Happy 2015! (Reflections, Resolutions, Reading)…

I’m always so full of marvel and joy at the start of a New Year.  It’s ripe with possibilities, and I start off with the best of intentions and the notion that this is it.  The brand new, best-est version of me is going to be revealed!  And then when the year becomes more worn in, I start to feel a bit discouraged… as if I haven’t successfully turned into the person I was meant to be already.  This year, I’m doing it a bit differently.  I’m still a bundle of excited, thrilled nerves.  But I am also starting off with intention, and mindfulness.  As I read on steal time back, every moment can be like midnight on New Year’s Eve if only we remember.  The magic of new beginnings doesn’t have to be lost or forgotten a month into the year.  It is about continual growth, not fairy godmother transformations!
Pensive LetterI’ve got quite a few resolutions this year, but the most important ones are to learn more, spend less, and live fully.

This year, I am continuing my personal reading challenge of 27 books for the 27 years I will be turning this coming October.  I completed 26 last year, and felt a tremendous amount of satisfaction from it!  I didn’t share much of what I read here last year, but this time, I will definitely take you along on my literary journey!

As it so happens, I’ve already finished my first book of the year — Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit by Sean Hepburn Ferrer.  While a slim read at 256 pages, it was a loving, thoughtful tribute.  Not many people know that Audrey was also quite a talented artist (something I admire, since I dabble in the arts, too!) besides being an actress, humanitarian, and fashion icon.  There are also two recipes for her favourite pasta dishes; I’m definitely going to try them out since I am a huge pasta lover, myself.  🙂  I think what struck me most with this read is that almost no one could ever say anything truly bad about Audrey.  She had flaws, she was human, but she was always kind.  I want the same to be true of me.
Audrey Hepburn, Elegant SpiritFor my next goal of spending less, I have decided upon the goal of buying only 40 items this year.  I don’t view this as a limit.  Rather, it’s a generous yet reasonable budget that will cause me to be more thoughtful about my purchases this year.  Clothes, books, snacks, art supplies, etc. will count, with the exception of courses and textbooks for school.  I don’t have to buy exactly 40 items this year; it can be under the limit, but I definitely cannot go over the number.  For accountability, I will be sharing each purchase I make on this blog as well.  I am really looking forward to seeing how this challenge of mine goes.  🙂  So far, I have bought two things: a book and a watch.  I’ll share when I get them!

As for living fully, it’s incredibly important to remember that little miracles happen even in the everyday, mundane things.  Notice the little things, appreciate the little things, and change the little things.  Dream, but also do.  Bloom where you’re planted, explore new places.  And remember…

 Happy New Year.  🙂


– Cathie

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  1. January 12, 2015 / 8:30 am

    What a great post, Cathie! I’m glad you introduced me to your page… I look forward to reading more! Good luck on meeting your new year’s goals! =)

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