Chit-Chats: Vanessa Choot of Modern Mix Boutique…

Readers, as promised in my previous post, here is Vanessa from Modern Mix Boutique to answer some questions I put to her about her shop, Vancouver fashion and style, and how she stays fabulously on time!

Vanessa Choot
The lovely Vanessa…
MMV is all about experiencing Vancouver beyond belugas and totem poles.  I am all for that!  In one of your posts, you write that Modern Mix Boutique is a complement to your blog –tell us more about that!
I’ve been running Modern Mix Vancouver for 5 years – consistently staying on top of fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. It was a natural transition for me to start something like Modern Mix Boutique and share with my readers and customers stylish accessories I love and make them available for purchase at an affordable price point.

What inspired you to start MMB?

When I was 16, I had my own handmade jewellery business which I brought to different boutiques in Vancouver for them to place in-stores and sell to their customers. I’ve always had an eye for jewellery trends and colours.   I chose to begin with jewellery and accessories on Modern Mix Boutique because it was so simple to put together a beautiful collection of products. My customers don’t have to worry about fit and sizing which is often a concern for shopping online – earrings and bracelets are pretty much one size fits all!Gabriella earrings

Through MMB, are you bringing (new/diverse) style to Vancouver, or are you bringing Vancouver’s style to people?
I’m bringing new styles to Vancouver. The accessories I have curated for the boutique are inspired by fashion capitals like New York and Los Angeles.  I wanted to bring a piece of that style to our city, Vancouver. I’ve received so many encouraging words and compliments on my product selection – there’s no doubt that Vancouverites can easily adapt to these styles!
Speaking of style, do you think Vancouver as a city has broken its fashion reputation/stereotype for wearing sportswear in everyday life?
Because Vancouver is located on the West Coast and is so well known for our proximity to city, sea and sky, stylish (and sometimes not so stylish) sportswear will always be a part of our wardrobes.  I think there’s a time and place for every outfit. If you are hiking the Grouse Grind or going to yoga, wear your Lululemons! If you are dining at a trendy Yaletown restaurant, take it as an opportunity to dress up.  Being in Vancouver, we also have to dress appropriately to our rainy climate – sometimes that puts limitations on what we can wear, but I have also seen some very stylish rain gear available locally.
What can we expect from MMB in the near future?  Do you have any particular trends/themes envisioned?
For now, I’m focusing on gold because I love the way it matches with bright colours and jewel tones.  In the future I may bring in necklaces, rings and other accessories.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned through running your own blog, and now boutique?
Be proud of what you do and believe in your ideas! When I started Modern Mix Boutique, the people I told didn’t “get it” until I put everything together, chose the products, took the photos, and launched the boutique.  Then they went, “OH, okay, I get it now! Great idea!” Sometimes other people can’t visualize your ideas, so just go out and do something you believe in – don’t worry about winning over others.

On the flip side, I was also overwhelmed with support and encouragement when I first started Modern Mix Boutique – I’ve learned you have to believe in yourself.

Perhaps a question inspired by the New Year… how do you keep on top of your schedule and time in such a stylish fashion?  What keeps you motivated?
Do something you love and motivation will come naturally – simple as that.
Any other interesting tidbits you’d like to share?
The jewellery images on Modern Mix Boutique are all taken by me.  The backdrop is a calf-hair Clare Vivier clutch that I purchased from ShopBop in the fall.  It’s a beautiful colour, but to be honest, I’ve used the clutch more as a jewellery backdrop than for going out!  I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer so I can carry it when it’s not raining.
(My bracelet rested on a Clare Vivier clutch!!  It’s certainly more posh than its owner… 😛)
MMB Beat the winter blues**Don’t forget to use ‘MissCathie20‘ at MMB between now and February 28th to treat yourself to a little sparkle!**
Many thanks to Vanessa for sharing her experiences and insights with us — wishing her all the very best with her latest venture… I know it will be splendid!
— Miss Cathie

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