Cherry Blossom Picnic…

I love cherry blossoms…

I adore a lot of flowers, but there’s something so magical about those pale, pink petals that drift off their branch-homes at the slightest provocation of wind.  I think that must be what hopes and wishes look like –fragile and diaphanous, slowly floating down and alighting on our consciousness.
Alright, bring those eyebrows back down to their resting positions… I’m done prosing now and ready to share pictures of mine and em‘s Cherry Blossom Picnic.

We decided on Sutcliffe Park as being tiny, out-of-the-way, and not as notorious as Stanley or Queen Elizabeth park.  Still, there were quite a few people, but it is sometimes nice not to be completely alone, and to see others enjoying such a beautiful day.

Of course, plein-air dining calls for a generous spread of delectables that together comprise a feast.  Ours was a very tiny one, and though I’m afraid my experiments caused my sandwiches to suffer and em to eat it with great pain and patience… at least everything was edible, and I learned to stick to the recipe!! for the future!  I ate her concoctions with great relish… although her description of one of the items she’d brought made it seem almost deadly if it were to touch my lips.  (It was not.)  😛

I wish I could show you em‘s outfit.  She was all creams, greys, and pale blues in floaty, soft fabrics that tugged enchantingly when the wind blew; but alas!  I must comply with her wishes to remain anonymous to the internet.  But I will show you her blue suede shoes! 😉em, please don’t sue me!  lol

As for me, I went all pink, to blend in with the cherry blossoms that decorated our little spot –I think I matched the scene quite well.  🙂

Top:  MINE floral blouse via Winners (2013) +  Leifsdottir cotton and silk shirt (2010)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ’Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

Shoes:  Bensimon ‘lacet femmes basiques’ in gris moyen (2013)

 We took a long, leisurely walk, basking in sunlight and shadows…

Spied a cute little boy listening wonderingly to a street musician…And then hopped on an aquabus and sped across gleaming silver waters to the other side (said side being Yaletown) to make our way to our favourite macaron place, Soirette.  I highly recommend taking the aquabus at least once.  It’s novel and so freeing, compared to riding on a stuffy bus on wheels, restricted to the laws of traffic and stoplights!I indulged in one too many sweets, I’m afraid; Soirette has that effect on me!  I love their Easter themed macarons, although I find $4+ to be slightly expensive.  Hand-piped icing is still just icing… the designs aren’t incredibly complex, either!  Oh well, I do have a happy tummy.  🙂

The man who served us said that Soirette didn’t have anything special going on for the Cherry Blossom Festival, but we did notice a cake with three little sakura blossoms on it, as well as this display, which can’t help but remind someone of a scene straight out of fairyland…  Those little meringue mushrooms on a log are too adorable!
I have loads more to share, but so little time –and to be honest, sometimes motivation– to do it all in.  I keep hoping that I will get better at sharing my little adventures, one day!

Have a beautiful Spring –and I command you all to go on a picnic, weather permitting.  It’s too lovely outside not to!


— Mrs. Cathie


    • Cathie
      April 20, 2014 / 9:27 am

      Thank you, Kathleen. 🙂

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