Christmas Goodies…

A dear friend of mine recently wrote to me that it was only a week into the new year, and she already felt behind in everything.  Me too!  I have so many posts to get out, and so many things I want to share with you all.

Here are some pretties that I got over the holidays that I am especially excited about, from my man, Ladbrokes via a PR company (special thanks to Amy for her prompt replies and support), and myself.

First off, Ladbrokes sent me a parcel of fashion and beauty goodies as a gift.  From what I have learned, the company has been around since 1886, although it started out as a commissions agents business for horses with an exclusive clientele drawn from the ranks of aristocracy and the upper classes.  It’s interesting to note that Ladbroke’s principal long-time representative for British racecourses was a woman!  That was definitely not the norm in the early 1900’s. 🙂

I’m not a gamer but I’ve been to a casino once or twice, and will only play a slot machine or two for fun.  Please, if you’re interested in checking Ladbrokes out, remember to know your limit, and play within it! ♥

Back to the fun point, here’s what they sent over:Illamasqua for ASOS Exclusive Dare To Be Different Lashes & Eyeliner – Ok, I had difficulty with this, people!!  I don’t use make-up, or fake eyelashes, so I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do.  I didn’t want to ‘waste’ it, and at first thought of a giveaway, but I suppose that’s not very nice to unload something you don’t really like/use to your readers.  I’d prefer to only give away things I am crazy about, like that Ballet Beautiful DVD contest I held last spring/summer.  So a friend suggested I tack it on to the bag… and that was just brilliant.  My bag is all flirty and sassy now.  More on the bag later. 🙂

ASOS Super Soft Long Gloves – Probably the softest gloves that I have ever touched that are not wool/cashmere/cotton/silk.  They are still not as warm, of course, but I like the fact that they are long, and the ruching detail is cute and feminine.  They would be wonderful with 3/4 length sleeved sweaters for days that are not too cold but still call for some coziness.  I’m giving this to my sister as she is not too picky about the material content.  I just can’t help liking natural fabrics more.

Pieces ‘Ellena’ tube scarf in dark coral – Another super soft acrylic accessory, and in one of my favourite hues.  This could really bring some colour punch to a black/grey ‘drab’ winter coat/outfit.  I may keep this as a bed shawl.  Don’t laugh, you’ll be a granny one day too.  I think being cozy is always chic.

Cath Kidston Mini Starter Set – Obviously, my set (Kate lovers!) knows Cath Kidston primarily for that carry-on bag that the Duchess of Cambridge brought with her on her wedding tour of Canada.  But Cath Kidston has more than just bags, she has accessories for everything under the sun, including a few beauty products!  There are three scents, Honeysuckle, Bluebell and Wild Rose.  Out of the shower gels, I’d have to say that Blueberry and Honeysuckle are my favourite.  For the lotions, I like the Wild Rose and Honeysuckle.  These cute little things are 30ml each, perfect for travelling!

ASOS Scallop Front Tab Across Body Bag – Hands down my favouritest of the bunch.  I really liked Mulberry’s ‘Cookie’ line, but the prices were too far out of my budget’s reach.  This is a great compromise — it’s a mix between a ‘Cookie’ and an Indiana Jones satchel (if he were a girl) in my opinion.  Of course, I gave it some attitude.  That bow is the softest woolen yarn ever.  A bag has got to be as stylish as its owner, wouldn’t you say?  I offered it to my sister, who absolutely adores tan bags, but she said to keep it.  (Sister, if you are reading this… the offer still stands!  Oh, but I am breaking it in for you. ;))

I really wanted to put together an outfit post featuring the bag, but that isn’t going to happen with the weather being so dreadfully wet.  Seems like the heavens are just crying their hearts out.  But that’s okay.  I do love a rainy day, and I’ll be using the bag a lot either way, so you will see it pop up one of these days!  However, here’s a shot of it ‘in action’ taken before it was ‘sassified’ (yes, I am making this a word), just to give a clearer picture:

A’s present for me this Christmas was a lovely pair of boots by DUO.  I have not had a pair of boots since 2010 when my suede ones (which were a half size too small for me, at any rate) fell apart.  Since then, I’ve weathered rumours that I walked to work barefoot in the snow!  Oh, I am a legend.  *nods*  At any rate, these are the prettiest pair I’ve ever owned, and I thank you very prettily indeed, Mister.

Hope you all are having a fantastic start to 2013!!


— Miss Cathie

P.S.  Because the above items from ASOS were gifts, I have not used affiliate links for any of the links provided.  🙂 xoxo

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