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There are very few people/things/reasons that can get me back on to Facebook –for a short while, anyway– and one of them is the redoubtable Georgette Heyer.

In case you haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading her stories, Georgette was a prolific, talented writer of romance novels set in Regency England, as well as mysteries –not all of them set in Regency England, but all of them delightful romps sprinkled liberally with a dose of comedy of manners.

(She did not write bodice rippers!)

Last night, Discover a New Love hosted an online chat party with Jennifer Kloester, who is pretty much the last word on all things Heyer.  Her biography on Heyer is coming out in December this year, but Heyer’s birthday is on August 16th, so as a celebration, readers were invited to share all their burning Heyer/Regency questions, and have Jennifer answer them.

That party was on Facebook.  You bet I joined as soon as I learned about this cozy gathering last Friday!

Back to the chat, 6:00 p.m. PST could not come soon enough for me and when it did, I was ready with my list of questions.  After firing mine off, I sat back to enjoy everyone else’s questions, and Jennifer’s answers.  I also developed a huge respect for any author/authoress who takes part in chats –it is a struggle to get answers down as quickly as questions come rolling in, but Jennifer pulled it off with aplomb.  I learned so much more about my favourite novelist, and am absolutely looking forward to the biography’s release.

I’ve put together the questions I asked and the answers Jennifer gave here, but you can read the entire chat with everyone else’s questions here, too.  (2019 update:  Sadly, the page is gone.  You’re stuck with my questions, people! 🙁 )
In keeping with the party spirit, prizes were randomly distributed to participants, and I am so very, very lucky to have been one of them.

I chose Devil’s Cub… it’s one I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, but never did!

*happy sigh*

And now, I am off to read The Nonesuch!

“With a Georgette Heyer you don’t buy a book, you buy a world. If it suits you, you settle down forever.”
—Time Magazine


— Miss Cathie


  1. August 14, 2012 / 6:57 pm

    Thanks for sharing part of the chat! And thanks for stopping by and entering the Georgette Heyer contest at my blog!

  2. August 16, 2012 / 6:48 am

    This sounds like great fun! I’m glad you got to share in the discussion.

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