My 26th Birthday Outfit [Plus Review of Taron’s Threads by Lularoe]…

It’s been a lovely, quiet birthday so far.  The quietest birthday I’ve ever had, actually… not what I had hoped for at all, but there are still little things to enjoy and appreciate.  I’m grateful for all the family and friends who have sent their warm wishes my way.

Cathie Maud - Taron's Threads - Lularoe - Nicole dress
Jacket:  Danier ‘Bree’ lamb leather jacket in Port (2014)

Jewellery:  Pandora charm bracelet –birthday gift from husband (2014)

Dress:  Lularoe ‘Nicole’ dress (from Taron’s Threads) (2014)

Scarf:  Irelandseye scarf from Celtic Traditions (2013)

Tights:  Club Monaco lace tights (2014)

Booties: DUO ‘Tova’ shoe boot with mid-heel, collar and bow in Navy (2014)

Every year, I treat myself to footwear from DUO.  Since I discovered them in 2011, they have been my go-to for stylish, comfortable boots for the autumn and winter seasons.  This is my third pair, and while I dislike playing favourites with my wardrobe, let’s just say that I’ve been reaching for these quite often.  🙂

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

Though nothing will ever replace my beloved Mackage ‘Leane’ leather jacket, I did fall quite hard for this elegant, sleek number from Danier a few weeks ago.  Huge thank you to my lovely dad and mum in-laws, who decided to surprise me with it as a birthday present!  ♥♥

Cathie Maud - Taron's Threads - LularoeThis Lularoe dress that I got from my friend Taron (check out her page here) feels like liquid silk!  It’s a polyester/spandex blend and my longtime readers know I NEVER wear polyester.  But for this dress, I shall make an exception.  It’s cute, comfy, easy to wear and care for… I can definitely see myself bringing this dress along when I do the Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle trail in a few years.  For now, I am content to wear it here in chilly Ottawa, while twirling around where no one can see me.  😉

Cathie Maud - Taron's Threads - Lularoe - Obligatory Twirl PhotoThe obligatory twirling photo…

 Cathie Maud Cabot - Taron's Threads - Lularoe

Have a fantastic Saturday!!  🙂  And a very happy birthday to me!  ^_^



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