It’s the dead of winter, and when I step out of the door, I puff warm breaths into my fingers and jam them into the deepest corners of the pockets in my much-worn wool coat.  I run to bus stops and rush through skytrains in an effort to keep warm… and at the end of the day, I finally come home to a lovely house with light, and heating, and the lid of a pot dancing merrily on the rim over whatever it is that my mum is cooking.  And I realise I’m so very lucky –lucky enough to be a picky eater and have a choice of whether to eat supper that night or not depending on my fancy…

My daddy taught us to always think of those less fortunate, but especially in the colder months.  So it is my great pleasure to have DAVIDsTEA reach out to me and ask me to help share their #cupofwarmth campaign.Buy a Cup, Give a Cup

Starting January 15th until January 28th, DAVIDsTEA will donate one cup of tea to hunger relief charities across North America, with the ideal of donating 150,000 cups.  There are so many DAVIDsTEA stores in Canada and the United States (isn’t that wonderful?) so finding a shop close to you should not be a difficulty.  If your schedule doesn’t permit, they’ve also promised that for every post that is shared on Facebook, and for every tweet that is sent out or retweeted on Twitter, they will also donate the loose-leaf tea equivalent of one cup of tea.

“The holiday season inspires us to give and share with those less fortunate,” says Jevin Eagle, CEO at DAVIDsTEA. “With the #cupofwarmth campaign, we want to continue to encourage this awareness and a spirit of giving throughout the year as well.”

DAVIDsTEA will be partnering with several charitable organizations in Canada and the US, including:

Second Harvest (Toronto), Dans la Rue (Montreal), Moisson Quebec (Quebec City), Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society, Edmonton’s Food Bank, Winnipeg Harvest, New Brunswick Association of Food Banks, The Food Bank Network of the Bay of Island (Newfoundland), Feed Nova Scotia, PEI Association of Food Banks (Prince Edward Island), Regina Food Bank (Saskatchewan), Just Food (New York), Rosie’s Place (Boston), Greater Chicago Food Depository, Project Open Hand (San Francisco / Bay Area)

Website: www.davidstea.com/cupofwarmth
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the “Share a Cup” Facebook link)
Social Media: #cupofwarmth @DAVIDsTEA

**For more information please contact Nicole Manes, NKPR at Nicole@nkpr.net and/or 416.365.3630 ext. 228

I hope we all stay warm this winter, and as far as we possibly can, I hope we can all help to make someone else just as cozy as we.


Mrs. Cathie

P.S.  Yes, I’m married!! ^_^

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  1. Kathleen Lisson
    January 29, 2014 / 6:55 am

    what a wonderful post! Thanks for telling me about this.

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