Staycation in Kingston – Daisy Hill Bed & Breakfast…

Dear Abandoned Readers,

After delaying travel with the pandemic, we were itching to get a little bit back into the swing of exploring new places and experiencing new things. But as any moderately faint-of-heart parent of youngsters knows, it’s a bit daunting to sally forth with little humans who are the epitome of unpredictability.

However, the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit was the perfect motivation for us to try. Since Darling Mister and I both had a busy schedule, the search was on for a one-day getaway that was reasonably priced, child and pet-friendly, and not too far from where we are in Kingston.

Enter Deb’s charming bed and breakfast, Daisy Hill in Odessa, ON. Built in the late 1800s, the place has been lovingly kept, restored, and added to.

Isn’t she delightful?!

Just a 10-15 minute drive from Kingston, Odessa is a smaller municipality. (If you’re curious about the name, it used to be called Millcreek due to all the mills in the area, but then it was re-christened as Odessa to commemorate the 1854 British siege of the Black Sea port (in Odessa, Ukraine) during the Crimean War.)

It has a tiny cheese factory (which we stopped at, but as far as we know, there are no tours being given and the property is a very modest size), a ranch that rehabilitates/rehomes/takes in horses that need help, farms, an historic mill, and a golf club.

There are very few eateries or large conveniences in the area, and so going to stay at Daisy Hill is like a true break from the hustle and bustle of life as you are used to it, although they certainly offer Wi-fi!

Here we are at the threshold. If there is a liminal deity presiding here, it is certain to be a very bright, jolly being.

There is so much to appreciate — the individuality and beauty of the decor, the comfort of the room, the generous, spacious beds, and the luxurious bathroom. Even little details like amenities were taken a step further; if you open the little drawers beside the coffee station, you will find dice, cards, and little games to play. How sweet is that?

Deb, the proprietor, told us how they landscaped the back and turned it from an ordinary backyard with a fringe of trees at the end to a lovely outdoor area where no matter the size of your family or group, there is space to enjoy the beautiful outdoors… and if you decide to dine al fresco for supper, it will be a treat for sunsets are a beauty to behold here.

A key part of the fun was seeing the reactions of our little ones in a new place. From little faces full of wonder at the spacious bathtub, to carefree glee whilst jumping on the bed, and curious wondering at why we were staying at someone else’s house (this is after my man explained that bed-and-breakfasts are homes that people decide to share with others), our little men added an extra layer of magic to this experience.

In fact, I think they loved it so much, that our oldest son declared to me the next morning: “Mummy, let’s go find another person’s home to stay at!”

You know, little man, I think we just might. ^_^

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