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The next week, we took off in the little Honda Del Sol with our bags in the trunk, the top down, and the humid wind cheerfully meeting our hair and faces.

A few long hours and two stops later, we reached our hotel –the luxurious White Oaks Resort & Spa.  And when I say luxurious, I mean it in the most modern sense –pared down, clean, and minimal but without the feeling of something essential being skimped on.  Every little detail had been attended to.  The room was utter heaven; I bounced on the bed (*ahem*), buried my face in those deep, impressionable pillows, and pulled the crisp, cool covers over my weary self.  He did the same, and several Zzzzzzzz’s… reigned in solitary silence for a while…

When we woke up, I got a bath running, and we clambered into a frothy, scented pool of calm and bliss… the recollection of the tangled aroma of fruit and floral is a lingering reminder of that indulgent oasis we enjoyed.

After, we dressed up a little to go for dinner, but decided to wander around the grounds of the hotel before finding a place to eat.  This resulted in a few photos being taken:

I decided to go for a very blue look, as is evidenced here.  I wouldn’t call this outfit very fashionable, but I had fun trying to compose a mostly monochromatic outfit.

Scarf:  Chapters Indigo Sketch Heart Scarf White & Black (2013)

Dress:  Wilfred ‘Sabine’ in celestial (2013)

Shoes:  Bloch ‘Arabian’ ballet flats in stone wash (2012)

Bag:  Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ shopping tote in indigo (2013)

For dinner, I used the brilliant (but now defunct) ‘Local’ app by Google, and basically what it does is it detects your location, and then shows you what is around you… restaurants, theatres, petrol stations, etc.  The buffet restaurant Mandarin popped up, and being only 5 minutes away, encouraged Special Man to be more adventurous and to try the place out.  Turns out we both absolutely adored the food, the decor, and the warm and friendly staff.  Everything was excellent, and the food is not the typical sloppy, greasy fare that most all-you-can-eat offers seem to put forth.  We were most impressed!  My only disappointment was that my tummy was not big enough to enjoy it all!  Well, that and the fact that Mandarin is not to be found anywhere in the western provinces.  Booooo!!  They need to come out to B.C. pronto!

We then caught a viewing of Pacific Rim, a movie that exceeded our expectations as well –clearly a pattern had been set for the day!–, in a theatre that was practically almost empty.  And for the ten minutes that we did have the place to ourselves, I suggested that we waltz at the foot of all those seats.

So we did, and despite my two left feet, it was romantic.


— Miss Cathie

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