A Dose of Dusty Pink & Black + a Dash of Rebecca Minkoff…

When someone says “She’s wearing pink and black,”… I think the image that typically comes to mind is one of a very bright or hot pink à la Elle Woods or Barbie.  Though I like pink, hot or bright pink is just not something I gravitate towards at all; I prefer softer, dusty shades of pink.  So here is my outfit, in lovely soft pink coupled with camel, stripes, polished black, and my new Rebecca Minkoff clutch for what I like to think is a very Parisian ensemble.  I wore this to a casual family dinner!  🙂

Blazer:  Vero Moda ‘Redondi’ peplum blazer via Simons (2013)

Top:  Zara organic cotton top (2012 –first seen here.)

Scarf:  Portolano or Magaschoni (Also known as “I don’t remember.”…) (2010)

Jeans:  J Brand ‘Kiki’ in Shadow (2012)

Shoes:  Via Neroli pumps via Winners (2013)

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff mini Morning After Clutch (M.A.C.) in black for Spring 2013 via Revolve Clothing (sold out but buy at Shopbop here)


As for my Rebecca Minkoff clutch bag, am absolutely fond of it!  The leather is luxurious with a capital L, and it’s so cute in a slightly edgy sort of way, but with a very structured and ladylike shape with what I think are modern echoes of a Chanel 2.55.  This could just be my mind working in weird ways and pulling together adjectives and descriptions that are totally off… but whatever you or I think this bag reminds us of, HEARTS all the way.  I also adore the ‘morning after’ appellation.  Usually, morning afters are all about… well, affaires de coeur… but since I’m not married yet, let’s pretend that it’s about me travelling to some fascinating and mysterious place and falling asleep at some old, grand hotel, then waking up the next morning looking forward to a day of adventure and excitement.  🙂

I’ve heard that all Rebecca Minkoff M.A. bags come with a ‘card’ sporting a picture of a cute guy on the front (though from what I see online, he’s not really to my taste. :P) and his ‘number’ on the back.  Now I’m not sure why mine didn’t come with one, but that is ok.  I do have a beau, and I can put his picture and number in it instead.  😉

Going to stop my ramblings about a bag here with a promise to do a video review of the bag at some point in time,  and that I do hope  to post more often.  ^_^

And alright, yes.  I will mention Rebecca Minkoff one more time to ask –do you own one of her bags, and are you as obsessed as I am?


— Miss Cathie

P.S.  Thanks for taking my picture, mum!

P.P.S.  Speaking of dusty pink, I finally got a pair of the TOMS ballet flats that I was so keen about in 2012!  They’re beautiful but in terms of comfort, they are a disappointment.  The soles are comfy, but the sides are so stiff and rather cut into my feet a bit (yes, I did buy my proper size –the next one larger was too loose!), and on top of that, if you have the slightest of bunions, they will hurt.  I do have the slightest of bunions, and they did.  I also felt they fell apart and started to look shabbier faster than any of my other canvas or fabric shoes.  Oh well… chalk this up to a learning experience.  I will continue to use these shoes anyway, but I will always be slightly melancholy in them.  It could’ve been so good!

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