Easter 2021 + Finally An Outfit!

If anyone needs a reminder, this will be the second Easter (in Canada) that we are spending in lockdown mode. Even if community Easter egg hunts are cancelled, and I am too tired to create our own little hunt this year, we still managed to have some chocolate, decorate some Easter cookies (courtesy of The Judy May Team + D’Appetit) and enjoy wonderful moments as a family. It may not be traditional or conventional, but I know that one of these years, we will look back in time and think of these days as “the good old days”…

This outfit post probably wouldn’t have happened at all, because who has the energy to dress up extra special and take pictures when they’ve been keeping house, running after a toddler and nursing a baby all day? But then I told myself… I did finally find a dress that just said “Easter” as soon as I saw it, and I am a bit tired of wearing nursing dresses all the time. Plus, I miss blogging about such light and fluffy things. So… why not? As soon as these thoughts ran through my mind, I jumped out of my seat immediately and off I went to prettify myself up a bit. Not a moment too soon, because the sun was in the last throes of saying goodbye to the sky by the time these pictures were taken. But you can still see me –or most importantly, the dress and shoes…ish. Ah well… I tried.

I am now sitting here in the dress minus the ballet flats and sipping hot water –just a thing I do in the evening before bed, though wearing the pretty dress is a bonus.

The graininess isn’t to be artistic… these were shot on my phone and in the dying light…

Juicy Couture cinched sleeveless dress, blue and gold floral (2021)
French Sole ‘Henrietta’ patent crocodile ballet flats, blue (2018/2019)
Psst… You can see them better in this post!

Also, allow me to also show off my “Covid Cut”… courtesy of my wonderful man. On second thought, perhaps it is a blessing these photos aren’t the clearest!

After 12 years of asking him to try his hand at giving my hair a trim, my husband finally acquiesced. My hair had gotten ridiculously long after a year of not being cut, so it was time… and he put the shears to my locks with no hesitation and such goodwill and enthusiasm that it impressed and unnerved me. I had asked that my hair still be somewhat long, and that he give me a rounded look. Well, after he declared the job to be done, I looked at my reflection dubiously and asked him… “Did you do what I requested?” feeling very doubtful about the whole affair.

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “What I intended to do and what happened may be entirely different,”

Le sigh. Perhaps I should have respected his wise hesitation of previous years… haha

At any rate, I am now rocking the look of someone who has been fighting zombies for many long years. It’s growing on me… but I still hope it grows out soon. 🙂

I will finish up this post with this picture that I’m very proud of… the concept and ‘staging’ are mine, but the excellent camera skills are thanks to my hubby (of Covid Cut fame, lol)… It shows what the dress looks like in proper daylight!

I think it could almost be a photo in a magazine, but I am, of course, a bit partial!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Happy Easter/Ostara!

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