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My very first Chit Chat and dear friend Amy recently sent me a fun piece to share… if you enjoy playing with scarves for both their chic and cozy values, then come and take a peek at her collection!

P.S.  Amy just left this afternoon for another month of missions work in Africa… be safe, and warm thoughts go with you, Russian Princess Sister!

My love affair with scarves began when I was just a little girl. My sister and I had a whole collection of fancy scarves that we had tirelessly collected. Thrift stores became one of our favorite places to go as we’d rush to the scarf section and excitedly pick one or two out to bring home to play with. We would dress our dolls and stuffed animals up in them, or use them to make houses for the said dolls. As I got older my love of scarves was ignored for a while, but was renewed recently as I began to get a nice new collection of scarves gathering in my closet. This winter my love of them has been sealed as I have worn them at least several times a week, if not every day. Not only do they keep my neck warmer, they also dress up an otherwise rather drab outfit.

I am definitely not a fancy dresser. My normal clothes consist of t-shirts, jeans, and Converse. I usually wear my hair pulled back in a boring pony-tail. Not only am I a working girl, but I also am or have been a full or part-time student. I tend not to like things that take up too much of my time such as make-up or nice clothes. I like to use the time I would have spent on my appearance for any extra sleep I can catch before having to jump out of bed and run out the door. You can well imagine what I have looked like in class before – especially Monday mornings. 😉 Therefore one day I decided to start dressing up my outfits with scarves and found it was a quick and easy way to style up my outfit a bit –and I feel so much more fabulous about myself and my appearance in the process. Yes my outfits don’t always turn out to be the greatest (I have been guilty of wearing yoga pants with a fancy scarf to class – yes fashion disaster) but I have found that even drab outfits can be brightened up with a nice scarf. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite scarves and ways to wear them. 🙂
This scarf is one of my favorites – not only is it purple it is also soft and beautiful. My Mom bought me this scarf this past summer and I wear it all the time.

This plain blue scarf is another favorite – it is a little thicker than my other scarves so I find it is the one I go for on cold days. It is softer than your average winter scarves but still warm and pretty. (It’s big enough for use as a shawl for dresses. :)).
I bought this scarf when I was volunteering in Uganda, Africa last summer. It’s navy blue with different colored strands going through it which means it can be matched up with almost any color. (I also used it as a head scarf when I was over in Africa – that keeps your hair out of your eyes! ;)).
This scarf is shimmery and beautiful. I don’t wear it as much as I should because it is so fancy. Gotta remember to put it on for church more!! The only thing I don’t like about this scarf is that it is slightly scratchy because of the shiny strands, but for a fancy event that could be overlooked!
This last scarf is probably my very favorite and I have gotten tons of compliments on it. I love it because not only is it beautiful it is soft and it has so many colors mixed in I can wear it with almost anything – pink, blue, black, green.
I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my love of scarves, and my own collection. And I hope it inspires you to start experimenting with your own scarves.
Random scarf information:
~ One of my favorite places to get scarves is at Target – they often have a fairly wide variety at a fairly reasonable cost. They also change them out pretty often so you can keep checking back till you find one that you like.
~ I also love this video for ideas on how to wear scarves.
~ Many thanks to my friend Samantha from Samantha Lauren Photography for doing these pictures for me!!!

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