Baby at the Library…

One of the things that I find most exciting about having a baby is the joy of toting him along to fun and educational activities.

While I haven’t had much luck with finding age-appropriate things to do at our local Military Family Resource Centre (they have events towards older children), the library has been a veritable treasure.

The first time we took baby to the library was when he was around four months. Ottawa Public Library lets you choose a free book for your baby, and we then joined in on a session of storytelling and singing in French.

Yawning at his first ever library trip!

Last Tuesday, I took him to the library again for a finger ‘n footpainting session. The program information said to dress for mess, and so I did. Luckily though, he fell asleep before the session started, so I was able to create his prints while he snoozed peacefully in his perambulator. Another baby fell and rolled over a tray of paint — it was adorably funny!

But the best part was that for both times, A was able to be there. He held baby’s hands and feet still while I applied paint and then pressed them onto the canvas.

Here are a few photos I took before we headed out:

Jewellery: PANDORA Shine™ Queen Bee pendant (2018)

Top:  Gap true soft v-neck pullover sweater, lavender (2018)

Bottom:  Fabletics ‘Buffy’ capri leggings, black (2016)

Boots: Hunter women’s original short refined gloss rain boot, black (2018)

I put him in separates instead of a one-piece so that it would be easier to access his tiny feet for dipping in paint!

These days, I try to be as presentable as I can, but the plain truth is that messes happen with alarming frequency, especially when the owner of a little mouth that has not had the chance to be wiped free of food decides that hugs are in order, and that he must rub his face in my shoulder. I still love wearing dresses and skirts, but it doesn’t happen very often these days. Changing a top is much easier than an entire outfit, and sometimes when I’m lunging to reach for a falling baby, it’s hard to keep an eye on how my skirt is behaving. Thus, I find myself in leggings very often, and try to wear as many cute pullovers as I possibly can. Baby aids me in this endeavour, as you might suppose, ensuring that I pop a new one on at least once every five hours. At least my ballerina dreams live on in leggings –aren’t they the street standard for ballerinas? Here’s hoping that that’s the case. 🙂

Even so, I’ve added jeggings to my fashion shopping list. I am desperate to have a pair, as it will feel less like I’ve given up (or so I think) when wearing them.

It’s always nice spending time together as a family, but the best part was that we had a little tangible treasure to take home with us and cherish forever. I’m looking forward to bringing baby to future activity sessions!

What do you like to do with your baby, and where do you like to take them?

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  1. Wendy
    April 4, 2019 / 9:45 am

    Your baby is adorable

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