A Valentine’s Beach Walk…

“The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.”  ~Edward Gibbon

Yesterday, A and I took a walk on the beach as a belated Valentine’s activity.  I am crazy about experiential activities, and this was the best!  I know for some, a beach means hot sun, warm sand, and glassy Mediterranean-blue waters, but I almost feel that grey sand, tiny walls of washed-up seaweed, and splashing silver-grey waves are just as lovely.
I’m quite positive that if I could find that point where sea meets earth and sky, I would find perfect beauty and harmony, and unlock the secrets of the world.  I’m not sure what the nature of those secrets are, but they’re sure to be something grand.

Jacket:  A Wear hooded puff ball parka via ASOS

Sweater:  Simons Twik bustier sweater in pink

Jeans:  Denim by Victoria Beckham

Shoes:  Keds ‘Skimmer’ canvas flats

I couldn’t resist wearing some pink –and what’s this?  I’m wearing jeans!!  Being über practical, don’t mind me…  And I know that ballet flats aren’t the most practical footwear for standing in water… but these are washable.  I wasn’t going to put on my leather ‘granny’ shoes, because there would be some real impracticality then in being so carefree/silly in the water.  At any rate, here I am, standing where earth and ocean are touching.  It was wonderful.  (Any further out, and I would have sunk in the soft sand… do not ask me how I know this.  *ahem*)
Did I mention that we even made some artwork in the sand?  I thought it would be a masterpiece, (I privately still think it is!) but it might have been more of an impact visually if I’d shaded it all in, instead of simply outlining.  Still.  Doesn’t this seem like some abstract, sandy form of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’?

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!


— Miss Cathie

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