Does Fashion Stop at What You’re Wearing? Building an Outfit Experience

Putting together a winning outfit combination looks different to everyone. Your style is your own take on the fashion of the day, and this translates into an ensemble that is naturally unique.

When you’re matching clothing together, do you take other important elements into account? You might not even think to curate the outfit experience beyond what you’re wearing; many people don’t! But, what you wear goes far beyond what you’re actually wearing… that is, it isn’t just about tops, bottoms, accessories and layers. What are we talking about then, exactly?

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Colors Can Have Their Own Meaning

The colors we wear can have a big impact on our mood. Similarly, they can also communicate how we’re feeling. Someone who only wears blacks and greys, for example, might be feeling more melancholy in their life and turned off by bright hues. But for those who are reaching for pastel or neon colors, they might feel more energetic and outgoing, and want to share that infectious energy with the world. Think about this when you’re trying to curate your outfit for a big day; how are you feeling, and how can you make that obvious?

Match Your Clothes with a Scent

The way you smell is part of your style. And you don’t need to be limited to a ‘signature’ scent. You can dab on various perfume oils throughout the week, matching your mood and your intention for the outfit you’ve put together. If you’re feeling ‘summery’ or alternatively like you’re walking through a winter wonderland, you can use a different perfume to help bring out that sense for other people as well. And let’s not forget just how nice it is to get the occasional whiff of the scent you’ve applied! 

It’s in the Way You Hold Yourself

We’ve touched on it, but fashion isn’t just what we wear, or how we accessorize afterwards. It’s also in the way we hold ourselves when walking, and the body language we use to showcase the way we feel. And this phenomenon feeds into itself; the way you dress can improve the way you communicate through your body, and the way you want to hold yourself can help bring an outfit to life.

Be Comfortable, Not Conscious

The more comfortable you are in your clothes, the better you’re going to look in them. It’s really as simple as that. You could be wearing the most ornate piece in the world, but if you’re not comfortable in the way it clings to your skin or what it covers, that’s all people are going to notice.

Remember, you need to feel like you’re owning the outfit you’re wearing, and that it’s doing something good for you. So dress with this in mind: if you’re comfortable, you’re good to go, even if you’re only wearing the basics from out of your wardrobe!

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