Quick Style for Busy Days: The Trench Coat

This morning, I received in my email a post from Adornabelle, a fashion/style/beauty site started by my friend Chantel many moons ago. I was rather excited to see what new post had finally been published, but alas, upon clicking, it was evident that a new owner had taken over that URL. There were so many wonderful posts, that I hope are saved elsewhere (besides Wayback Machine)… but I thought for the next few weeks, I would share what I wrote as a guest contributor during Adornabelle’s (as I knew it) heyday.

You can also find Chantel’s beautiful home on the web here, if you’d like to see her more current writings.

This first one was originally published on April 16, 2013.

The image of a girl flying out the door with goals to fulfill seems to be a glamorous one. With an unwavering purpose, she knows what needs to be done, and goes and does it. And quite often, my mind pictures her in the most fabulous of outfits and the most confident of strides.

Oh but if only she were me! Or I, her…

I like to think that I’ve managed to acquire some secrets after seeing that oft-repeated daydream! And I’ve found that there is one item that I can throw on in seconds and still look perfectly respectable. This wardrobe staple (if you hadn’t guessed by the title) is the trench coat. 

This classic wear-with-anything coat is perfect for two seasons (spring and autumn) and can come in handy on certain summer days and even mild winter ones. It can be dressed up or down, worn with dresses, skirts, slacks or jeans, and can come with you to the office or even a wedding party.

And unlike a dress, a trench coat is like a chameleon. No matter your sartorial tastes, be it sporty or girly, the trench coat can assume and adapt to your inclinations and needs. That’s quite the wardrobe staple!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for your trench coat:

  • If you’re petite, try to go for a trench that  lands mid-way past the hips, or at least above the knees. Very few people can pull off a longer trench coat. However, do try it out anyway to see if you are one of the lucky few!
  • Ladies with wider hips might look into trenches with flattering A-line silhouettes. Wearing a straight-down trench may be a bit uncomfortable to move around in, and may give the ‘sausage effect’. (Unless of course, you can buy one size up!)
  • Shoulder details such as epaulets can widen the appearance of shoulders, so keep that in mind when shopping.
  • If you are blessed with a bosom, be careful of double-breasted button detailing and button placements!
  • There’s absolutely no need to go out and spend $200+ on a coat if you’d rather not. However, be sure to pay attention to details, such as: the stitching (no fraying ends, crooked stitches, pull the fabric at the seams to see if it is sturdy), the lining (say no to shabby looking linings!), the material (go for cotton/cotton-blend as much as possible), and the buttons (the right buttons make a coat look like it is higher quality). Details are what make things look like you paid more for them!
  • A neutral-coloured trench coat is always easy to pair, but don’t let that stop you from trying colourful ones! Sometimes a bright and cheery colour on the outside can make you glow. Just keep the rest of the outfit a bit more understated to let the coat stand out.


You can find budget-friendly trench coats at the mall, department stores, thrift stores, and maybe even online!  For this reason, I’m going to refrain from naming stores. The brand doesn’t really matter as much as getting a coat you love for a price you can afford. Just remember to keep an eye out for a coat that fits you well and is of good quality while you shop. Sooner or later, you’ll find one you love!

Happy Shopping!


Catherine Madeleine (Cathie Maud) has an insatiable appetite for adventure and books.  Intrigued by the softer, rose-coloured side of life, she hopes to share romance, joy, beauty and fashion with everyone on her blog MissCathie.com and wherever else she scribbles.

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