Cherry Blossoms in My Hair…

They may not have the fleeting scent and beauty of true cherry blossoms, but Jennifer Behr‘s Cherry Blossom bobby pin comes very close to capturing it.

Those who know me well can testify to the fact that I have a particular weakness for cherry blossoms, and flowers in my hair.  I think this pretty piece brings the two together quite nicely.  And for the few who asked to see it in my hair (Jennifer’s site does not show any pictures of it modelled), here is a quick video I pieced together.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to zoom in for a more detailed view –I was a one-girl team! 😉

If you want to have this bit of prettiness to yourself, I’m sharing two links that I found –one is the real-deal splurge, and the other’s a steal, but just as pretty! Jennifer Behr

Slip this into your hair for an instantly glamorous look –so sweet and simple!

L. Erickson’s Paradise Bouquet on Tige Boule

More of a clip than a bobby pin, this piece is just as detailed and stunning as its slightly more expensive counterpart.  I’m thinking of picking this piece up for myself, too!

Who says you need a tiara to feel like a princess?  Enjoy!!


Miss Cathie

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