First Snowfall of 2012 + Looking Out of Windows…

If ever I needed a reminder to take time out of burying my nose in a book or staring at the computer screen, last night would be it –it’s 1 in the morning as I write this!  I was so engrossed in my little tasks that it was only when I logged in to check my email that Gmail ‘told’ me that the steady patter of rain had been replaced with snow! (I have a theme that displays appropriate backgrounds depending on the local weather forecast, nifty isn’t it?!)

Of course, I immediately pulled back the blinds screaming with joy at my beau, “It’s snowing!!  Lookie-look!!”  How much nicer would it have been had I decided to take a few moments to appreciate the beauty outdoors and seen the marvelous sight of my own accord!  Definitely a reminder for next time. 🙂

Just had to put on my wellies and go outside to revel in the snow…

My man took these pictures of me… they can’t boast of wonderful lighting, and they are very grainy (I used my usual camera, Canon Powershot G9!) but I like them so. Nightfall’s winter magic is so elusive –it’s quite hard to capture its essence in a photo!

Hat:  Sara Jane ‘Little retro cloche hat with bow’ via Simons (red sold out, grey left!)

Scarf:  Portolano or Magaschoni

Pullover:  Juicy Couture bow sweater, via eBay for $28.49!!  (Retails for $200; ahh the deals!!)

Skirt:  Aritzia WILFRED via eBay

Tights:  Nicole Miller

Boots:  Michael Kors ‘Splash’ rain boots via eBay, 2009

I think it’s safe to say that I adore snow, and especially the first snowfall of every year!

Stay cozy and safe!


— Miss Cathie

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