Gatsby Fever…

It’s official –the excitement for the newest addition to a long line of Gatsby films has reached fever pitch.  Almost every fashion magazine I’ve bought, from Elle Canada to Fashion, has a Great Gatsby contest, or articles on the movie, the actresses/actors and the fashion.  Every e-store online has an editorial with ‘Gatsby-ish things to buy’.  And Chapters has book bags, journals, and the actual book to satisfy one’s craving…

The funny thing is, I’ve always meant to read this book, but never found a copy that I liked enough to buy.  Call me a snob of sorts, but I like reading books that are bound prettily when reading them for the first time.  I just automatically make a connection from the story to the edition I read it in when recalling them, and it just makes sense to choose the prettiest one possible, right?  With the frenzy, several editions have come out –from movie ‘tie-ins’ that I refuse to buy because I just don’t like Leonardo DiCaprio and he’s on the cover,  to this gorgeous blue, properly-bound, cloth-covered edition that I picked up at Chapters yesterday.  (It’s only 15.00 and if you’re a ‘snob’ like me, pick one up post-haste!)
The movie was released two days ago, but I will not watch until I have read the book.  I don’t think I’ve ever broken this resolution, except with Harry Potter because I just found the books so boring.  (Please don’t hurt me…)

At any rate, I’m really looking forward to transporting myself to the Jazz Age as a Bright Young Thing and watching Daisy and Gatsby’s dance of social manners (and possibly ridiculousness) from behind a gauzy curtain.

Now wouldn’t I need an outfit to match?  I’ve picked out a few pieces that a modern day Daisy might wear.  My personal favourites are all those lovely headpieces she wore –they seem to suit her like tiaras would suit a princess.  Enjoy!
MICHAEL KORS Bead and sequin-embellished metallic-lace skirt —The asymmetrical hem is very flapper yet modern, and all that glitters is a fashion ‘gold’.

Wes Gordon Handkerchief Corset Dress — Perfect for brunch with the girls on a Saturday morn, or just breezing down the sidewalk with nary a care in the world.

Jenny Packham Elsa CapeletThe perfect way to add dramatic interest to one’s shoulders and evening dress.  Catch a ballet/opera/play in high style!

Jennifer Behr Galaxy CombMade in New York, this piece is quintessential Daisy flair and sparkle.

Rivoli Bracelet in Crystal — Catch the light and the eyes of your very own Gatsby with your every gesture when wearing this bracelet.

MIU MIU Glitter-finished suede Mary Jane sandals |&| JIMMY CHOO Tessa sequined leather pumps —No flapper girl was every caught wearing anything less than the sparkliest shoes on the dance floor!

RED VALENTINO Ruffled cotton-lace dress — For starlit rendezvous in a garden or porch away from the party…

Are you excited for The Great Gatsby?


— Miss Cathie


  1. May 24, 2013 / 12:34 pm

    What a beautiful hair comb! We saw the movie on opening night here in New York.

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