Jane Austen Pretties {A Sharing of, and Review}…


It has been half an eon again since I last visited with tidings or something pretty to share, but here I am today to do just that.

I have been very busy with moving to Ottawa, settling in, and finding ways to make our new place a home.  I’ve learned how to install curtain rods and floating wood floors.  I’ve helped move a washing machine and dryer, picked curtains, furniture, a mattress… and last but not least, I’ll be helping to build a shed in the backyard.  All this accomplished in a pretty dress, of course.  😉

Anyway!  Whenever I have an hour to myself before bed, I can be found stoking and fanning the flames of my obsession with Jane Austen.  It all started when I was 15 and my mum told me that she was reading a book that was probably still too ‘mature’ for me.  Never one to back down from a challenge, (even if it isn’t one…) I snuck downstairs and read Pride and Prejudice in one sitting, falling in love in the process.  I’ve read all her books, even Mansfield Park, and am now brushing up on the movies.  There are a lot of versions, I tell you!  I’m trying to find the best of each to recommend!

That being said, I also do a bit of fanciful trip planning to Bath and the Jane Austen Centre.  They do have an online gift shop, and it’s hard for me to resist as you can see here or if you search for Jane Austen on my blog… hehe.  I succumbed again recently, and indulged in a set of cookie cutters (Mr. Darcy and Jane Austen, which you can pretend is Elizabeth Bennett, to make a happy edible couple!), and a locket.
Aren’t they splendid for making little afternoon tea sandwiches or cookies?!  I’m dying to use them once we’re all settled…  The metal is neither sturdy nor too flimsy, so be careful you don’t use a lot of force and bend them out of shape!
The locket is a beautiful little one and is made of sterling silver according to the description on the site.  It’s about the size of my little pinkie finger’s tip so be aware of that if you are in the market for something slightly larger.  I love how they personalise it with your name engraved and finish it off with a scroll detail.  (There are 3 details to choose from!)  I must mention that the locket was severely tarnished after two days’ wear –and no, I didn’t wear it while in the shower!  I’ve had other silver pieces, and none of them have tarnished after two days…  There is also what I fear to be a scratch caused by rubbing against the chain as I didn’t bump into anything at all.  This makes me wonder as to the quality of the silver, and the sturdiness of the locket.  The hinges have behaved exceptionally however, so that’s one good thing!  I’ll see if I can remove the tarnish with either toothpaste or baking soda and report back on the condition afterwards. I leave you with a picture of me wearing the locket for scaling purposes 🙂

Top:  LOFT linen shirred tee in Sailor Blue (2014)

Skort:  Ya Los Angeles ‘Darling’ bow skirted shorts (2013)

My overall impressions are that the cookie cutters are a must-have in the kitchen of any Austenite, and that the locket is a lovely piece, though a bit delicate and questionable in the quality of the silver.  Of course I would shop the Jane Austen Gift Shop again!

Gentle reader, are you by any happy chance, a Jane Austen lover, too?



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  1. June 29, 2014 / 8:25 am

    Who can not love Jane Austen?!:) Your locket is beautiful.

    I have been eyeing the cookie cutters for a while now but have so far just managed to resist. But think I might finally succumb as you are right, they do seem to be a must have 🙂

    Oh and love your curtains!!

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