Reminiscing: babyGAP x Peter Rabbit

Due to the nature of fashion and style blogs, it is more common to look forward than it is to look back at past seasons and styles.

However, I believe sometimes a collection is simply too good to be forgotten, and I indulge in a bit of fond remembrance. That’s why today I’d like to take another peek at babyGAP’s Peter Rabbit collection which came out in… 2013!!

What a lifetime ago that was (or feels!)…

Having grown up with Beatrix Potter’s charming tales, I could not resist taking a peek at the collection when it first came out. I looked wistfully at Peter Rabbit’s little blue jacket and thought how neat it would be to get that for… well… no one. Reluctantly, I closed the browser tab and put it out of my mind. I wasn’t even married yet, and having children seemed inconceivable!

(Oops, I don’t know how a little bit of “The Princess Bride” snuck in there…!)

In 2018, a little baby boy made his debut into our lives and hearts, and I started to call him “my little Peter Rabbit”. All of a sudden, memories of GAP’s collection came rushing back, and briefly put, it’s been a long and fruitless hunt for that little blue jacket ever since. I remain hopeful.

At any rate, it’s nice to window shop even if a bit belatedly, so I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures of the most adorable mini clothes GAP has ever made —in my opinion.

Please note that I don’t have the full collection presented here as over time, it seems the less popular pieces have faded away from internet search results. You’ll see some here and there though, in low resolution, if you dig hard and deep enough!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down a sartorial memory lane!

What’s one collection (baby’s OR grown-up’s) that you wish you’d bought something from and didn’t?

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