Five Beautiful Things (September 2019 Edition)

Hello lovelies.

It’s been 23 days since we all returned to Hogwarts (kidding!), and today is the first official day of Autumn 2019. So excited that gorgeous, colourful days are coming and that the outdoors will be breathtaking… one needs to see the beauty in life, note it, share, and celebrate it!

Continuing on the theme of positive and pretty, here are five beautiful things that I simply must share:

1. A high bun hair tutorial from a true ballerina and founder of my favourite workout Ballet Beautiful, Mary Helen Bowers. Now I can perfect my bun to go with my tutu skirt.

I have been hoping and asking for this since 2011! It’s here!!!

2. Plant Therapy’s Forest Friends Diffuser. My goodness folks, how adorable is this? You can switch up the ears to turn this safe-for-kids plastic and silicone diffuser into a fox, bunny, or bear! It also plays gentle music with three different sound volume modes, and has nightlight capability in three hues (purple, blue, and candlelight) as well. It doesn’t require heat or chemicals, so all the properties of the oils are retained while diffusing –a calming blend diffused in such a cute package would definitely lift anyone’s spirits!

I say I’m buying this for my baby, but honestly…it’s really for me.

3. The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook. ‘Nuff said. Now where is Mrs. Patmore to help me test every single posh recipe out? Also, has anyone told Lord Grantham that I will be dining with him tomorrow evening? I plan to bond with him over the subject of dogs…

4. Halo Turban by Monica Kortsha. How divine is this? This knitted turban is giving off incredible Gatsby vibes, and while I know that it’s not the rage currently, this only works to one’s advantage as one will be unique. In a light, soft yarn, this headpiece will keep one stylishly cosy.

Get this gem of a pattern here.

5. These Oak Leaf Earrings by Pandora were inspired by natural patterns and their shapes mirror that of the falling oak leaves in a magical forest. The warm gold-plated hues are the perfect finishing touch to any autumnal outfit. ($165 CAD)

What beauties are inspiring you this season?

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