Frugally Festive: Christmas Stocking Stuffers…

Dear reader,

Is your budget tight, your wallet light, but your heart yearning to share the yuletide delight?

This is from a Christmas Past — 2010.

Yes, I’m rather pleased with myself for making the above up…

If you’re in need of a few thoughtful gifts to fill the stockings with, forget the little trinkets and tchotchkes that will end up collecting dust in a drawer… or worse, the landfill. Think miniature, classic, and quality, and give them a timeless token of your thoughtfulness.

Natural wellness:

Try tucking a bottle of quality essential oil into the toe of the holiday stocking. Essential oils have many benefits — they aid in almost everything from relaxation to mood brightening to supporting the immune system. Gift one that has properties that would benefit the receiver, or go by aromatherapy and choose an oil whose scent your loved one will go crazy (in a good way!) for. If the person you’re thinking of has been especially nice, consider gifting a set of holiday oil blends, or a set of oils that evoke the essence of the season (cinnamon, peppermint, citrus oils, or evergreen/firs).

The classic stocking stuffers:

Why not go back to the early days of Christmas gift-giving, and fill your stockings with:

An orange. They were expensive and hard to find back in the day… we take this citrus fruit for granted now, but it was once quite decadent to have one to eat! They’re good for you and a great way to give your body vitamin C (wintertime can be a constant battle against colds) and break up all that holiday sweets-eating!

An apple. It keeps the doctor away, and was also a classic mainstay in stocking-filling.

Nuts. Put a packet of gourmet nuts in as well. These were also an olde-fashioned gift found in stockings, and they’re still an excellent choice today. Tasty and healthy!

A wooden toy/puzzle. Wooden toys are classic, timeless, and offer more scope for the imagination and developmental learning than any plastic, battery-powered toy ever could. Perhaps something like Hape’s Creative Wooden Peg Puzzle for toddlers would be perfect for the younger of the wee folk.

A quality teddy bear or stuffed animal. The minimalist in me recommends forgoing this if your child already has a plethora of stuffed companions. However, if your child only has one or two, another classic gift would be a soft, plush, Christmas teddy bear (or other animal of choice), the perfect holiday companion to make festive memories with.

You can also try miniature board games, card games, penny whistles/harmonicas, etc. for interesting toys that aren’t the run-of-the-mill sort.

For that hard-to-buy-for fella:

It seems to be a common theme among my friends and me –our men can be difficult to buy presents for. Let’s steer clear of the socks, ties, and three-packs of boxers… nothing wrong with any of those, but they’re … well, lacking in surprise and originality at this point. Instead, I suggest upgrading items in your man’s personal grooming kit, his comb, for example. Choose a longer lasting metal or wooden comb and it will replace that dinky plastic one that loses teeth easily, be more eco-friendly, plus make his morning routine a little bit more luxe.

Men like to be pampered, too!

A good read:

There is nothing like finding a page-turner of a novel slipped into one’s stocking. The joy of having a new world to explore and new people to make friends with is incomparable. A good book should never be underestimated in gift-giving. Use your knowledge of the recipient’s likes and dislikes in choosing the perfect title, but if looking for a fantastic family read, may I suggest Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury?

The luxe gift:

A candle. If you don’t have a fireplace, there is nothing to beat the mesmerising beauty of a candle flame. The dancing, flickering light and the scent (if your candle has scent) both combine to transport one into either a cherished memory-filled past, or the hopeful future in dream form. I love the notes in Illume’s “Cozy Cashmere” jar candle.

We are getting ever closer to Christmas! I hope you find the perfect tokens of your thoughtfulness and love to give to dear ones!

What are some wonderful treasures you have found that are just right?

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