Me-Time as a Mum…

It was a few weeks ago that I realised that all my shopping lately has been for our little one. For the most potent proof, I refer you to my Amazon order history — what used to be a lengthy scroll-down of books, shoes, and the occasional house-beautifying item has given way to baby crayons, magic art pads for toddlers, infant Tylenol, Hape toys, and board books.

Now, I’m not depressed or complaining… I always felt that giving up shopping for me would be the darkest sacrifice of all once I became a mum, but I actually have found that I don’t mind it. Thank my couple of years’ practise in trying to be a minimalist, or perhaps the fact that it is bringing joy to others that makes one content. Either way…

What I do miss, is being connected to me. Having interests and being able to pursue them while juggling nap times and clingy baby moments. Lately, two things have kept me sane — reading Lucinda Brant‘s novels (incredibly well-written and entertaining historicals set in the Georgian era) and colouring. And by colouring, I don’t mean those lofty adult colouring books, although I wouldn’t say no to having one. I mean colouring something that reminds me of me as a young girl. That is to say, a creative who also loves all things Disney. Especially princesses, and I make no apologies for that.

Enter something that I stumbled across while looking for things for baby, Disney’s Tales to Finish colouring books. Currently, I can only find two: Disney Princess and Pixar.

Not only do you get to colour in all the illustrations, but you also have the freedom to finish each story the way you would like it to end! These would be perfect for a petite burgeoning storytelling artist, and also *cough* me. I get to do something in the evenings that taps a little into my creative side, all while test-driving what is going to become a really fun keepsake and storybook. Imagine how much more precious it will be when coloured by your little one(s)!

I know I’m going to have a few of these set aside for my wee one to colour in when he’s a bit older! These would, of course, also make fantastic presents.

I took the liberty of testing (Crayola) markers on one of the pages –it doesn’t look like there is any bleeding as long as you colour with a light touch! This may be doable for older children, but younger ones should probably stick to crayons and coloured pencils.

In the meantime, I will be off to luxuriate in wielding magical sticks of colour on a poor, unsuspecting colouring book, and turning the Kindle pages of my latest read.

What’s your me-time guilty pleasure?

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