Dressing the Bump…

Hello lovelies,

Here’s an outfit that I wore a few weeks back to a conference event that I was helping organise and coordinate travel for.
This trench coat is from a French company that I found online.  I find that maternity wear in North America is usually meh and much more casual, so I have spent a fair bit of time scouring European brands for maternity wear.  The trench needs smoothing down in the above picture, but at least it is visible just how much room there is for a growing bump!  There are no ugly side zippers to contend with, just lots of clever folds and pleating which makes this my favourite maternity trench.  It’s also well-lined and the material is thicker –perfect for those fluctuating temperatures that are a hallmark of impending spring in Ottawa.

Coat:  Vertbaudet maternity trench coat in beige (2018)

Dress:  Elpasa ‘Hortensia’ dress (2018)

Shoes:  Aldo ‘Palinira’ ballerina flats in bone (2016) [Shop it here]

Jewellery:  Tiffany bow pendant in sterling silver, mini (2013)

This dress is one of the prettiest maternity dresses that I’ve seen.  It’s from Polish brand Elpasa and fits like a glove.  Huge thanks to Natalie at Luna Maternity for her assistance in finding the right size!  These two pieces are definitely going to be worn even after the birth, although I’m curious to see how the dress with its bump allowance will look on my post-bump figure.  We shall see!

As for the shoes, I will be honest –they’re an OK choice.  I really wanted to wear my pearlescent pink Salvatore Ferragamo heels, but I didn’t think that would be the most practical choice for running around at the event, let alone being pregnant and running around, so I settled for these.  When I next wear this dress, my new purple Sam Edelman ballet flats will be a more vibrant choice:

Since these pictures were taken on the fly via my iPhone, they’re not the greatest quality, but you can just make out a little blob at my neck.  I would like to clarify that it is not a horrid pimple or wart, but my Tiffany bow pendant –the one that I got for my wedding and hadn’t worn since then.  I decided it needed another turn in public, and it certainly made me feel that the outfit was complete.

I hope to come back with a list of everything I bought for maternity wear, as well as a list of non-maternity wear that I can still fit in and dress my bump with.  I’ve tried hard to keep my spending to a minimum, because it doesn’t make sense to me to buy clothes that will only be in use for 9 months.  I’m hoping there are others interested in economising whilst bumping for joy as well!

Speak soon!


  1. Lisa Maynard
    March 19, 2018 / 6:57 am

    You’re so pretty and adorable, Cathie! You definitely dress the bump well. Love it! <3 😉

  2. Lisa Maynard
    March 19, 2018 / 7:05 am

    By the way! I keep meaning to ask you if you’ve ever read the book “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth” by Ina May Gaskin? I read it when I was pregnant with Flynn and fell in love with her whole outlook on childbirth, etc. Definitely my favorite childbirth education book I’ve read so far. I recommend reading it to every expecting mother! While it was very helpful to me as I was focusing on having a home-birth, I think the information in it is invaluable no matter where you choose to birth, and it talks about all the different scenarios of home, hospital, or birthing center births. I especially loved reading all of the personal birth stories from different women located at the end of the book. Anyways, just wanted to mention it to you in case you haven’t heard of it. 🙂 So excited for you and Alex!

    • March 19, 2018 / 7:16 am

      Hi Lisa,

      Aww what sweet comments! Thank you! You know, I saw the title lying on a shelf at my midwife’s but never thought to pick it up… I have been very bad about reading books on childbirth, mostly because I’m so terrified of labour and delivery, that I figure I will just figure it out as my body goes along. Perhaps crazy? So far, I’ve only been reading up articles on the Internet and looking at videos as the weeks go by on a need-to-know basis, but I know that’s insufficient. Thanks for recommending it to me –it”ll be the incentive I need to go and borrow that book! I will share my thoughts and maybe will ask questions if I have any, and you don’t mind, whilst I read!

      I’m excited for you and Joshua, too! 🙂 ^_^ And I am also in awe that you are having your second! I can’t even imagine surviving my first… *big hugs*

      • Lisa
        May 6, 2018 / 6:01 am

        So sorry — I just saw your reply today! Aw, absolutely don’t mind having book chats with you if you want! 🙂

        Well, ya know what. Even if you read NOTHING about labor, I’m pretty sure your body would figure it out. 😉 So I wouldn’t worry! Hehe.

        I guess I’m just one of those women who found it helpful to be as mentally prepared as I could and reading other women’s birth stories especially, seemed to give me that closure I was seeking. Haha.

        I’m sorry your feeling anxious about labor! Totally natural, but remember — you’ve totally got this girl. Trust me, labor is definitely an intense experience, but it’s nothing you and your body can’t handle. <3
        I'm actually really excited about going through labor again, as weird as it sounds. I think it's gonna be a different experience knowing what to expect this time around. Plus my midwife says second labors are usually only half as long as the first, which I'm hoping is true since my first was suuuper drawn out. Haha.

        You've been in my thoughts and prayers this whole pregnancy, and I know you are gonna do AMAZING! Xxx

        • Cathie
          July 23, 2018 / 10:31 am

          Girl, I can’t tell you how much your comments helped me out. 🙂 Thanks. I did read up, and sometimes it reassured me, at others, it terrified… so I think I went in feeling I had some information I could use, but also the worry that maybe it wouldn’t work for me, because every woman is unique. Turns out, you are right. Not much thinking needed for the most part! Haha…

          No, I totally understand what you mean about the second time around; I’m curious too, to see if it will be way faster. My active labour for the first was about 2 hours and 15 min, although early labour was 24 hours. How was it?? Maybe this is too public a forum to tell me, so I may just message you. Hope you’re doing well. *big hugs*


          P.S. Your new baby boy is Theeee Cutesttt.

  3. Maybelle
    March 20, 2018 / 2:22 am

    You look wonderful cathie ! I love how you dress up , so graceful ! I am looking to invest in a trench coat and I kept thinking how you have always worn yours so well , with style and grace! I am not sure if i ever seen your Ferragamo’s but hopefully we will see them in a future blog 😉


    • Cathie
      July 23, 2018 / 10:32 am

      May, thank you so much. <3 I'll be sure to share my Ferragmos sometime soon! Also, curious to know if you found a trench coat that works for you! *big hugs* Miss our chats.

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