First Snowfall of 2012 + Looking Out of Windows…

If ever I needed a reminder to take time out of burying my nose in a book or staring at the computer screen, last night would be it –it’s 1 in the morning as I write this!  I was so engrossed in my little tasks that it was only when I logged in to check my email that Gmail ‘told’ me that the steady patter of rain had been replaced with snow!  (I have a theme that displays appropriate backgrounds depending on the local weather forecast, nifty isn’t it?!)Gmail - SNOW!!!!Of course, I immediately pulled back the blinds screaming with joy at my beau, “It’s snowing!!  Lookie-look!!”  How much nicer would it have been had I decided to take a few moments to appreciate the beauty outdoors and seen the marvelous sight of my own accord!  Definitely a reminder for next time. 🙂

First Snowfall of the Year -- All Smiles

Just had to put on my wellies and go outside to revel in the snow…

First Snowfall of the Year 2012 -- Snowed-on CarMy man took these pictures of me… they can’t boast of wonderful lighting, and they are very grainy (I used my usual camera, Canon Powershot G9!) but I like them so. Nightfall’s winter magic is so elusive –it’s quite hard to capture its essence in a photo!

First Snowfall of the Year 2012 -- Red Hat

We kissed under this snow-laden tree, because I said it was close enough to mistletoe…

Hat:  Sara Jane ‘Little retro cloche hat with bow’ via Simons (red sold out, grey left!)

Scarf:  Portolano or Magaschoni

Pullover:  Juicy Couture bow sweater, via eBay for $28.49!!  (Retails for $200; ahh the deals!!)

Skirt:  Aritzia WILFRED via eBay

Tights:  Nicole Miller

Boots:  Michael Kors ‘Splash’ rain boots via eBay, 2009

First Snowfall of the Year 2012 -- Lamplight & SnowI think it’s safe to say that I adore snow, and especially the first snowfall of every year!

Stay cozy and safe!


— Miss Cathie

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