The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2020

I hope everyone who is reading this had a lovely Ostara/Easter! Ours was relatively quiet, but full of special family memories.

In the days leading up to Easter weekend, we tidied our garden and front lawn, did a bit of landscaping, bought Easter Lilies (which V helped to water!), gussied up our front door and step a bit, and did some reading al fresco — on our porch.

Friday, I boiled many eggs. The amount seemed worrisome to A. I assured him that I had an army of recipes at my command for the consumption of a plethora of hard-boiled eggs. My favourite so far is a Cobb salad layer dip that seems to be the right amount of healthy and comfort food.

Saturday, we coloured the eggs together and had so much fun watching some little bunny turn his fingertips a very vibrant, deep shade of blue.

Sunday, I enlisted the help of my childhood friends from the Hundred Acre Wood and the Lake District to create V’s very first Easter Egg hunt.

I hope he remembers some of this somehow, and that A and I are making very happy childhood memories for him. It is both pleasure and privilege, seeing the world through his eyes. 🙂

If interested, here is a video of the hunt, made primarily for family and friends:

I will end this post with a picture of Teddy, our Cavalier. He’s showing what life ought to be all about. Enjoying the finer things in life –which usually happen to be the little things.

P.S. I am disappointed that I still have not found the perfect Easter dress. Thus, no outfit post from me!

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