The Perfect Game for Potterhead Parties: Harry Potter Bingo…

Those who grew up reading J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books all felt a tremendous amount of both joy and grief when the series finally came to an end, but the wizarding world and Hogwarts never left us. In the years since the last book was released and the last movie was shown, we’ve all but said goodbye to the wonderful, inspiring world of magic, and all we Muggles can do now is look back at the books and celebrate them for the masterpieces that they are.
Cathie Maud Cabot - At HogwartsOf course, J.K. Rowling hasn’t let us down, and she continues to release new content for Potterheads via Pottermore. In fact, over Halloween, she released an essay relating to Dolores Umbridge – a fitting choice for the occasion – revealing more information about Harry’s world and adding to the bits of trivia we all have acquainted ourselves with.

If you’re a Harry Potter Trivia Buff and have friends who are Potterheads too, you might want to test your mettle with this Harry Potter Bingo game. Bingo has already brought magic to the lives of its players, as Free Bingo Hunter reveals that some online bingo sites have already given away Standard Merlin Passes to lucky players, allowing them to “unleash their inner wizards” with all-access passes to the UK’s top tourist spots. You and your friends can relive your Harry Potter fantasies and revisit key points in the story with this game too.

Playing the game can be both fun and challenging. To prepare for it, make a list of trivia items that you’ll want to include in the game. It’s best if you use trivia about certain characters (or maybe even the actors), and lay the answers out on a bingo card. You can use the template on as a guide, and remove and add words accordingly. You should come up with something like this:

(More cards from here).

Turn your trivia questions into call cards, and put them in a bag or box (or a Sorting Hat if you’ve got one!) to draw from later. Once you’re ready to play, distribute the bingo cards, draw questions from the Sorting Hat, and have the players mark off who they think the answers to your trivia questions are. The first to complete a pattern, be it vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, wins the game.

You could also add spells and magical items to your bingo card. For an added challenge, add bits about the personal lives of the actors as well. For example, who knew that Daniel Radcliffe could rap? This would make an interesting item in your Harry Potter Trivia Bingo game!

**This is a guest post.  Remember to know your limit, and play within it!

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