Summer’s Little White Dress

It’s no secret that even with care, white garments can get a little stained in the sweatier regions after a while. And there is nothing more exasperating than to lose a much-loved item in your wardrobe simply because its appearances are beyond repair; those sweat stains can really age an item!

So when it comes to buying white garments, I only choose pieces that are in natural, breathable materials such as cotton, silk, and linen.  They must also have plenty of breathing space (such as dolman sleeves) or be as far from the underarm region as much as possible (sleeveless, and not right up in the armpits).

Sure, bleach may fix the problem –though it may not add to a garment’s longevity, but why not try and avoid it entirely?

This cute little number which I fondly call my LWD fits my criteria perfectly.  I also appreciate the fact that it isn’t one’s typical strapless summer dress.  Those are cute in their own way, but for less sunburns and to be able to wear this in more settings that may require a bit more covering, this Juicy Couture dress is just what is called for.
Summer Breeze

Dress:  Juicy Couture eyelet dress (2013)

Shoes:  GAP classic ballet flats, Cognac (2015)

This picture was taken during a jaunt by the Rideau Canal with a friend.  With her help, and Nature blowing gently through the trees, the shot turned out to be a bucolic portrait.  I felt like Anne of Green Gables skipping down Lovers Lane, and my dress was dancing with the wind.

Indolent Mornings (or Looking Presentable When You’re Half Asleep)…

I like the word “indolence.” It makes my laziness seem classy.  ~Bern Williams

If you haven’t noticed, I do like lazy mornings… especially ones where an equally half-awake breeze just barely ruffles the curtains and my hair.  And Fridays.  Fridays are definitely the time to have those sorts of mornings.

I’ve written on the art of lounging before, and shared a ‘nothing’ morning outfit.  Today, I’ll be sharing another, as it’s my favourite thing to do.  What I mean to say is, dressing up is all lovely and glamourous but it’s the outfit that you wear when you’ve nowhere to go that intrigues me more.  There’s something really fun about taking pieces that don’t look like they’re going to rush out the door with a triple shot macchiato to catch the first bus, and putting them together so that you can confidently answer the knock at the door without looking down and wishing you didn’t look like you’ve yet to brush your teeth.

Cathie Maud - Snow White Lounge

Top:  Disney Store Snow White long sleeve thermal tee (2014)
Skirt:  Juicy Couture velour ruffle mini skirt in Regal (2012)
Shoes:  Bloch canvas ballet slippers (2012)
I’ve been wearing this Juicy Couture skirt for weeks now.  It’s too short to be worn outside (although I sometimes use it as an extra cover-up after swimming) so I keep it strictly indoors.  The super soft velour is comfy, and I’ve always adored deep, dark blues that are almost black.

Being on a Disney kick lately, I just had to wear my new Snow White thermal tee, and the colours complement nicely with my skirt.  Watercolour is also my chosen paint medium, and I love that it is incorporated into this top; it makes it really dreamy and unique.  (Click here to get one –they’re on sale!)

Lastly, these ballet slippers are the comfiest.  I have never liked the standard fare of slippers, and heeled ones are really too much for everyday use… so my ballet slippers have served me very well indeed!

So what makes a lounging outfit pretty and presentable?  I’ve this theory that it should not be too serious, but neither should it be hideously cheesy.  It’s OK to wear a piece featuring your favourite character or graphic statement, but be sure that the colours and design aren’t garish, and if you go with words… I suggest keeping it classy.  Having ‘JUICY’ written across the seat of your pants is not the way to look stylish and put together!   Comfort is important, but more fitted pieces keep the overall ensemble from looking frumpy.  A good rule of thumb is to wear something that you wouldn’t mind bumping into the cute neighbour in while picking up the mail or taking the garbage out.

Have a lovely start to the weekend!!


— Cathie


Feminine Nature…

“I’d much rather be a woman than a man. Women can cry, they can wear cute clothes, and they are the first to be rescued off of sinking ships.” -Gilda Radner

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre at Niagara Falls

At Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre at Niagara Falls

Hat:  Columbia ‘Sun Ridge’ straw hat (2013 — gift from my darling A!)

Top:  Moon sleeveless patch blouse (2013)

Skirt:  Juicy Couture punch ruffle skirt (2013 –via eBay)

Shoes: Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ ballet flats (2013)

Bag: Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ shopping bag in Indigo (2013)

I hope everyone who is feeling ladylike taps into their inner femininity and dresses the part –I had fun doing so!


— Miss Cathie

Bookia, Rose Gold + Accessorising…

Have you ever felt so busy, yet you also feel as if you have accomplished very little or nothing?

I have been in that muddled state lately, but the stirrings of life out-of-doors can never fail to cheer me up.  I’ve also found myself wearing lesser layers and lighter clothes, and that makes me happy.  I push the limit sometimes, too, because I’m lucky that I don’t get cold easily… but I do manage to raise quite a few eyebrows around town.  I can’t help thinking that if only I were Scottish, romping around town in skirts and bare legs might be more easily forgiven.  *sigh*

Any way!  Here’s a quick outfit post with my beautiful Flaska Laverne ‘Bookia’.  My man bought it for me as an early Christmas present last year, and I only managed to use it once since I got it because of all the rain we’ve been having.  The leather is just so buttery, soft and gorgeous, and to protect it I found myself hiding it awkwardly under my coat from the raindrops.  I decided to put it away until dryer weather came along, and a few days ago, I brought it out from its dust bag to bring some fun to my outfit.
Cathie & Bookia


Blazer:  Talula by Aritzia (2010)

Top:  ASOS Top with Peplum and Bow Detail (2012)

Skirt:  Juicy Couture (unidentified) via eBay (2012)

Necklace:   Swarovski small ‘Loveheart’ pendant in Provence Lavender (2011)

 Bracelet:  Modern Mix Boutique ‘Skyler’ rosegold bracelet (2012)

Ring: cubic zirconia sterling silver leaf ring with rose gold plating (2009)

Bag:  Flaska Laverne ‘Bookia’ in chocolate (2012)

Shoes:  Bloch ‘Arabian’ ballet flats in stone wash (2012)

You don’t see it very well because of the lighting, but the bag stands out so well against navy and black.  And of course, the colour is so aptly described as ‘chocolate’… every time I look at it, it reminds me of a half-bitten milk chocolate truffle with a cherry centre.  So excited, and hope to use this bag more often… it would look just as beautiful against the lighter colours of Spring fashions, I think!

Cathie Dolled UpI’ve been trying to accessorise a lot more, as well… Being a girly tomboy, (isn’t that such a …a paradoxical dichotomy?!) I like pretty things, and I have some pretty jewellery, but I don’t wear them enough because sometimes it can just feel like a hassle, and I worry about scratching or ruining them because I get into scrapes a lot.  It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions, though… to not just keep pretty things, but to use them too.  That’s the point of having things, after all!

For this outfit, my lavender heart necklace ‘matches’ the navy hues of my outfit,  while the rose gold bracelet and ring provide a complementary contrast and looks beautiful and expensive against the bag.

I’ve also decided that I like wearing my arrow bracelet higher up on my arm.  I just couldn’t get it to sit snug and tight on my wrist, but pushing it up a little, it fits perfectly and adds interest in a different place.  Yay!  I have so much fun making my jewellery work for me.  🙂

Have any of you ever had to learn how to accessorise?  Any inspirational ideas to share?


— Miss Cathie


The ‘Art’ of Lounging…

In moderate doses (just enough to keep you longing for the next time, but not too much that it’s considered Unadulterated Procrastination), there’s nothing more fun than being all languid and lazy in the morning when there’s nothing that needs accomplishing outside of the house.  I’ve written articles, made phone calls (not always the social kind), read books, pampered and primped myself –all at a leisurely pace during that glorious time of the morning considered to be quite proper for lounging.

The hours for morning lounging aren’t set in stone, but are usually between 5:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. for me.  However, there are days when I’ll wake up at 4:00 a.m. just to catch the sunrise… (But this doesn’t happen in the middle of winter, of course!)
Lounging in Juicy Couture

​”A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars…” — Victorian Proverb​

Here are some ideas on how to indulge:

♡ Find or make a refuge of your own… either a favourite armchair or a bed will do.

♡ Put a pretty nightie or robe on to swan around in.  Shabby, common-place pyjamas will not do!  However, there’s no need for every little detail of one’s appearance to be perfect.  One simply has to find the fine line between being insouciant and being careless.

♡ Make a pot of tea, and bring it back with you to your refuge.  A cup of it is a lovely thing to hold, inhale and drink.  (My current favourite is DavidsTea‘s Sweet Strawberry)

♡ While you’re at it, take the phone with you as well… answer calls all morning in comfort and luxury!

♡ If it’s still dark out, forgo the electricity and light some tea-light candles.  Snuggle deeper into the blankets and drowse peacefully.  (Place the candles someplace safe!)

♡ Read a novel, a cookbook, anything!  (I’m reading an entertaining guide, ‘Celebrate‘ by Pippa Middleton at the moment –a review coming up later!)

♡ Now is also a good time to write in your journal.  If you’re anything like me, you have hastily scribbled notes on scraps of paper about things you want to talk about later crammed into the first few pages.  (Psst!  I call my journal ‘Kitty’.  Do you name your things?)

♡ Put some music on, or revel in the silence.  When I’m in the mood for music, something by Vivaldi or anything classical is heavenly.  Perhaps Haydn’s ‘The Clock‘ Symphony No. 101, Mov.2/4 –very appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?  It is also one of my all-time favourite musical compositions.

♡ Daydream.

♡ Watch a movie, preferably a light-hearted one with a happy ending.

♡ “Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.”  ~Elbert Hubbard

♡ Do absolutely. nothing.

I’m pretty sure I made all these little ‘guidelines’ up just to elevate my laziness to a form of ‘art’, but whatever the reason, they are very important!  It’s what makes lounging in the morning such a treat.  🙂

Velour, Ruffles, Cherry Blossoms

Morning Robe:  Juicy Couture velour robe in ‘Angel’ ($90.00 down to $75.30, & then one final price adjustment to $45.19 –it is possible to be pretty on a budget!)

Headband:  Tai via Liv by Au Lit, now Au Lit Fine Linens

Bralette:  Wilfred ‘Mystérieux’ silk charmeuse bralette in ‘delicate petale’  (not worn, but shown because it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, and because I am now officially obsessed with pretty lingerie…)

Lounging and LingerieHow do you enjoy your ‘nothing-to-do’ mornings?


— Miss Cathie

And It Snowed…

I honestly didn’t believe the reports that it would snow.  The forecast disappointed me when no blanket graced the earth in time for Christmas, and I decided I wouldn’t be ‘taken in’ again.  Well, guess what — it snowed!  Not as much as the other provinces — Vancouver + the island get off easily most of the time,– but it was still nice to finally see the white fluff that is the stuff of my winter dreams.

Just Me & My Wolf...My ‘pet’ wolf, London and I…  The snow brings out the kid in me, and of course I need a playmate! 🙂

Snow Fun with LondonCoat:  Soïa & Kyo ‘Lyta’

Dress:  Juicy Couture twisted dress in grey

Gloves:  Portolano cashmere gloves

Tights:  Nicole Miller from Winners

Shoes:  Joe Fresh ballet flats

Red, Grey, Black

My hair is doing the ‘elf’ thing…

I absolutely go crazy with matching red with grey and black –I find it to be just about the chic-est colour combination I can pull together for a winter look.  With the sleekness of black, the cool yet warm-ness of grey and the dashing boldness of crimson red, it’s a classic ‘safe’ but definitely not dull.  I also like a pair of complicated lace tights, and I think they add an interesting element to the overall look.  Oh, and yes.  Yes, I’m wearing ballet flats in the snow and -9° temperature, but I have some wonderful excuses.  In the first place, you don’t really expect it to snow on the island, and secondly, ’tisn’t my fault that I can’t find a pair of warm, stylish boots that fit my idea of the perfect pair!  And I refuse to buy a pair unless I absolutely want to have it in my closet.

The lady at the post office even commented on this, saying “With all the stuff you buy, you’d think you’d have a pair of boots by now!”  Oh, you noticed the excessive amount of packages I get every week few weeks?  Oh…

But for the sake of my poor feet, maybe I will have to relax my ‘fashion morals’ as I call them, and snap up a pair of UGGs (the only winter boots that seem to be available around here besides ‘cheapies’… ?!?) until I can find ‘the one‘.

Winter Colours

Hope you all have a fabulous evening; stay cozy!


–Miss Cathie

Post-Christmas Updates & Resolutions for the New Year…

Christmas is always far and away, too short.  But I’ve had a lovely one, with my family and my man.  I feel a little sad that we weren’t able to spend some of it with his family as well, but there is always another time…  Funny moments, being embarrassed by the family (stop with the anecdotes, already! :P) the occasional argument (no perfect family here, but who has one?) and making up afterwards, as well as some very good food… I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Christmas 2011This is for Leia and Natalie, because they both asked to see my beau!  Here he is!  Perhaps one day, he’ll be without the beard… lol!

I didn’t really bother having outfit pictures taken during the Christmas holidays.  Except for the family portraits (I’m wearing a Juicy Couture dress), I was too busy spending time with my brothers and sister, as I haven’t seen them in 3 years (until my father passed away).  I’m sure we all were experiencing the ’empty chair at the table’ this Christmas.  Though I miss my dad, I’m hoping he’s gone to a better, peaceful place.

Moving on to more cheerful things…

Fairytale EntranceI love this picture! For some reason, it reminds me of new beginnings… perfect for a New Year!

My New Year’s Resolutions — 2012

1.  To take more care of my body and health (Ballet Beautiful!!)

Yesterday my friend and I went out for some sushi, and I mentioned that I was watching what I was eating.  “Girl,” she said, “the holidays aren’t the time to be watching what you eat!  December’s for binging, and January’s for purging!” I laughed — what a funny, and much followed idea… but I’ve actually been quite good this year.  During my entire stay, I snagged my mum and sister, and we had a great (and sometimes painful!) time doing the Ballet Beautiful workouts together every single night!  Girl bonding time is all about doing something good for yourselves and each other!  I’m proud to say I haven’t gained any weight this holiday season, and am all raring to take my health to a higher level this coming year!

2.  To think more of others, to appreciate all my blessings, and to be less selfish.

3.  To take this blog to the next level –even if I’m not sure what it is exactly that I mean/want yet.

4.  To travel, lots.  And lots.

5.  To take more courses, and to improve and expand upon my French and writing.

6.  To be better with my time and money. 🙂

There.  I’m keeping it short and sweet — so I won’t be overwhelmed, and so only the really important things are focused on.  I guess I could have shortened it to:  1.  To be perfect.  lol, but we all know that’s not going to happen! 😉

What are your resolutions? Or do you not like the idea?  Hope your holidays were simply wonderful! xoxo

The Girl Behind the Camera, a Juicy Outfit, and a Juicy Couture Review…

Today is another rainy-grey day, so I decided to wear a lazy outfit that would be appropriate for French class.  What is more appropriate for that, then a shirt with a French phrase on it?

Crazy Student in Juicy CoutureI am so original.  😛

I am absolutely crazy about this shirt.  Grey is such a perfect colour for my mood these  days, and I love how it’s slightly boat-necked, but not so much that I have to wear a strapless bra.  The rolled up sleeves are a unique touch as well.

Juicy Love in ClassBlazer:  Talula

Top: Juicy Couture Je t’aime tee

Jeans:  J Brand pencil leg in black

Shoes: Elie Tahari ‘Vivianna’ pumps

Ring: CZ Sterling Silver Ring w Rose Gold Plating

Juicy FrenchThis ring was a self-birthday present in 2009.  I pull it out every Autumn, and top off my outfits with its graceful beauty.

A Juicy Couture Review:

When Juicy Couture had their ‘Friends with Benefits’ sale two weeks ago, both Nina of Nina’s Little Black Blog of Style and I purchased this sleeveless silk blouse.  We both got it in small, and I promised her I would let her know how it fit… especially since I am petite, armholes tend to be an issue in clothing.  Please excuse the wrinkles — it came straight out of the bubble envelope!

Juicy Couture Sleeveless Bow BlouseJuicy Bow Silk Blouse

The armholes are only a teensy-weensy bit loose, so I have no issues on that score.  The bottom is a little more billowy on me than it is on the model, but the model does have her hands close to her sides, so it is hard to tell.  My bust measurement is 33.5 in, and there was still quite a bit of room, but not too much.  The one thing about this blouse is that it is a little sheer so I would suggest wearing a silk slip underneath, unless you are into the peek-a-boo trend. All in all, I do like this blouse a lot, but I think it will have a much nicer shape if I tuck it into a pretty skirt, as I personally feel that the baby-doll style does not work well for girls with more substantial busts. 🙂

♥ ♥ ♥

I Could Ride a Motorbike if I Wanted to...Posing beside my man’s 2008 limited edition Honda CBR600RR

This is my little blogging-related thought/rant of the day:  Who takes your pictures?  When I tell other bloggers that I do have a beau, most automatically exclaim, “Oh, so he takes your pictures!”  The answer to that (for now, at least) is a definite ‘No’.  My man does not take my pictures, because I am too shy to ask him to.  I am uncomfortable with the idea of asking him, or anyone for that matter, to help me document my outfits; it’s another matter to ask to have a picture taken at an event, or a historical site, but for the sole purpose of fashion blogging?  I find it awkward at the moment… 😛  Yes, he at least does know that I have a blog, but I haven’t had the courage to let him see it yet, either!  Not to mention the fact that he is very busy with his career in the military right now, so it would be hard to squeeze in a photo shoot — not only would it be selfish of me, but I doubt his patience or energy would last for very long!  So the photographer behind all these pictures of myself is for the present time, me.  The self-timer feature on my Canon cameras is so handy and helpful! 😉 Taking photos by myself does require a lot of trial and error; and there is also the challenge of looking for unique spots to prop my camera on (I’m saving up for a Manfrotto tripod!) but I’ve got the hang of it now –more or less, lol…    I can tell you, a lot of editing is required –for example, I took 49 snapshots today and ended up with 6 or 7 good ones.  This fashion blogging business is definitely not easy work!

P.S.  I am not narcissistic!

What about you girls?  Do you let your men/family see your blog?  Who takes your pictures, and if you were ever shy, how did you get past it and let your significant other/family/friends help you take outfit pictures?

Tripping Through Trends…

It’s that time of year again… when the season is melding into the next one.

In the world of fashion and style blogging, it also means that many bloggers are updating their sites with posts on trends they love and can’t wait to try.

Is anyone as lazy as I am when it comes to watching the runways for the latest ‘it’ looks?

I used to think I would lack credibility in having a style blog if I didn’t dedicate a post or two every new season on the latest trends straight off the runway, that I thought were ‘fierce’.  Silly fashion ‘lingo’… 😛

However, I have come to realise that trends just aren’t very important to me.  It is not that I do not appreciate them — far from it!– but I see them as more of a limited showcase on what the world of couture has to offer, or is trying to brand as exciting and new.  I also see trends as a restriction sometimes.  Why can’t I wear military-inspired coats whenever I want?  Why does it have to be in one season, and out the next?  Who exactly made these people ‘the experts’?  As much as I love seeing the new clothes that designers churn out on a regular basis, I am also very aware that I want to remain my own person. I prefer curating my wardrobe personally, without a little voice inside my head arguing that lace wasn’t a big thing on the runways this season, so why do I have this frilly number? Besides, where is the fun in fashion, if everyone looks almost exactly the same?

At the end of the day, I just want to dress myself in the styles that I know make me feel my prettiest, cutest and most whimsical or elegant; and if it so happens to be au courant in the world of fashion, well and good.  All I care about is that I want to have fun with fashion, and dress like me.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” — Yves St. Laurent

Cathie Maud in Juicy CoutureP.S.  Quickie outfit photo — I am wearing my Juicy Couture colour block parka –it is perfect for keeping warm and stylish on a rainy, breezy day!, a Tai headband via LivbyAuLit, C&C California shirt, Rich & Skinny ‘Legacy’ crop, and my Elie Tahari ‘Vivianna’ pumps… not to mention my Adelphi Filofax!!!  I am sooo happy it is finally here… cannot wait to show you the prettiness inside as soon as I have it all organised!  Thanks so much to Leia; she and her posts inspired and encouraged me to own one!

What are your thoughts on trends?  Do you feverishly wait for the latest runway looks to come out, and take down notes on your new ‘must haves’?  Or could you not care less about them?  Please share your opinions! 🙂

So Near and Yet So Far…

Today is just one of those days when all I want to do is be in bed, comfy and snoozing. Too bad that I work in a couple of hours!  Although I am not complaining, lol… I’ve been on a bit of a ‘sale splurge lately! 😉  Not to mention the expensive textbook that I needed to buy for the coming college term.  May I just reveal the nerd inside of me, and say that I live for going back to school? Of course, it is a bit of a different story during finals… but!

Alright, pointless rambling over. Today’s post is going to be outfit-less (is that a word?); instead, I’m going to share a purchase that I made for the coming autumn — my favourite season! 🙂

Exhibit A:

I will always be a Moleskine girl, but recently, I’ve been looking into something a little more professional, business-like… and of course… something with a LOT more pockets.  What can I say? I’m crazy about pockets… 😛  Plus, there is something about having the same ‘cover’ all the time, you get used to the feel of something…  With a Moleskine notebook, I always have to  buy a new one.. and while they all look the same, is it just me, or do you get used to the appearance and feel of something you’ve had for a while?  Adjusting to something ‘new’ isn’t always easy for me.  With a Filofax (yes, that’s right.. I caved in and bought one!) only the contents have to change.  The pretty leather outside can stay just the same. Perfection!

I was originally going for the Finsbury Personal, but it was quite plain and basic, and just didn’t seem as luxe as the Adelphi, so guess what I got?!Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet

The Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet!!

This is so bad… I got the pocket-sized version of an organiser with lots of pockets.  Clearly I have an obsession with it! 😛


I cannot wait to get it… this is the point of the title of the post — so near, yet so far!!  It’s like it’s in my laptop, within my reach… but not quite; I have to patiently wait for it to appear in my postbox!  Can’t wait to share them in person when they come!!

Do you like my purchase?  Do any of you own a Filofax?