Miss ‘Me’ Gets Married…

What a whirlwind it has been!

I got married.

My man of five years proposed to me very romantically on the 19th of December, and after that, everything moved like a train hurtling towards its final destination.  He took care of booking the venue and the officiant, and I took care of the photographer and the hotel –I have to say we worked well as a team.  I am very glad and grateful that we didn’t argue once over any detail… well, except that he said that sometimes I can be too romantic.  I’m not going to share the context in which it was said, and I’m aware that my over-romantic tendencies are sometimes troublesome and impractical, but I can’t help but take that as a compliment.  In the end I rather grew up a bit more, and like Anne Shirley, decided that I didn’t want diamond sunbursts or marble halls.  I wanted him.  Anyway, I shall refrain from getting too soppy; such a dear thing as this just doesn’t seem right for sharing too much of on a blog, no matter how dearly I adore my little corner of the web.
I thought I would be wracked with worry and nerves, but I was actually very calm and kept my butterflies locked in my tummy.  My man’s presence also kept me strong and focused.  We squeezed hands whenever we needed to for reassurance, and it was comforting.  ♥ I cherished every moment, and was so glad that our good friends and my best friend could come.  Em and I have known each other for a while now, and the way we met as she describes it is thus:  I walked into the art gallery, sat down, started talking to her, and wouldn’t shut up.  (She says this endearingly… I hope.)  We have been like Holmes and Watson ever since.  Well, I’ll have to run this description by her, but it’s how I feel anyway.  🙂

We were married in the lush ‘Spring Pavilion’ at Butchart Gardens, surrounded by the people and flowers that I love so dearly, even though our immediate families couldn’t make it.  It made the day feel like a special bond and secret just between the two of us.  I absolutely loved my wedding day, and I absolutely love my husband.  🙂
As for the present, I’m very much enjoying getting used to calling my man ‘husband’, getting some practise in as a wife, as well as wearing a pretty ring on my finger.


Mrs. Cathie

Photo credits:  Ameris Photography

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