Yellow –Oui or Non?…

Without colors, the works of a Nashville photographer or a London painter, would not make any sense.  When it comes to art, all the colors are important and vital.  But, when we talk about fashion and trends, there are always colors that are ‘the thing’ and colors that are ‘out’. So let’s talk about yellow –a shade that’s been absent in our favorite fashion magazines for a while.

This summer, trends and fashion managed to make us totally forget about the cheery color of the sun.  Light yellow is the hue seen most often in stores, because it’s pastel and is actually as far from the real yellow, as it is from blue. This is one of the troubled colors, as there are only a few women that name it as their favorite one.

It’s true that yellow is not the most wearable color. It’s good to know what kind of colors suit you and how to wear them in a way that makes you look your very best: yellow daffodil, mustard and fluorescents work really well for brunettes and redheads; banana and lemon yellow for the ladies with blonde or light brown hair.  In addition, it is strictly recommended to wear yellow on days when you’re in shape. It’s not a colour that hides or changes the curves, so be careful!

However, if you try several shades of yellow or if you go for yellow prints, you will see that it’s not just about the color itself. It is also about the fabric you choose, its glow, and the makeup you’re wearing.  For example, a cotton matte shirt might give you a sickly air, unlike a slightly shiny silk scarf or a veil of muslin, which reflects a different hue. Finally, the last option is to dress up only the lower half of your body in yellow: pants, accessories, shoes, skirts…

In case you’re thinking about wearing yellow from head to toe, that’s not the best idea. But then again, the streets are full of all black and white looks, why not make a bold departure from the norm?

If you’re not afraid to take a sartorial risk, then make sure your skin is tanned and your makeup palette is in glowing, golden shades.

Now head out the door and shine!!

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