Happy Hallowe’en (2019)!

Dear readers,

If I am to post only once in October, it is guaranteed to be on Hallowe’en.

Definitely the funnest autumn holiday, it’s also nice to enjoy the darkness and other-worldliness that goes with the day as well. When else do people revel in walking around in eerily lit streets when the night is starting to settle in, and dash from house to house wishing people the happiest Hallows’ Eve?

This year, I had significant help from my mum in sewing a costume for bebe V — a jaunty pirate hat, coat, and britches. The hat he would not tolerate except for a few seconds, but he wore the jacket and britches with great good will, and so we forgave him. 😉

If interested, the pattern I used is Simplicity 2561. If you’re a beginner (and even more experienced), note that the instructions for the coat are not very clear. A lot of imagination and advice from an expert sewer was required. (Thanks, Mum!)

And here we all are… ready to go out and have some fun!

2019 Halloween

My man got into the spirit as well by donning a jack o’lantern pullover that I’d gotten him years ago. Meanwhile, I went (yet again) as a Gryffindor student off to potions class at Hogwarts. It was my first time wearing the cloak that I’d bought around three, four years ago now, so that was the only new thing to my oft-repeated costume!

Apart from dressing up, Bebe V had a great time decorating Halloween cupcakes with his Grammy Bear!

It was pouring buckets and buckets of rain in Kingston this year, so we went to a Trunk or Treat event held at the Bay Park Baptist church gym. A huge thanks to all those who coordinated and were involved with the event. It was incredibly well done, and everyone definitely embodied the camaraderie and spirit of the holiday. It was their first time hosting this event, and we hope it returns next year!

Whether your Hallowe’en was warm or dry, I hope it was full of treats, laughter, and family time. I hope all the little kiddies out there made some wonderful childhood memories to look back on!

See you in November!!

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