Flirty Thirty & Hallowe’en…

A few days ago, I bade farewell to my twenties.  They were perhaps a little less colourful and riotous than some, but I still had lots of fun, made plenty of mistakes and learned loads of lessons along the way.  Here’s to a wiser –and yet still sassy– new decade.

My special day was spent with my little family, enjoying quiet moments together.  The end note was a celebratory dinner at The Keg Steakhouse courtesy of my lovely in-laws; this photo of us three is my favourite of the evening.  I love my men!  Baby was very well-behaved, too and I feel so lucky (and thankful!) to be his mummy.

The gastronomical highlight was the slice of Billy Miner Pie for my birthday “cake” –mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with hot fudge, caramel and almonds.  It was (to be extravagant with one’s adjectives) exceedingly scrumptious, and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist mocha in any form.


For my outfit, I wore one of my favourite dresses from GAP, a simple black dress with a ruffled hem that reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn.  I have many fashionistas I take inspiration from, but without a doubt, I find her style to be most timeless, and that’s how I wanted to feel on my birthday.  On a side note, I wore this dress while in my third trimester!  It truly is one of my wardrobe staples.

Dress:  Gap long-sleeve ruffle-hem dress in ponte, true black (2018)

Jewellery:  PANDORA ‘Tree of Hearts’ charm and PANDORA Shine™ Queen Bee pendant (2018)

Shoes:  Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ ballet flats in blackberry suede (2018)

[Shoes not seen in pictures, but in case anyone –possibly only my future self– wonders what I wore…]

For accessories, I wore my Pandora charm bracelet with the new Tree of Hearts charm my wonderful husband gave me; it is a family tree composed of hearts.  There is one gold heart in the center, and it represents our new addition to the family, baby V.  I also wore his other gift to me, the Pandora Shine™ Queen Bee necklace which I have been wanting for the past year now.  I am so grateful for his thoughtfulness!

I’m excited for this next decade, all fresh and brand new!  I think the necklace is especially relevant because Pandora describes the honeybees as a symbol of personal power and prestige.  Without becoming too cheesy, here’s to that!

I will end this post with some pictures of baby V’s first Hallowe’en “costume”… as Little Sherlock Holmes!

Wishing you all a beautiful November!!

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