya Los Angeles via Taylor & Stylist

2.  This piece is the Darling Bow Skirted shorts by Ya Los Angeles that I got via Tailor and Stylist.  That site has the most romantic clothes, and the prices aren’t too steep, either!  If I ever go golfing or play tennis again, I’m going to bust out the vintage sports glam of the 30’s in this…

Miss Cathie's Business Cards

3.  I finally had my business card updated!  It’s the one on the left…  Nothing can beat a professionally designed business card, I must say.  On the right, you can see my attempt at editing some images made for my site into a business card –not too bad, but not the best either!  I’m quite glad to have something crisp and official to pull out when making friends and connections.  ♥  Thanks, Diane!

Getting pretties in the mail is always exciting for me –did you get anything lovely this month?


— Miss Cathie