Sailing Through Summer {Outfit Post}…

Happy first day of Summer, my friends!! ^_^

I do not remember if I have ever explicitly mentioned it in this blog, but I Detest warm weather.  I do not deal well in it at all.  I feel uncomfortable, hot, and sticky and become prone to nosebleeds and headaches.  It has always seemed easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool.  You can’t tote around an air conditioner (if you’ve found a way, please let me know), but a coat and some stylish layers are much easier to carry.

Complaining aside, it is the perfect weather for pretty sundresses, and all things sailor.  I have a soft spot for nautical garments as you can see if you look at some of my older posts, and it seems fitting for those blazing days when only the cool waters of a pool or lake and a good iced tea or popsicle can assuage the heat.

Today is one of those sailor days, and so I have on a new pair of shorts from Banana Republic.  Shorts seem to be the article of clothing that like to taunt me most.  Either too short, too boxy, too thickening at the waist, etc.  I have gone through quite the hunt to find the perfect pair.  I seem to have found them in this beautifully buttoned baby; may it last me a good many summers!  On the downside, it does wrinkle somewhat, and it likes to attract wandering pieces of fluff and fur as you can see in the picture.  It just requires a bit of checking on here and there, but it hasn’t become too annoying yet.  Who could be annoyed at having to look down on such lovely shorts?  Not I!
Summer's Outfit - 2016 - Cathie Cabot

I paired this top with another piece from Banana Republic –this has been in my archives (wardrobe) since 2013.  After not wearing it for a few years –I can’t think why I haven’t more often– I am giving it an airing and a day out in the sunshine.  It’s a soft cream but looks whiter in the pictures.  It complements the deep blue of the shorts quite nicely, and I still love the be-ribboned Eiffel Tower graphic composed entirely out of lovely French words and phrases.

For a dressier version of a casual sneaker –which I think is perfect for Summer, I am wearing these high-heeled sneakers by Keds.  I love the soft grey colour, and can’t help thinking, “The higher the heel, the better I feel!”  Not always true, if you’ve ever actually worn heels, but in this pair?  Definitely!
Summer's Outfit - 2016 - Cathie Maud

I’m awful at accessorising with jewellery, but in summer, I have a wonderful excuse.  In my opinion, it is too hot and icky to wear bits of metal against your skin for long periods of time.  I do without completely, and rely on accessories such as interesting shoes, silk scarves, and straw hats.  This one from Gap is casual but with a refined, ladylike feel.

Hat:  GAP straw floppy hat in natural (2016)

Top:  Banana Republic Eiffel Tower tee (2013)

Shorts:  Banana Republic sailor short in navy (2016)

Shoes:  Keds ‘Damsel’ wedges in pewter chambray (2016) [in black here]

Swingin’ and sailin’ my way through summer

I wish you all an auspicious start to your summer!

The Ultimate Girly-Girl’s Casual Footwear…

Casual footwear — it is a difficult world to tread if you are a girly-girl with a penchant for bows, ribbons and lace.  According to me, (the self-appointed expert on what’s girly and what’s not! :P) there are only a few brands that get the casual look ‘right’ while still maintaining a breezy and cute girly-ness about them.  Then, there are a few that I must adamantly insist aren’t feminine in style at all.  Let’s see what makes my list, and what doesn’t –feel free to agree/disagree/chime in with more brands and/or your own opinions!

First off, the No-no list:

#1:  Vans

#2:  Converse

You are welcome to try and change my mind about the two, and perhaps in the future a style will come across that I will fall in like with… but for now, they are my fashion no-no’s!

Now, the Yes, please! list:

#1:  Bensimon (pronounced Ben-see-mohn) the quintessential casual shoe in the French girl’s closet.  And mine.   What I especially like is that even their more ‘closed’ styles still give your ankle room to move forward without feeling like it is being cut off, from both a physical and aesthetic point of view.

I would wear most of their styles, especially the ballerina flats (you saw that one coming) and the absolutely gorgeous Tennis Lacet Wooly G Chine F10.  Which, may I brag, I rattled off with complete confidence to my man, stating why I wanted it and why it was worth $85.00.  He has since knocked (figuratively) some sense into me…but the want persists, and it shall find its way to mummy! Mwahahahaha… ::cough::

Tennis Lacet Wooly G Chine F10#2:  Keds  I wore these when I was a little girl.  It was thrilling throwing the shoes in the wash and having them come out looking brand new, until the day those white sneakers finally decided they had had enough of my tootsies and colouring them in with markers.  (My colouring implements were water-based, in my defense!)  You can’t say that for leather shoes, sadly… they’re tough but so delicate at the same time.  Anyway, back on point, Keds make cute shoes too, grown-up casual with feminine offerings and prints that make me reach out with the grabby hands, like the Dorm Cozy Fair Isle in black knit… Après-ski, anyone?Dorm Cozy Fair Isle Black Knit#3:  TOMS.  This brand is simply amazing… besides being the current label for casual-cool sneakers, they even offer espadrille-like wedges that would be perfect for those summertime pool parties.  Best of all, for every shoe you buy, a pair is given to a child who needs them.  But the bestest, latest news of all is this:  TOMS is coming out with a line of ballerina flats this spring!  I am not at all ashamed to admit that I flipped, landed, then fell head over heels in love and excitement when I found this out.

Oh, 2012, you’re being a good year to me already. ♥Toms Ballet Flats  Get on the list to be one of the first to know!

Do you have any favourites in the casual footwear department?  Share! 🙂

So Near and Yet So Far…

Today is just one of those days when all I want to do is be in bed, comfy and snoozing. Too bad that I work in a couple of hours!  Although I am not complaining, lol… I’ve been on a bit of a ‘sale splurge lately! 😉  Not to mention the expensive textbook that I needed to buy for the coming college term.  May I just reveal the nerd inside of me, and say that I live for going back to school? Of course, it is a bit of a different story during finals… but!

Alright, pointless rambling over. Today’s post is going to be outfit-less (is that a word?); instead, I’m going to share a purchase that I made for the coming autumn — my favourite season! 🙂

Exhibit A:

I will always be a Moleskine girl, but recently, I’ve been looking into something a little more professional, business-like… and of course… something with a LOT more pockets.  What can I say? I’m crazy about pockets… 😛  Plus, there is something about having the same ‘cover’ all the time, you get used to the feel of something…  With a Moleskine notebook, I always have to  buy a new one.. and while they all look the same, is it just me, or do you get used to the appearance and feel of something you’ve had for a while?  Adjusting to something ‘new’ isn’t always easy for me.  With a Filofax (yes, that’s right.. I caved in and bought one!) only the contents have to change.  The pretty leather outside can stay just the same. Perfection!

I was originally going for the Finsbury Personal, but it was quite plain and basic, and just didn’t seem as luxe as the Adelphi, so guess what I got?!Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet

The Adelphi Pocket in Scarlet!!

This is so bad… I got the pocket-sized version of an organiser with lots of pockets.  Clearly I have an obsession with it! 😛


I cannot wait to get it… this is the point of the title of the post — so near, yet so far!!  It’s like it’s in my laptop, within my reach… but not quite; I have to patiently wait for it to appear in my postbox!  Can’t wait to share them in person when they come!!

Do you like my purchase?  Do any of you own a Filofax?