Adventures in Gastown + the Local-E Boutique…

It has been a while since my last post, but there has been no shortage of fun and excitement –  I have been a frequent passenger on the BC Ferries lately, and enjoying every excuse to travel!

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited by Amanda of Mara Gottler Designs to view pieces from the current A/W 2011 collection available at a temporary boutique in Gastown.  Titled the Local-E Pop-Up Shop, this boutique boasted a proud group of talented Vancouver designers, and a myriad lovely items tempted visitors to splurge on stylish presents for loved ones or themselves.  Much like the winter holiday however, the little shop’s hours were ‘fleeting’, and luckily I managed to catch them on their last day on the 18th.  I must say it was worth the travel and rush…  Gastown itself is a prominent treasure of Vancouver, being its oldest neighbourhood and full of picturesque streets and charming restaurants and boutiques… the setting was simply perfect!  And it was lovely to be back in my old stomping grounds.

There were rose petals scattered outside the shop!  A lovely touch, and so romantic!

Lexi, the owner of the boutique was warm and welcoming, and patiently helped me as I zipped in and out of more than a dozen garments!  When you haven’t much of a chance to shop in Vancouver, every opportunity must be taken advantage of. 😛  (Thank you, Lexi!)

The scarves in the background are by Daub+Design, Lexi’s own line of apparel

There were so many lovely pieces, I simply had to tear myself away from them and remember that I also had to think of Christmas presents for loved ones.  In the end, I snagged this dramatic little top, (I do love a piece that can make an exit as well an entrance…) and am more in love with Mara’s collection than ever before!  I especially love the fact that she loves using quality, natural fabrics and is inspired by both her theatrical background and historical references — a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

I will definitely show you all how it looks on me, very, very soon!

Hope you are all taking some time to relax and enjoy the winter holidays!

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