I was informed… that some… were dreaming and wished to return. –Zebulon Pike

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping much at all…  noises from people puttering around, thoughts, worries and plans just seem to fill the hours spent lying in the dark with eyes tightly shut.  So it is that I’ve found myself with dark-rimmed eyes and wistfully remembering days when I slept as soundly as a log that has fallen and lain for centuries in the middle of a heavily wooded forest.  To further taunt myself, –or perhaps dream of dreaming? here is a list of slumber-related pretties that I’ve found during late night browsing sessions.

Juicy Couture Velour Heart RobeJuicy Couture has the softest robes… and I’m eyeing this one which has a cute ruffle hem detail and heart-shaped pockets!  Wrap up after a bath, and snuggle up in bed with a good book (or lover!)  Find this one at Shopbop here.
Mistral Almond Milk French Soap

Mae West, once said “When in doubt, take a bath.”… I like following such sage advice with nice smelling soaps and bathing salts.  This one by Mistral is organic and relatively inexpensive at $8.00.  I think Almond Milk a very pleasant and soothingly simple scent to have wafting from one’s skin at night, but they have a long line of other scented soap bars if you have a personal favourite.  Don’t forget candles; they set such a wonderful mood for heavy lids.  (But please use tea lights and place them in a secure area, for safety’s sake!)
Cathie Maud - Bedtime ReadingOne must have reading material to crack open and delve into before bed.  For me, that’s either a Georgette Heyer, L.M. Montgomery, or Jane Austen novel.  But if it’s pictures that I want to stare at… the Romantic Homes and Victoria magazines have the prettiest, idyllic photo spreads –especially of bedrooms with ‘sink-into-me’ beds, and soft, ethereal surroundings.  How could you not fall asleep drooling?  You know you’re going to do it anyway.  OK, maybe that wasn’t the classiest joke to tell… *cough*

**Other ideas:

♡ Use all-natural pillow sprays to provide calming aromatherapy in bed.

♡ Silk or cotton pillowcases and bedding make all the difference.  Really!

♡ Be fanciful and follow Marilyn Monroe’s lead and wear your favourite perfume to bed.  Mine happens to be L’Occitane‘s ‘Cherry Blossom‘ eau de toilette.  You may want to refrain from using this idea along with that of the lavender pillow spray at the same time!
Lounging and LingerieToo much of a good thing is wonderful. –Mae West

I wish you all deep sleeps and happy dreams!


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  1. January 12, 2014 / 5:14 am

    Hey Ms.cathie,
    I was wondering if u would do a giveaway on Pointe shoes.i need them really bad for class but I don’t have enough money to buy them myself

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