So Near and Yet So Far…

Today is just one of those days when all I want to do is be in bed, comfy and snoozing. Too bad that I work in a couple of hours!  Although I am not complaining, lol… I’ve been on a bit of a ‘sale splurge lately! 😉  Not to mention the expensive textbook that I needed to buy for the coming college term.  May I just reveal the nerd inside of me, and say that I live for going back to school? Of course, it is a bit of a different story during finals… but!

Alright, pointless rambling over. Today’s post is going to be outfit-less (is that a word?); instead, I’m going to share a purchase that I made for the coming autumn — my favourite season! 🙂

Exhibit A:

I will always be a Moleskine girl, but recently, I’ve been looking into something a little more professional, business-like… and of course… something with a LOT more pockets.  What can I say? I’m crazy about pockets… 😛  Plus, there is something about having the same ‘cover’ all the time, you get used to the feel of something…  With a Moleskine notebook, I always have to  buy a new one.. and while they all look the same, is it just me, or do you get used to the appearance and feel of something you’ve had for a while?  Adjusting to something ‘new’ isn’t always easy for me.  With a Filofax (yes, that’s right.. I caved in and bought one!) only the contents have to change.  The pretty leather outside can stay just the same. Perfection!

I was originally going for the Finsbury Personal, but it was quite plain and basic, and just didn’t seem as luxe as the Adelphi, so guess what I got?!Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet

The Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet!!

This is so bad… I got the pocket-sized version of an organiser with lots of pockets.  Clearly I have an obsession with it! 😛


I cannot wait to get it… this is the point of the title of the post — so near, yet so far!!  It’s like it’s in my laptop, within my reach… but not quite; I have to patiently wait for it to appear in my postbox!  Can’t wait to share them in person when they come!!

Do you like my purchase?  Do any of you own a Filofax?


  1. September 1, 2011 / 12:43 pm

    I have an Adelphi pocket toooo! And love it! *puts down computer, picks down Filofax to organise rest of week* hehehe

    • September 1, 2011 / 12:45 pm

      Leia, I know you do!! Hehe.. it really was just so much more beautiful than the Finsbury! Our Filofaxes can be ‘best fwends’.. 🙂

  2. September 16, 2011 / 3:19 am

    Now whilst I am, of course, dodelighted that you have fallen for your Adelphi Filofax, what a shame it is the wee pocket one (for us, not you!). Dodo Pad does lovely, quirky illustrated diary inserts for the personal and A5 sizes…but sadly the pocket size is just TOO small for our artwork. If you ever decide to trade up a size then have a look at these:


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