Happy Valentine’s Day & the World of Make-Believe…

Dear Readers,

Almost every other blogger has been writing about Valentine’s outfits, wishlists, their happy/sad stories and memories, etc.  While some of them are interesting, I am feeling a bit over-exposed to the holiday, so I’m going to spare you from any on mine.

I do wish you a very lovely one, though… and sincerely hope that you won’t let those dastardly marketers ruin a holiday for you.

While Valentine’s Day is primarily about celebrating romantic love, it is also about celebrating love itself, in all its many wonderful forms. I’m sure we are all experiencing one form or another, be it from family, friends, a lover, or a puppy –so we can all be grateful and have warm, squishy feelings no matter our ‘couple’ status.

At any rate, enough… because I don’t want to wax on (and on and on…) and because I want to share this quote which is quite simply, one of my very favourites from one of my favourite authors, C.S. Lewis.Dreams

Have the most beautiful day!  ♥


— Miss Cathie

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